Silicon Integrated SCSI & RAID Devices Driver Download For Windows


Some silicon doodles are more complex than others. This gallery has been constructed to house those doodles that are on the lower end of the complexity scale. By delegating silicon scribbles to this gallery, we do not intend to lessen the importance of their messages, only to conserve space in the main Silicon Zoo gallery.

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Another corner of the zoo, 'Silicon Scriptures', contains photomicrographs of designers' names and initials, declarations, and other messages left on the surface of integrated circuits. We have also constructed a Silicon Logos gallery that contains corporate logos etched in silicon and found on computer chips. Our search has also led to the discovery of so many flags and maps that we have established a special Silicon Flag and Map gallery to present these tiny renditions.

We are in perpetual search of additional integrated circuits that may contain residual scribbling left by chip designers. If you know of any, please email us with the pertinent information. We will be happy to pay for registered shipping of the chips both ways to ensure they do not get 'lost' in the mail.

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SCSI (pronounced 'scuzzy') is an increasingly popular interface for connecting up to seven different devices on the SCSI bus. Each device, and the SCSI controller, has a unique SCSI identifier (ID) in the range 0 through 7. The controller usually is set to SCSI

Silicon Integrated SCSI & RAID Devices Driver Download For Windows

ID 7; the other devices use numbers between 0 and 6 (that means you can connect up to seven devices to a SCSI controller). Typically, a SCSI hard disk is set to SCSI ID 0.

Table B-1 lists the SCSI controllers that the version of Linux kernel on the companion CD-ROMs supports. The table also shows the name of the driver module that supports each specific set of controllers. If necessary, you can manually load the driver for your SCSI controller with the command /sbin/modprobe modname, where modname refers to the name of the driver module.

Table B-1: Supported SCSI Controllers

SCSI Controller

Linux Driver Module

3ware 9000 Storage Controller 3ware Storage Controller ACARD ATP870U, ATP876, ATP885 Acer MegaRAID ROMB-2E

Adaptec AHA-460 (AHA152X-compatible) PCMCIA SCSI card Adaptec AHA-1510/152x (ISA) Adaptec AHA-154x (ISA) (all models)

Adaptec AHA-274x/274xT (EISA), AHA-284x (VLB), AHA-2910B (PCI), AHA-2920C (PCI), AHA-2930/U/U2/CU, AHA-2940/U/W/ AU/UW/U2W (PCI), AHA-294160M, AHA-2944D/WD/UD/UWD (PCI), AHA-2950U2/U2W/U2B, AHA-39160M, AHA-3940/U/W/ UW (PCI), AHA-3950U2D, AHA-3960D, AHA-398x/U/W/UW (PCI)

Adaptec AHA-2920A (PCI) with Future Domain chipset

Adaptec AVA-1502E (ISA/VLB), AVA-1505/1515 (ISA), AVA-282x-all are Adaptec AHA-152x compatible

Adaptec RAID Controllers (2020S, 2025S, 2120S, 2200S, 2230S, 2240S, 2410SA, 2610SA, 2810SA, 21610SA, 3230S, 3240S, 4000SAS, 4005SAS, 4800SAS, 4805SAS, 5400S), Dell PERC 2 Quad Channel, Dell PERC 2/Si, Dell PERC 3/Si, Dell PERC 3/Di, Dell CERC 2, HP NetRAID-4M, Legend S220, Legend S230

Adaptec I2O RAID

AdvanSys ABP510/5150 Bus-Master ISA, ABP5140 Bus-Master ISA PnP (Plug and Play), ABP5142 Bus-Master ISA PnP with floppy, ABP542 Bus-Master ISA with floppy (single channel), ABP742 Bus-Master EISA (single channel), ABP752 Dual Channel Bus-Master EISA (dual channel), ABP842 Bus-Master VL (single channel), ABP852 Dual Channel Bus-Master VL (dual channel), ABP920 Bus-Master PCI, ABP930/U Bus-Master PCI/Ultra, ABP940/U/UA/UW and 3940UA/ UW Bus-Master PCI/Ultra (single channel), ABP 3940U2W BusMaster PCI Ultra2-Wide (single channel), ABP950/UW Dual Channel Bus-Master PCI/Ultra-Wide (dual channel), ABP960/U Bus-Master PCI/ULTRA MAC/PC, ABP970/U Bus-Master PCI/Ultra MAC/PC (single channel), ABP980/U/UA and 3980UA Bus-Master PCI/Ultra (four channel), ABP3950U2W/U3W Bus-Master PCI Ultra2-Wide/ Ultra3-Wide


3w-xxxx atp870u megaraid_mbox aha152x_cs aha152x aha1542

aic7xxx fdomain aha152x aacraid dpt_i2o advansys

SCSI Controller

Linux Driver Module

Advanced Host Control Interface (AHCI) Serial ATA (SATA) controllers

AIC-7901, AIC-7901A, and AIC-7902 chipsets

AIC-777x, AIC-785x, AIC-786x, AIC-787x, AIC-788x, AIC-789x, and AIC-3860 chipsets

Always IN2000 (ISA)

AMI Fast Disk VLB/EISA (BusLogic-compatible), BusLogic FlashPoint LT/DL/LW/DW PCI

