Smart Silicon Card Reader Driver


SCR331/SCR3310 Contact Smart Card Reader. Part No: 904334, 905185. ISO 7816 compliant, small, ergonomic USB smart card reader with bottom side mounting holes. Identiv's SCR3310v2.0 is a small and ergonomic USB smart card reader with backside mounting holes.

Smart Silicon Card Reader Driver
  • Date:: Version: WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: AlcorMicro Operating Systems: Windows 10 Windows 10 x64 Detailed Description: Not available Supported Devices.
  • Click + next to Smart card readers to expand the list, right-click USB Smart Card reader, and then click Update Driver Software. Vendors that supply their own reader drivers should make each driver a member of the SmartCardReader setup class in the INF Version Section of the driver's INF file.
Description: Newbega offers the universal USB smart card id card reader, it is driver free, read only, small size, fast response. This 125khz rfid reader provides stable and reliable performance, suitable for TK4100, EM4200 chip.

Smart Silicon Card Reader Driver Windows 10

R20XD is a mini-size USB smart ID card reader with a 125K drive-free read-only ID tag serial number. In the process of use, you can freely insert (plug and play), no external power supply, users do not need to load any driver, output to the computer through the data interface, equivalent to automatic keyboard input.
Smart silicon card reader driver windows 7
The small size design not only provides stable and reliable performance, but also allows the device to be perfectly embedded into the device. This 125KHZ RFID reader is widely used in advertising media, access control access systems, information query, consumer systems, conference sign-off and other application areas.
Product Details

125KHZ RFID driver free usb smart id card reader

Type: Contactless Card Reader
Part Number: R20XD-USB
Frequency: 125KHZ
Size: 100g
Weight: 125*86*36CM
Reading Range: 0-8 cm
Suitable for: TK4100 EM4100 EM4200 ID Card
Power: 5V(W)
Responding time: 0.2s
Working Temperature: -20~70 degree
E-mail : [email protected]

Smart Silicon Card Reader Drivers


Smart Silicon Card Reader Driver