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News about Realtek( Company code:2379) Company News Releases. GBE Ethernet LINUX driver r8169 for kernel up to 5.6 6.0/06/24.

Microsoft removed a compatibility hold caused by outdated Realtek Bluetooth drivers and published a support document describing a workaround designed to help Windows 10 users still affected by the safeguard hold.

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  1. The Realtek HD Audio Manager is one of the most commonly used audio driver software available for Windows 10. It provides various useful features and options to the users including multiple sound effects. Not only that but you also get a highly accurate equalizer for tweaking the sounds of your computer according to your needs.
  2. This package contains the Realtek High Definition Audio driver. Audio driver is the software that helps your operating system to communicate with audio devices such as sound cards and speakers. This update enhances the driver compatibility with Windows 10 Creators Update. Get the latest driver.
  3. Save your personal devices and preferences. Support Windows RS5 WHQL driver. Realtek Ethernet Controller Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit.
  4. I've just installed pfSense on a custom build mini PC. The motherboard (MSI) has 1 Realtek Ethernet port and I added an Intel NIC with 2 ports. I set up the Intel card to be the WAN and the LAN and I thought about using the Realtek port as OPT1 or something but I remember reading that Realtek drivers for pfSense are quite not stable.

Users of still impacted devices will receive a 'Realtek Bluetooth: Your PC has a driver or service that isn't ready for this version of windows 10. A new version is available' error message when attempting to update to Windows 10 version 1909, version 1903, or version 1809.

The safeguard hold was added by Microsoft in May 2019 after acknowledging an issue where computers with Realtek Bluetooth radios experienced problems when discovering and connecting to Bluetooth devices after installing or updating to Windows 10, version 1903 due to outdated drivers.

'You will need to update to driver version 1.5.1012 or later to remove this safeguard hold,' says Microsoft. 'Any earlier version of the driver is affected by this issue.'

Update block removed, workaround available

Microsoft says that the known issue was resolved with an updated driver for the affected Realtek Bluetooth radio and the compatibility hold was removed on November 15.

To update your Windows 10 device to the 1909 or 1903 versions you should first try manually checking for the update and install the new Realtek Bluetooth drivers if they are being offered. You will be able to install the Windows 10 update after the driver update.

However, 'it can take up to 48 hours before you can update to offered Windows 10, version 1909 or Windows 10, version 1903' according to Redmond.

Users that won't be offered the new Realtek Bluetooth drivers when checking for Windows updates will have to download and install them manually by going through the following step-by-step procedure:

• Download both of the Realtek Bluetooth radio drivers to your preferred folder: Driver 1, Driver 2. Note: We recommend downloading them to your Documents folder.
• Open File Explorer. If there is no file explorer icon in the task bar, select the search box and enter file explorer and select it.
• Within File Explorer, go the the Documents folder or the folder you downloaded the drivers to.
• Find and double click or double tap on the file named
• Select CTRL+a on the keyboard. This should select all of the files
• Right click or long press on any of the files and select Extract.
• Select the New folder button and rename it Realtek Bluetooth.
• Select the Extract button.
• In File Explorer, select the back button to go to the location you downloaded the drivers into.
• Find and double click or double tap on the file named
• Select CTRL+a on the keyboard. This should select all of the files
• Right click or long press on any of the files and select Extract.
• If you are in the folder named Realtek Bluetooth, then select the New folder button and type Realtek Bluetooth 2.
• Select the Extract button.
• In the search box on the taskbar, enter device manager, then select Device Manager.
• Find Bluetooth and expand it.
• Find the Realtek device and right-click or long press on it.
• Select Update Driver from the context menu.
• Select the Browse my computer for driver software button.
• It should default to your Documents folder, if this is where you saved the drivers then just select the Next button. If you did not save the drivers to your Documents folder, select the Browse button and find the folder you downloaded the drivers to and select OK.
• It should now find the updated drivers and install them. Wait for this to complete and select Close.

Once you go through all the steps and complete the manual Bluetooth driver update procedure, the compatibility hold should be removed and you should be able to update to the latest Windows 10 version.

One safeguard hold still on for Windows 10 1909

Windows 10 devices are still blocked from installing the Windows 10, version 1909 update by a safeguard hold put in place by Microsoft to prevent intermittent loss of Wi-Fi connectivity on some older systems with outdated Qualcomm drivers.

Microsoft provides a workaround for this known issue too, stating that users need to download and install updated Wi-Fi drivers from the manufacturer (OEM).

