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Driver Update is a legitimate software by Slimware Utilities, however it is considered as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) and therefore isn't needed on a computer. NEC USB 3.0 Driver This package provides the NEC USB 3.0 Driver and is supported on OptiPlex, Precision and Latitude models that are running the following Windows Operating Systems: XP, Vista (32/64-bit) and Windows 7 (32/64-bit).More details: Windows Vista 64-bit Windows Vista 32-bit Windows 7 32-bit Windows XP x64 Windows XP Windows 7 64-bit.

Simple Driver Cost

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benefits & Features

Ensures your PC hardware is performing at optimum levels

By keeping your drivers updated, you are ensuring that you continue receiving updates containing bug fixes, performance improvements, and potential new features from the manufacturer.

Eliminates the risk of downloading a faulty or infected driver

Installing the wrong Driver or malware could render your PC inoperable and potentially put you at risk. Simple Driver Updater ensures accurate detection and consistently delivers the correct drivers.

Saves you time

It can take numerous hours to track down each Driver for each single piece of hardware connected to your PC. Simple Driver Updater accomplishes this in minutes through a quick scan and update process.

Safe and Easy to Use

Simple Driver Updater is unbelievably easy and quick to use and include safety features like automatic backups, restore wizard, exclusions, scheduler and more to keep your computer in good shape.

Simple Driver Updater

Simple Driver Updater will scan your PC to identify out of date drivers. Simple Driver Updater can quickly and easily update these drivers to restore optimum performance to your PC and its hardware and extend its life.

Simple Driver Updater Key

Simple Driver

Simple Driver Updater

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Simple Driver Download

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system requirements

300MHz or higher processor
256 MB of RAM
22 MB of hard disk space