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  1. If you're using Windows, download this Kindle Fire driver: After downloading the file, extract the contents into a new folder and double-click the FireDevices ABD drivers file. Proceed through the installation wizard screens to install the driver. Step 3: Install Android Studio.
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The package provides the installation files for Segger J-Link USB Driver version If the driver is already installed on your system, updating (overwrite-installing) may fix various issues, add new functions, or just upgrade to the available version.

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When I try to debug an ARM7/9 device with the µVision Debugger via J-Link, starting a debug session or a flash download always fails with the following message in the Build Output window:


The J-Link device is probably configured for a J-Link USB ID other than 0. Due to that, it can't be recognized by the µVision J-Link Debugger driver used for ARM7/9 devices.


Configure the J-Link for USB ID 0. This can be done with the J-Link commander tool found in the Keil MDK installation directory C:KeilARMSeggerJLink.exe. This will identify the J-Link with ID different than 0 and when connected, provides a command 'usbaddr' to change the ID:

Segger Usb Devices Driver Vga

After reconnecting the J-Link unit to the PC, debugging the ARM7/9 device with J-Link via the µVision Debugger should work.

Please note that the µVision J-Link Debugger driver used for Cortex-M devices has the ability to use J-Link adapters with different USB IDs. The ID can also be changed with J-Link Setup dialog.


  • Refer to J-Link/J-Trace Adapter in the J-Link/J-Trace User's Guide.

Last Reviewed: Wednesday, November 4, 2020


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Under Windows 10 the J-Link installer will successfully install the driver for J-Trace/J-Trace Pro. However under some circumstances the driver will be loaded and cannot be put into functional state.

Windows claims that the USB device is not recognized.

Using the DeviceManager to look at the J-Trace Device Properties shows that the driver code not be started (Code 10). An additional error message says that a device which does not exist was specified.

Even looking into Windows' EventViewer shows the mentioned error with some detailed information

Segger Usb Devices Drivers


But nonetheless it does not explain where the error is caused. Refer to Possible Problem Sources.


In order to solve this, the registry needs to be edited. Either by doing this manually and using the Registry Editor or using a simple batch file:


vvvvVendor Id of the device: SEGGER's VID is 1366
ppppProduct Id of the device: J-Trace PID is normally 1020
bbbbBCD Version of the device (mentioned in the device descriptor: V 1.00 = [0x]0100)

Download this File:J-Trace MSOSDesc conatining a batch file as a sample reference for deleting these entries. Note: Please make sure that the batch is executed with administrative privileges, otherwise the entries will not be deleted.

Possible Problem Sources

The problem could be caused that the J-Trace/J-Trace Pro enumerated with valid MS OS Descriptors which is not necessary anymore. This feature has been disabled. Since Windows 10 still tries to retrieve this information, it will try to catch an internal device object which is not available anymore. Thus telling us that the mentioned device is not available. This can be disabled by removing the cached entry of the MS OS Descriptor information. This is stored in the registry. Refer to Solution

Segger Usb Devices Driver Device

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