Realtek Driver Download

Redmond advises impacted Windows users not to apply the Windows 10 November 2019 Update manually 'using the Update now button or the Media Creation Tool' before updating their system's Qualcomm Wi-Fi drivers or having the update automatically provided through Windows Update.

Windows 10 customers can also access info on how to troubleshoot update problems or fix Windows Update errors on Microsoft's support website.

Also, to make sure that a device is compatible with the latest Windows 10 version, users should read the Windows Processor Requirements and the Windows 10 System Requirements.

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We understand you might be looking for a way to fix and update Realtek HD audio drivers in Windows 10. So, without any further delay, let’s discuss how to update outdated or incompatible audio drivers in Windows 10.


In Windows 10, Realtek HD Audio Driver is the most common sound driver. This means you can quickly locate it in the Device Manager under the Sound, game, and video controller section.

Further, updating Realtek HD audio drivers in Windows 10 helps fix – no sound issue, sound not working, and no sound in headphones.

Simple Ways to Update and Fix Realtek HD Audio Driver Problem on Windows 10


List of Contents

Here we will enlist 4 different methods using which you can update and download Realtek audio drivers on Windows 10.

Before that, a cautionary note.

If you are using a manual method to update and download drivers, create a system restore point to avoid any problem.However, if you go with the automatic method, there is no need to create a system restore point as Smart Driver Care backs up old drivers before updating to the new one.

Method 1 – Update Realtek HD Audio Driver via Device Manager

  1. Press Windows + R keys to open the Run window.
  2. Here, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter key.
  3. This will open the Device Manager window, look for the Sound, video, and game controllers section.
  4. Expand it and right-click on Realtek High Definition Audio > Update driver.
  5. In the consecutive window, click “Search automatically for updated driver software.””
  6. Wait for the process to finish. If the update for the Realtek audio driver is available, you will get the Install button. Click it to download Realtek audio driver on Windows 10 and complete the process.
  7. Once done, click Close and restart the PC to bring changes into effect.
  8. However, if the installed driver is up to date, you will get a message “The best driver software for your device is already installed.”
  9. This message means you don’t need to do anything. So, click Close.

But even after having the updated driver if you are facing problems, we suggest trying updating the Realtek sound driver manually.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Re-open Device Manager > click Sound, video and game controllers section > right-click Realtek High Definition Audio > Update driver.
  2. This time instead of searching updated automatically click “Browse my computer for driver software” > Next.
  3. Select “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.”
  4. Pick the right driver from the list > click Next.
  5. Wait for the sound driver installation to complete and restart the PC.

Method 2 – Download and install Realtek Audio Driver from OEM Manufacturer

Generally, a driver update can be found by following the method explained above. But if Windows is unable to find the latest update try downloading it from the official site. In this case, it is Realtek’s website.

  1. Visit the Realtek website.
  2. Scroll down and click Overview under Downloads.
  3. Type audio in the search box and press Enter key.
  4. You’ll now see a list of different drivers.
  5. From the drop-down next to Product Line and select Computer Peripheral ICS
  6. In the new windows again click the drop-down menu and select PC Audio codecs.
  7. Pick either ALC888S-VD, ALC892, or ALC898.
  8. Now, download compatible Realtek audio driver on Windows 10 that will work with your system architecture
  9. Once the file is downloaded, double click it and follow on-screen instructions to install the latest Realtek HD audio driver.

Realtek Port Devices Driver

However, if you do want to update the driver manually and risk your system try the other method listed below.

Method 3 – Automatically update Realtek audio driver

It seems the above two methods didn’t work or you are afraid of doing it all by yourself. Therefore, here we are with Smart Driver Care.

An automatic and all-in-one tool that detects outdated drivers. It helps update faulty drivers and even takes a backup of old drivers. This comprehensive tool is the answer for all driver-related problems.

  1. Download and install Smart Driver Care.
  2. Click Start Scan to scan the system for outdated drivers.
  3. Once the scan is completed, you will see a list of outdated drivers.
  4. Select the sound, audio, driver, and click Update net to each driver.
  5. However, if you want to update all outdated drivers at once click Update all.

Method 4 – Add a Legacy hardware


Lastly, try adding legacy hardware to do so follow the steps below

  1. Open Run window by pressing Windows Key + R
  2. Here type devmgmt.msc and hit enter.
  3. Under Device Manager > click Action tab > select Add legacy hardware.
  4. Click Next and follow on-screen instructions.
  5. Install outdated drivers manually, and you are all set.

That’s it, using these simple steps you can easily and quickly update & download Realtek HD Audio Drivers in Windows 10. If you still have any doubts and want our help, feel free to drop your questions in the comments section.