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Being a small rodent, squirrels have many predators that threaten their lives. For example, the main predators of the squirrel are red foxes, wild cats as well as domestic cats, domestic dogs, owls, eagles, pine martins and many other miscellaneous birds. Support wildlife and red squirrel charities. Heinz Traut, project manager at Red Squirrels Northern England, highlights the importance of the conservation community and volunteers in protecting.


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  1. Approval has been granted to erect signs warning drivers of the danger of red squirrels on a rural road. In March this year, the Stirling Observer told how there was an attempt to try and curb.
  2. Slowly driving down the paved, dead-end road with my driver's side window open I heard this squeaky little voice calling me to stop the car. There was this little red squirrel with some kind of nut in its mouth sitting in a dead tree, and it seemed as happy as can be. It sat there with the nut and allowed me to take a number of pictures.
  3. SCP-2050-3 is currently a 3-year-old red squirrel named 'Sir Casper Bushtail, Duke of the Bushtail Sciurine, Master of Horse, and Knight of the Woodland Order.' SCP-2050-4 refers to the leader of 'House Acornfist,' a noble house of red squirrels that comprises most of the other half of the membership of SCP-2050.

January 21 has been designated Squirrel Appreciation Day (I don’t make this stuff up). The cute, fuzzy creatures with their amusing acrobatics are a common sight in Colorado. Squirrels live in Colorado year-round, gathering up food and making nests. So if you find leftover food littering your neighborhood, don’t assume your neighbors are piggy — it’s most likely the work of squirrels.

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Squirrels often live near bird populations, especially if bird feeders are present, and sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish bird nests from squirrel nests. Squirrels also make a chattering call that can be confused with birdcalls.

Colorado has two categories of squirrels — ground squirrels and tree squirrels. There are several species of ground squirrels in Colorado, ranging from the spotted ground squirrel on the Eastern Plains to the rock squirrels in the mesas and canyons of Western Colorado. Some species also live in the mountains. Some interesting historical information on ground squirrels can be found in the publications Life-History Studies of the Wyoming Ground Squirrel (Citellus elegans elegans) in Colorado(1931), The Ground Squirrels of Colorado (1924), A Contribution to the Life History of the Wyoming Ground Squirrel (Citellus elegans) in Colorado (1920),The Striped Ground Squirrels of Colorado (1914), and The Wyoming Spermophile or Ground Squirrel, Citellus elegans (1913), all available for checkout from our library.

The fox squirrel is common in the
Denver metro area. Photo courtesy
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Tree squirrels include the fox squirrel, which is the species you are most likely to see in your backyard if you live in the Denver metro area. Fox squirrels are not native to Colorado. The other two species of tree squirrel found in Colorado, Abert’s and pine squirrels, live in the mountainous parts of the state. For in-depth information on the pine squirrel, see The Influence of Population Density and Body Size on the Behavioral Ecology of the Pine Squirrel, a 1988 publication of the University of Colorado-Boulder available for checkout from our library.

Basic facts on all of these squirrel species, including range, habitat, reproduction, scientific names, and tips on living with wildlife can be found on the Colorado Division of Parks & Wildlife’s species profile page. Search our web catalog for more resources on Colorado wildlife.

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Red Squirrels Drive Slow Images

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Predators and Dangers

Being a small rodent, squirrels have many predators that threaten their lives. For example, the main predators of the squirrel are red foxes, wild cats as well as domestic cats, domestic dogs, owls, eagles, pine martins and many other miscellaneous birds. Also, more predators are raccoons, bobcats, snakes, grey foxes, and coyotes. Although it may seem like many predators, squirrels are small and abundant, causing them to be an easy target by carnivores. However, the squirrel is not exactly an 'easy target' though. For instance, when realizing danger nearby, the squirrel will quickly dart for a nearby tree and climb, hiding in the branches, or leaping from tree to tree. After all, squirrels never stray too far from a tree when scavenging for food on the ground. Furthermore, with their powerful hind legs, squirrels can leap quite far, even more than twice the length of their body. Back to the subject, for grey squirrels, blending into the bark of a tree is easy, and can stay frozen, clinging to a tree for a long time until the danger has passed.
When it comes to other squirrels, tree squirrels are quite territorial, some more than others. For instance, all squirrels have a piece of territory in an ecosystem, and when another squirrel comes into that area, there are many reactions. For example, the squirrel may immediately attack, chasing the intruder away. Another reaction is when the squirrel just warns the other rodent, flicking its tail and growling. Lastly, the squirrel may just let the squirrel stay for a while before leaving, especially in winter in which body warmth is something to be grateful for.
Not all dangers to squirrels are other animals. Many of the danger are human creations and catastrophic events. For instance, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other catastrophes
bring down trees and could kill the small rodent. Furthermore, humans cut down tree as well, leaving squirrels homeless and kits in the tree dead or motherless. Also, the car. Yes, the car is the squirrel's most deadliest enemy. Many squirrels are run over each year, and the number is only increasing. People blame the rodent for running out in the street in the first place. Yet, squirrels know only to run from predators, so while attempting to arrive at its destination, the creature is scurrying in a zig-zag motion in order to confuse its predator. Sadly, as a result, the oncoming car has difficulty avoiding the squirrel, while other times the driver has a sick lust to just run over the animal. Therefore, there are many dangers facing the squirrel.