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Before installing beta drivers, be sure to update your version of SBIG Driver Checker 64 from Once you have the latest version, you can proceed with the instructions below. If you're participating in a beta, you should have received a zip file containing a beta version of sbigudrv.dll — you will (obviously) also need it before proceeding with the install.

Big Driver Imdb

  • There is no ASCOM driver for the older SBIGs. Neither NINA or Voyager appear to have native support for SBIG and Voyager only supports it through MaximDL or TheSkyX. Last night I was bored and googled around to understand why there was no ASCOM driver and found this.
  • SBIG OSX Driver Installer, Universal Binary This disk image archive contains an installer that will install the SBIG USB drivers and Universal Driver Library Framework. You can distribute this with your software packages.

ASCOM Drivers for SBIG Aluma CCD cameras, SBIG Aluma AC-series SCMOS cameras, SBIG STC-series cameras using the DL Imaging Drivers. Finger Lakes Instrumentation (external link) Drivers for Finger Lakes cameras are available from the manufacturer. IDS, AVT/Prosilica and Basler fast cameras (external link).

Beta drivers will typically be named something along the lines of, where v#.##b# corresponds to the major, minor, and build number of SBIGUDrv.

Note: Never redistribute a beta driver under any circumstance.

Performing the Install

Sbig Driver Checker 64

First, we'll need to make a backup copy of your existing driver:

Sbig Driver Checker

  1. Navigate to C:WindowsSystem,
  2. make a copy of sbigudrv.dll,
  3. place the copy somewhere easily accessible (e.g. %UserProfile%/sbigudrv_backup).

Next, we can install the provided beta version.

Sbig Driver Install


Sbig Drivers Download

  1. Extract the *.zip folder given to you by SBIG staff to some place safe (e.g. %UserProfile%/sbigudrv_beta),
  2. Copy the extracted %UserProfile%/sbigudrv_beta/sbigudrv.dll to C:WindowsSystem, replacing any existing copy of sbigudrv.dll.

To verify the install:

  1. Open SBIG Driver Checker 64,
  2. verify that the version of sbigudrv.dll matches