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Information about SDXC card support in Windows. Windows 7: SDXC cards are supported in all versions of Windows 7. Windows Vista: At least Service pack 1 needs to be installed. If SDXC cards are not working, install service pack 1 using Windows Update. Note: some other updates might need to be installed first before service pack 1 is offered. Still, both cards are hard to find due to overwhelming demand. However, the RTX 3070 and recently launched RTX 3060 Ti both use GDDR6 memory, as do all of the recent AMD Radeon cards. Siano Mobile Silicon: Israel No Yes: DVB-T/H, T-DMB/DAB, CMMB, ISDB-T chip-sets, USB, SPP, SDIO, HIF, GSP, TS interfaces Siemens: Germany? Unknown Yes: Designed one of the first DVB cards SIGMACOM: Korea Yes Yes: Sells ATSC PCI cards and USB devices Skydigital: Korea? Unknown Yes: Sells an ATSC PCI card STB Systems?

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3Dfx InteractiveU.S. Yes NoSold most assets to Nvidia, later filed for bankruptcy
ADS TechTaiwan Yes YesSells DVB-T and ATSC HDTV devices
AnyseeKorea? Unknown YesSells DVB USB devices
AOpenTaiwan Yes YesA subsidiary of the Acer Group; no longer develops TV devices
ArtecTaiwan No YesManufactures and sells DVB USB devices
ASUSTaiwan Yes YesSells DVB-T PCI cards
ATI/AMDCanada/U.S. Yes YesAMD bought ATI in 2006
AVerMediaTaiwan Yes YesA member of the Avermedia Group
BlackgoldG.B. Yes YesAnalog, DVB-T & DVB-S devices with PCI, PCI-E or USB
Compro TechnologyU.S. Yes YesSells analogue TV and DVB-T PCI, PCIe and USB devices
DigitalDevicesGermany No YesDevelopes and produces all kind of DVB Cards in S2 including C2 and T2
Digital EverywhereAustria No YesSells DVB FireWire devices
DVBWorldChina No YesProduces DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S & DVB-S2 PCI, PCIe and USB devices
DViCOKorea Yes YesProduces DVB and ATSC devices
ElgatoGermany Yes YesProduces FireWire & USB DVB devices
EncoreU.S Yes YesFormed in 1996
Fujitsu SiemensNetherlands YesPicked up where Siemens left off
FissionTaiwan No YesSells DVB-T USB devices
Galaxis Technology AGGermanyAcquired by Distinctive Devices in 2003
Geniatech/MyGicaChina Yes Yes
HamaGermany? Unknown YesResells DVB PCI and USB devices (Twinhan)
HauppaugeU.S. Yes YesSome digital TV boards manufactured prior to 2005 were rebranded TechnTrend cards
KNC1Germany Yes YesProduces DVB PCI cards
KWorldTaiwan Yes YesSells DVB PCI and USB devices
LeadtekTaiwan Yes YesSells DVB cards as well as other computer devices
LifeViewTaiwan Yes YesSells all kind of TV cards you can image
Linux4MediaGermany No Yes
Magic ProHong Kong Yes Yes
MatroxCanada Yes? UnknownPrimarily a graphics device producer, though they have produced some analog TV cards and frame grabbers. Caters to niche professional or prosumer graphics and video input markets
MedionU.S. Yes? Unknown
MigliaU.K.? Unknown YesSells DVB-T USB and ExpressCard devices and ATSC USB devices for Macintosh
MSITaiwan Yes YesMicro-Star International Inc.
NebulaU.K.? Unknown YesProduces DVB PCI and USB devices
NEOTIONFrance? Unknown? UnknownFormed in 2000
PC-BasicFrance Yes YesCheap Line of AV, TV, DVB-T, and USB devices distributed by Graphics
pcHDTVU.S. No YesProduces ATSC cards with explicit Linux Support
PinnacleU.S. Yes YesPCTV line of cards sold by Avid to Hauppauge in late 2008
PixelviewTaiwan Yes YesA brand-name of Pro-Link Microsystems Coporation
PlextorJapan? Unknown? UnknownA brand founded in 1985 by Shinano Kenshi
ProfChina No YesDVB-S/S2 PCI, PCIe, and USB solutions
ProvideoTaiwan Yes NoDVR, IP-cam, PCI, and PCIe capture cards
SatelcoGermany? Unknown Yes
Siano Mobile SiliconIsrael No YesDVB-T/H, T-DMB/DAB, CMMB, ISDB-T chip-sets, USB, SPP, SDIO, HIF, GSP, TS interfaces
SiemensGermany? Unknown YesDesigned one of the first DVB cards
SIGMACOMKorea Yes YesSells ATSC PCI cards and USB devices
SkydigitalKorea? Unknown YesSells an ATSC PCI card
STB Systems? Unknown Yes NoAcquired by 3Dfx Interactive
SundtekGermany Yes YesSells USB based DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2, ATSC/QAM, ISDB-T devices
TechniSatGermany? Unknown YesSells PCI cards, USB devices and set-top boxes
TBSChina? Unknown YesPC Card manufacturer for DVB S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C with single, dual, and quad tuner, CAM CI box for DVB-S2, USB TV Box for DVB-S/S2,DVB-T/T2,DVB-C.
