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Solution 1: Update Prolific USB-to-Serial Driver in Device Manager. The normal way and fast way to solve it is to update the USB to the serial device driver in device manager. It will help Windows 10 recognize the devices again and restart it. Open device manager by right-click Windows icon and choose it from the results. 3- Tap on Show all devices, click on Next & click on Have disk. 4- Select Browse Choose The Huawei USB driver file you downloaded and click OK. 5- Choose the Android ADB interface and click on Next. 6- The Huawei USB driver installation starts, click on Next, then click on Finish.


This topic describes the registry settings that Serial uses with legacy COM ports. Serial always configures a legacy serial device as a COM port.


Serial queries these entry values when it enumerates a legacy COM port. If a device-specific entry value is not present, Serial uses a Serial service value.

The registry settings for a legacy COM port are under a corresponding legacy COM port subkey that is under the ..ServicesSerialParameters key.

The following entry values are the same as described for a Plug and Play serial device:

  • ClockRate

  • PortIndex

  • Indexed

  • RxFIFO

  • TxFIFO

  • MaskInverted

  • DisablePort

  • ForceFifoEnable

The following additional entry values are used with legacy COM ports:

PortAddress (REG_DWORD)
Specifies the untranslated base I/O address for the COM port control registers. Serial reads this value. The value cannot be zero. The default value of PortAddress is 0x00000000.

Interrupt (REG_DWORD)
Specifies the untranslated interrupt vector, as appropriate for the bus type. Serial reads this value. The value cannot be zero. The default value of Interrupt is 0x00000000.

DosDevices (REG_SZ)
Specifies the name of the COM port. The name of a COM port is typically COM<n>, where <n> is a COM port number that the installer obtains from the COM port database. However, a COM port name can be set to any non-NULL string. Serial uses the port name to create a symbolic link to the COM port that is visible in usermode. The default value of DosDevices is a NULL string.

InterruptStatus (REG_DWORD)
Specifies the raw I/O address for the interrupt status register. Serial reads this value. The value is omitted if the port is a stand-alone port. The value cannot be zero if the port is on a multiport device. The default value of InterruptStatus is 0x00000000.

BusNumber (REG_DWORD)
Specifies the system-wide bus number for the bus type. Serial reads this value. The default value of BusNumber is 0x00000000.

Specifies the bus type. Serial reads this value. The default value of BusType is determined by Serial during driver initialization.

InterruptMode (REG_DWORD)
Specifies the interrupt mode. Serial reads this value. The default value of InterruptMode is CM_RESOURCE_INTERRUPT_LATCHED.

InterruptLevel (REG_DWORD)
Specifies a raw interrupt level value that is appropriate for the bus type. Serial reads this value. The default value of InterruptLevel is 0x00000000.

PnPDeviceID (REG_SZ)
Specifies a Plug and Play device identifier for a Plug and Play device. Serial reads this value. The default value of PnPDeviceID is a NULL string.

LegacyDiscovered (REG_DWORD)
Boolean flag that indicates whether Serial has previously reported the device to the Plug and Play manager. Serial reads and sets this value. If LegacyDiscovered is nonzero, Serial has previously reported the device and does not report the device again. Otherwise, Serial reports the device and sets the entry value to 0x00000001.

Category: Network and Modems
Manufacturer: Gateway
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 58 KB
Operating System: Windows Vista
Latest Version / Release Date: / 07 Jul 2009

Windows device driver information for Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port

Serial Device Driver

Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port is a network driver produced by gateway technologies. It offers a stylish as well as convenient computer accessory which is used for connecting serial devices which comply with the RS-232 standard to a windows computer which is USB- equipped. It enables bridge connection between a serial port connector situated in one end and a USB plug connector situated on the other end. As such, it is possible for the user to connect with the serial end to the serial port while the USB connector is plugged into the USB port of the computer. The Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm port therefore offers a convenient way for the user to add serial connections to the computer without having to insert a serial card as well as a traditional port. Worth noting is that this device is functional in all operating systems for windows. For this

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Serial Device Driver Linux

The Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port is compliant with USB specification and supports highly developed power management, for example suspend, remote wakeup and resume operations. The device is ideal for linking modems, digital cameras, card readers, PDAs and cellular phones among other serial devices to the computer. It enables serial connections with a maximum rate of data transfer placed at I mbps. Since USB does not need IRQ resources, it is possible for additional devices to be connected to the system without undergoing any device hassles as well as conflict of resources that plagued similar devices before. This device is also bus powered which means that it does not a battery or a different power supply. Furthermore, it has a plug and play capability which means that all has to do is to install it and it is ready for use. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for Windows and Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port errors before installing any driver updates.