Compaq 64-bit/66Mhz PCI Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter

Domex DMX3191D


DPT PM2001, PM2012A (EATA-PIO)

Data Technology Corp DTC 3180/3280

DTC 329x (EISA) (Adaptec 154x-compatible)

Silicon Integrated Scsi & Raid Devices Driver Download For Windows 7

Enterprise Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter


Future Domain TMC-1800, TMC-18C50, TMC-18C30, TMC-36C70, TMC-16x0, TMC-3260 (PCI)

Future Domain TMC-8xx, TMC-950

Future Domain-compatible PCMCIA SCSI card

IBM ServeRAID controller

ICP-Vortex GDT ISA and EISA SCSI Controllers, GDT PCI SCSI Disk array Controllers (many RAID levels supported)

IDE/ATAPI adapters (SCSI emulation for IDE devices, so SCSI driver can be used to access IDE devices such as CD-ROM drives)

Initio INI-9X00U/UW SCSI host adapters

Initio INI-A100U2W SCSI host adapters

Intraserver ITI-6200U2 Dual Channel Ultra2 SCSI Host Adapter (uses the NCR53C896 chipset)

Iomega Match Maker parallel-port SCSI Host Bus Adapter embedded in ZIP Plus drive

Iomega PPA3 parallel-port SCSI Host Bus Adapter embedded in ZIP drive

Intel parallel and serial ATA controllers


LSI Logic MegaRAID 418, 428, 438, 466, 762, 467, 471, 490, 493, 518, 520, 531, and 532

ahci aic79xx aic7xxx in2000 BusLogic cpqfc dmx3191d dpt_i2o eata_pio dtc aha1542 Ipfc megaraid_mbox fdomain seagate fdomain_cs ips gdth ide-scsi initio a100u2w ncr53c8xx imm ppa ata_piix megaraid_mbox megaraid

Table B-1 (continued)

SCSI Controller

Linux Driver Module

LSI Logic MegaRAID SCSI 320-0, 320-1, 320-2, 320-0X, 320-2X, 320-4X, 320-1E, 320-2E, 150-4, 150-6, 300-4X, 300-8X

Mylex (formerly BusLogic) A Series (ISA/EISA), C Series (ISA/EISA/VLB/PCI), S Series (ISA/EISA/VLB), W Series (PCI)

NCR 5380 and 53C400 generic cards

NCR 53C406a (Acculogic ISApport / Media Vision Premium 3D SCSI)

NCR5380 (generic driver)

NCR NCR (or Symbios) 53c700 and 53c700-66

NCR 53C8xx chipsets


NinjaSCSI-32Bi PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter

NinjaSCSI-32UDE PCI/CardBus SCSI controllers


OnStream SCSI Tape


Perceptive Solutions PCI-2000 IntelliCache

Perceptive Solutions PCI-2220I EIDE RAID

Perceptive Solutions PSI-240I EIDE

Pro Audio Spectrum/Studio 16 (ISA)

Promise SATA SX4

Promise SATA TX2/TX4

QLogic QLA1280 (Ultra2) and QLA12160 (Ultra3)


Qlogic ISP2100

Qlogic ISP2200

Qlogic ISP2300

Qlogic ISP2322

Qlogic ISP6312

Qlogic Fast SCSI FAS408 family of chips (ISA/VLB/PCMCIA)

QLogic ISP1020 Intelligent SCSI cards IQ-PCI, IQ-PCI-10, IQ-PCI-D (PCI)



Quantum ISA-200S, ISA-250MG Seagate ST-01/ST-02 (ISA)


BusLogic sim710 NCR53c406a g_NCR5380


ncr53c8xx megaraid_mbox nsp32_cs nsp32

sata_nv osst pci2000

pci2220i psi240i pas16


sata_promise qla1280






qlogicfas qlogicisp qlogic_cs sata_qstor fdomain seagate

SCSI Controller

Linux Driver Module

ServerWorks / Apple K2 SATA sata_svw

Silicon Image SATA sata_sil

Silicon Integrated Systems SATA sata_sis

SoundBlaster 16 SCSI-2 (Adaptec 152x-compatible) (ISA) aha152x

Symbios Logic SYM53C416 Chip sym53c416

Symbios Logic 53c500 PCMCIA SCSI sym53c500_cs

Symbios Logic SYM53C896 (also supports the 538XX controller sym53c8xx family, except 53C815 and versions lower than 16 of the 53C810 and 53C825 controllers)

Tekram DC-390, DC-390W/U/F (AMD53C974A chipset) tmscsim

Trantor T128/T128F/T228 (ISA) t128

Trantor T130B (NCR 53C400 chipset) g_NCR5380

U Li Electronics SATA sata_uli

UltraStor 14F (ISA), 24F (EISA), 34F (VLB) u14-34f

VIA SATA sata_via

Silicon Integrated Scsi & Raid Devices Driver Download For Windows 10

Vitesse VSC7174 4 port DPA SATA sata_vsc

Western Digital WD7000-FAST, WD7000-FASST2, WD7000-ASC, wd7000 WD7000-AX/MX/EX

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Silicon Integrated Scsi & Raid Devices Driver Download For Windows 8.1

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