TechnoTrendGermany? Unknown YesCards are often rebranded by others (e.g. older Hauppauge devices)
TerraTecGermany Yes YesProduces and sells audio, video and analog and digital TV peripherals
TwinHan Technology Co. LtdTaiwan Yes YesManufactures and sells DVB PCI and USB devices
USBGearU.S. Yes Yes
VBoxIsrael Yes YesManufacturer of Dual and Quad Network TV Tuner - FTA and CAM CI for DVB S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, PCI as well as TV Card and USB TV
V-Gear? Unknown Yes? UnknownA brand-name of the Successful Electronics Co. Ltd.
Wayjet Technology IncTaiwan? Unknown YesManufactures and sells DVB PCI devices
X3M digital S.A.Poland Yes YesSells Geniatech ? DVB PCI devices in Holland, Germany and Poland
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Siano Mobile Silicon Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10
  • Silicon Motion Technology has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its mobile communications product line, branded as FCI, to Dialog Semiconductor.
  • LTE (Long Term Evolution) broadcast technology using eMBMS (enhanced multimedia broadcast multicast service) standard is likely to be widely adopted for delivering mobile TV services,...
  • Linkmedia, a Taiwan-based company preparing to provide MediaFLO mobile TV services in the Taiwan market through technological cooperation with Qualcomm, has decided to give up the...
  • Mobile Content Venture (MCV), a consortium of 12 broadcasters in the US in a bid to deliver mobile TV services have talked with Taiwan-based ODMs to supply ATSC-M/H terminal devices,...
  • Taiwan-based mobile telecom carrier Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) on November 17 announced the launch of a 20-channel mobile TV service for tablet PC and smartphone users,...
  • Qualcomm has decided to suspend its direct-to-consumer FLO TV services but this may not have much impact on its Taiwan-based hardware partners, according to industry sources in Tai...
  • Introduction

  • China-based ZTE and Huawei Technologies, which have offered handsets and network interface cards for mobile ISDB-T TV services in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, and will launch in other...
  • Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) on July 13 signed an MOU with Qualcomm for cooperation to set up a joint venture to operate mobile TV service based on Qualcomm-developed MediaFLO...
  • China Mobile Communications' subsidiary China Mobile Hong Kong has won the only mobile TV operating license in Hong Kong through a HK$175 million (US$22.5 million) bid, and is likely...
  • At Computex Taipei 2010, Telegent Systems, a mobile TV receiver maker, and Innocomm, a Taiwan-based provider of broadband wireless solutions, announced the introduction of the first...
  • Flo TV, the mobile TV subsidiary of Qualcomm, has launched a portable mobile TV receiver without mobile phone functionality. The device, outsourced to HTC, is priced at US$200.
  • With the economic recovery still on shaky ground and instability rearing its head throughout the world, companies have continued to trim business travel budgets. To stay connected,...
  • China-based makers ZTE and Huawei Technologies are pushing handsets and 3G cards featuring ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial) mobile TV service in the Latin...
  • MediaTek will soon offer analog TV receiver ICs for handsets to tap into the growing demand for devices with such capability in emerging markets, according to sources from Taiwan's...
  • As the Taiwan government plans to issue mobile TV operating licenses around the end of 2010, Qualcomm will partner with Taiwan-based enterprises, including Foxlink and Linkmedia Technology...
  • Telegent Systems has announced that its analog mobile TV receiver is shipping in Samsung's Star TV S5233T handset that was recently launched in Southeast Asia. With this handset,...
  • Axel Technologies, a Finland-based provider of mobile TV solutions, plans to launch its software products such as the Fuugo at online application stores such as App Store later in...
  • The state-run China Satellite Mobile Broadcasting has completed the deployment of CMMB networks in 282 cities around China and launched conditional-access CMMB services, aiming to...
  • Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) plans to issue only one mobile TV operating license before the end of 2010, instead of the release of two licenses as originally...
  • Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) plans to issue Taiwan's first two mobile TV licenses by the end of 2010, one to operate on Channel 35 (596-602MHz) and the other...
  • Siano Mobile Silicon has announced the completion of a US$23.5 million fourth round of funding. The round consists exclusively of all of Siano's existing investors: JVP, DFJ-Tamir-Fishman,...
  • Mobile TV chip maker Siano Mobile Silicon has announced that PND makers, including Garmin, Mio and Navigon, have integrated its mobile digital TV (MDTV) receiver chips into their...
  • Worldwide shipments of mobile TV systems for cars, consisting both of solutions embedded into autos and included in portable navigation devices (PNDs), are expected to more than double...
  • Arima Communications has landed orders for ISDB-T enabled mobile TV handsets from Sony Ericsson, according to industry sources, who also noted that the mobile TV handsets, which will...
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