Sato Port Devices Driver Download For Windows

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If you are not able to find OS and/or your SATO printer in above, you can download the previous version driver You may install printer driver from Microsoft Windows Update (without downloading from this web page) as USB and LPT interface supports Plug&Play driver installation This is a Windows Hardware Certified driver PV Series Printer Drivers.

TOP > Getting Started > Connecting the Product to a Computer > Installing the Printer Driver > Installing the Printer Driver (RS-232C)
The interface settings of the connection port (COM) for the product and computer should match. You can check the interface settings in the [Interface] menu of the product. The interface settings of the computer can be confirmed by the following. In the Device Manager, right-click [Ports] > [Communications Port (COM1)] and select [Properties]. Then, check the [Port Settings] tab of the displayed Properties screen.
To use the RS-232C interface to connect with the computer, the product's [Tools] > [Barcode Checker] > [Test] > [Interface] menu must be set to [RS-232C].
Download the printer driver from your local SATO website.
If a user account control message appears, click [Yes] or [Continue].
Select the model of the product and click [Next].
When the security warning screen appears, click [Install].
If a security warning screen indicating that another process is blocking access appears, follow the steps on the screen, and click [Next].