Silicon Labs Software USB Devices Driver


Click this link to view the schematic (or right click and choose 'save' to download a copy of the pdf to your computer).

The USBXpress development kit provides a complete host and device software solution for interfacing CP210x USB to UART bridge and C8051F32x/34x/38x and C8051T62x/T32x USB microcontroller devices to. The silicon laboratories cp210x usb to uart bridge device driver is the software driver for the cp210x usb to uart bridge. Port, 5 years, windows vista / 8 / xp. The silicon labs cp2102 usb to another device. Such as terminal communication with other os's. Silicon labs provides silicon, software and solutions for a smarter, more connected world. 8.07.2018 silicon labs usb debug adapter driver for mac - i included a schematic of the connection between the debugger and the efm8.


What Is A Usb Devices

The included device driver, dll, and example applicationsoftware make it easier than ever to access your application hardware from your P.C.

The software provides support for connection of multiple boards,making theUSB-I2C/IO a great solution when multiple equipment instances arerequired (test fixtures, production equipment, instruments, etc.). Eachboard can be uniquely identified and accessed by your application software via a serialnumber.

Design Reference Information:

The following link will take you to a page with reference links for thecomponents used on the board, sources for mating connectors, mounting hardware,etc.

Revision Notice:

The USB I2C/IO interface board has been revised several times. This web page providesinformation about the latest version of the board (Rev. C1).

Silicon Labs Software Usb Devices Driver Windows 10

For a comparison of the 'Rev. C1' and 'Rev. B' boards,please click the following link: Comparison.

For information on the 'Rev. B' board (now obsolete),please click the following link: USB-I2C/IO (Rev. B).


Silicon Labs Software USB Devices Driver

The USB I2C/IO Rev. C1 board is currently shipping from stock.

The boards are completely assembled and tested, and ready to plug in to yoursystem (standard USB cable sold separately).


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Silicon Labs Software USB Devices Driver


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Emulators & Debuggers

The µVision AGDI driver from Silicon Labs allows the Keil µVision Debugger to communicate with Silicon Labs on-chip debug logic. In-system Flash memory programming integrated into the driver allows you to rapidly update target code. The µVision Debugger can start and stop program execution, set breakpoints, check variables, inspect and modify memory contents, and single-step through programs running on your target hardware.

See the Keil Knowledgebase Article: SUPPORT FOR SILICON LABS C8051Fxxx MCUs for details on how to setup this driver.

  • Download the Silicon Labs' driver here.
  • For more details see their driver's release notes.

Silicon Labs Software Usb Devices Driver Download

For details on the debug adapter see:

Best Usb Devices

  • The Silicon Labs USB Debug adapter page.
  • The debug adapter's Users Guide.

...If the above links do not work, try going to the Silicon Labs website:

  1. Please go to the 8-bit MCU Software webpage.
  2. Search the webpage for Debug Driver for Keil µVision Software.
  3. Towards the bottom of the webpage, click the link to download the software.

