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SEGGER Microcontroller, in cooperation with Renesas, announces the availability of its entire product portfolio for the Renesas RE Family microcontrollers (MCUs). This includes a full line of development tools, embedded software and production tools, making firmware development for the Arm-based Renesas RE MCUs fast and easy.

Segger Port Devices Drivers

  1. Hi, I'm Matthew. I used Keil MDK-ARM 5 recently and I was trying to change to SEGGER Embedded Studio so I can create a firmware with my MacBook. Before testing it with the MacBook, I'm using - 64-bit Windows 10 desktop - 64-bit SEGGER Embedded Studio.
  2. Disabling the Mass Storage Device functionality¶ Due to a known issue in Segger’s J-Link firmware, depending on your operating system and version you might experience data corruption or drops if you use the USB CDC ACM Serial Port with packets larger than 64 bytes. This has been observed on both GNU/Linux and macOS (OS X).

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ULINK2 User's Guide

IntroductionHardware DescriptionSetup ULINK2Connecting ULINK2Installing DriversConfigure µVision for DebuggingARM DevicesDebug Driver ConfigurationULINK USB-JTAG AdapterJTAG Device ChainDebugCortex-M DebuggingDebug Driver ConfigurationULINK USB-JTAG/SW AdapterSW Device

Segger Port Devices Driver License Test

JTAG Device ChainDebugKnown LimitationsTrace ConfigurationTrace PortPort

Segger Port Devices Driver Device

TimestampsPC SamplingTrace EventsITM Stimulus PortsFlash Download ConfigurationPack OptionsUsing ULINK2Configure Cortex-M Devices for TracingµVision WindowsTroubleshooting GuideAppendix

ULINK2 uses standard Windows USB drivers. It is configured as a Human Interface Device (HID) and is, therefore, directly supported by Windows operating systems. No additional or ULINK2-specific drivers are required.

To view the status of the ULINK2 USB connection:

  1. Connect the Keil ULINK2 Adapter to the PC.
  2. Right-click on My Computer and open the Properties dialog.
  3. Under Hardware click on Device Manager and select Human Interface Devices.
  4. Open the Properties page for each device. Under General — Location find the name Keil ULINK2, which indicates that the ULINK2 adapter is connected properly.

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