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When you plug the device into your USB, Windows will look for the associated driver, if it cannot find this driver then you will be prompted to insert the driver disc that came with your device. Common USB Device errors are ‘ usb port not working ‘, ‘device descriptor request failed error’ or ‘bugcodeusbdriver’ issues. C: Program Files ShopBot ShopBot 3 Drivers ShopBotControllerV204 and run DriverLoader.exe 2) Plug USB hub that ShopBot supplied with the tool into your PC (they weren't just being generous) - and then plug the USB cable from the control box into that. You may see Windows pop up with a tooltip telling you it has found the ShopBot v204 controller.

Indexer Post Processors for VCarve Pro & Aspire

Export rotary toolpaths in VCarve and Aspire to use with ShopBot Rotary Indexer. To install, open VCarve or Aspire, go to Help > Open Application Data Folder. You will see a folder labeled “PostP”. Unzip and copy the files into this folder.

Cut3D and Partworks 3D

Create toolpaths with Cut3D software. Includes measurements in inches and millimeters, as well as a post processor that allows you to swap X and Y axes for using an indexer that is mounted parallel to the Y axis.

PartWorks3D Installation: unzip and copy files into C:Program Files (x86)ShopBotPartWorks3DPostP

Cut3D Installation: unzip and copy files into C:Program Files (x86)Cut3DPostP


Shopbot Tools Port Devices Driver Bits

VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition

Shopbot Tools Port Devices Driver

Shopbot Tools Port Devices Driver Vga

v8.0 to 8.014

Download the patch and transfer files to computer with VCarve Pro installed using a thumb drive or other method. Copy the patch to C:Program FilesVCarve Pro - ShopBot Edition and run it. If VCarve Pro is installed on a computer with an Internet connection, go to “Help > Check for Updates” to download and install the patch directly.

Shopbot tools port devices driver ed


Shopbot Tools Port Devices Driver

These updates are for computers running PartWorks without an Internet connection. If running PartWorks with an Internet connection, use the “Check for Updates” function.

Download and save the attachment. Extract files to C:Program FilesShopBotPartWorksPostP. When the program asks if you want to overwrite the files, click “Yes”.

USB Drivers for ShopBot Tools

USB Drivers for current PRS ShopBots, PRTalpha, and Version 4G control boards are included in the current Control System Software Installation.


These post processors and corresponding machine definitions allow you to use Deskproto with a ShopBot, including machining with a rotary indexer. To install, copy the files into the folder C:ProgramDataDeskProto 6.1Drivers

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Shopbot Tools Port Devices Driver

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