Supported Devices

Examples Of Usb Devices

  • Silicon Laboratories, Inc. (8051 Family)
    C8051F000, C8051F001, C8051F002, C8051F005, C8051F006, C8051F007, C8051F010, C8051F011, C8051F012, C8051F015, C8051F016, C8051F017, C8051F018, C8051F019, C8051F020, C8051F021, C8051F022, C8051F023, C8051F040, C8051F041, C8051F042, C8051F043, C8051F044, C8051F045, C8051F046, C8051F047, C8051F060, C8051F061, C8051F062, C8051F063, C8051F064, C8051F065, C8051F066, C8051F067, C8051F120, C8051F121, C8051F122, C8051F123, C8051F124, C8051F125, C8051F126, C8051F127, C8051F130, C8051F131, C8051F132, C8051F133, C8051F206, C8051F220, C8051F221, C8051F226, C8051F230, C8051F231, C8051F236, C8051F300, C8051F301, C8051F302, C8051F303, C8051F304, C8051F305, C8051F310, C8051F311, C8051F312, C8051F313, C8051F314, C8051F315, C8051F316, C8051F317, C8051F320, C8051F321, C8051F326, C8051F327, C8051F330, C8051F331, C8051F332, C8051F333, C8051F334, C8051F335, C8051F336, C8051F337, C8051F338, C8051F339, C8051F340, C8051F341, C8051F342, C8051F343, C8051F344, C8051F345, C8051F346, C8051F347, C8051F348, C8051F349, C8051F34A, C8051F34B, C8051F34C, C8051F34D, C8051F350, C8051F351, C8051F352, C8051F353, C8051F360, C8051F361, C8051F362, C8051F363, C8051F364, C8051F365, C8051F366, C8051F367, C8051F368, C8051F369, C8051F380, C8051F381, C8051F382, C8051F383, C8051F384, C8051F385, C8051F386, C8051F387, C8051F410, C8051F411, C8051F412, C8051F413, C8051F500, C8051F501, C8051F502, C8051F503, C8051F504, C8051F505, C8051F506, C8051F507, C8051F508, C8051F509, C8051F510, C8051F511, C8051F520, C8051F520A, C8051F521, C8051F521A, C8051F523, C8051F523A, C8051F524, C8051F524A, C8051F526, C8051F526A, C8051F527, C8051F527A, C8051F530, C8051F530A, C8051F531, C8051F531A, C8051F533, C8051F533A, C8051F534, C8051F534A, C8051F536, C8051F536A, C8051F537, C8051F537A, C8051F540, C8051F541, C8051F542, C8051F543, C8051F544, C8051F545, C8051F546, C8051F547, C8051F550, C8051F551, C8051F552, C8051F553, C8051F554, C8051F555, C8051F556, C8051F557, C8051F560, C8051F561, C8051F562, C8051F563, C8051F564, C8051F565, C8051F566, C8051F567, C8051F568, C8051F569, C8051F570, C8051F571, C8051F572, C8051F573, C8051F574, C8051F575, C8051F580, C8051F581, C8051F582, C8051F583, C8051F584, C8051F585, C8051F586, C8051F587, C8051F588, C8051F589, C8051F590, C8051F591, C8051F700, C8051F701, C8051F702, C8051F703, C8051F704, C8051F705, C8051F706, C8051F707, C8051F708, C8051F709, C8051F710, C8051F711, C8051F712, C8051F713, C8051F714, C8051F715, C8051F716, C8051F717, C8051F800, C8051F801, C8051F802, C8051F803, C8051F804, C8051F805, C8051F806, C8051F807, C8051F808, C8051F809, C8051F810, C8051F811, C8051F812, C8051F813, C8051F814, C8051F815, C8051F816, C8051F817, C8051F818, C8051F819, C8051F820, C8051F821, C8051F822, C8051F823, C8051F825, C8051F825, C8051F826, C8051F827, C8051F828, C8051F829, C8051F830, C8051F831, C8051F832, C8051F833, C8051F834, C8051F835, C8051F850-GM/IM, C8051F850-GU/IU, C8051F851-GM/IM, C8051F851-GU/IU, C8051F852-GM/IM, C8051F852-GU/IU, C8051F853-GM/IM, C8051F853-GU/IU, C8051F854-GM/IM, C8051F854-GU/IU, C8051F855-GM/IM, C8051F855-GU/IU, C8051F860-GS/IS, C8051F861-GS/IS, C8051F862-GS/IS, C8051F863-GS/IS, C8051F864-GS/IS, C8051F865-GS/IS, C8051F901, C8051F902, C8051F911, C8051F912, C8051F920, C8051F921, C8051F930, C8051F931, C8051F960, C8051F961, C8051F962, C8051F963, C8051F964, C8051F965, C8051F966, C8051F967, C8051F968, C8051F969, C8051F980, C8051F981, C8051F982, C8051F983, C8051F985, C8051F986, C8051F987, C8051F988, C8051F989, C8051F990, C8051F991, C8051F996, C8051F997, C8051T320, C8051T321, C8051T322, C8051T323, C8051T326, C8051T327, C8051T600, C8051T601, C8051T602, C8051T603, C8051T604, C8051T605, C8051T606, C8051T610, C8051T611, C8051T612, C8051T613, C8051T614, C8051T615, C8051T616, C8051T617, C8051T620, C8051T621, C8051T622, C8051T623, C8051T630, C8051T631, C8051T632, C8051T633, C8051T634, C8051T635, Si1000, Si1001, Si1002, Si1003, Si1004, Si1005, Si1010, Si1011, Si1012, Si1013, Si1014, Si1015, Si1020, Si1021, Si1022, Si1023, Si1024, Si1025, Si1026, Si1027, Si1030, Si1031, Si1032, Si1033, Si1034, Si1035, Si1036, Si1037, Si8250-IM, Si8250-IQ, Si8251-IM, Si8251-IQ, Si8252-IM, Si8252-IQ

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