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Cloud Savings

Download QCT products driver, manual, firmware and update. And products Portfolios, case study, white paper and CCLs.,QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology).

Lower your cloud spend by 80% while delivering 100% availability on production workloads.Using predictive algorithms, to leverage SpotInstances (AWS) and Low-priority VMs (Azure) with absolutely no risk of downtime. No architectural changes are required so start-up is immediate, and billing is usage-based.

Quanta Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download

Quanta Services is the leading specialty contractor with the largest and highly trained skilled workforce in North America – providing fully integrated solutions for the electric power, pipeline, industrial and communications industries. The company’s geographic footprint spans North America, Latin America and Australia, and its network of companies ensures. Damian O'Gorman, VP explains how Quanta Networks is a better network for the user. The solution creates network connections by optimizing portions of network traffic redirected in the interest of increased speed and connectivity. Get the best deals on QUANTA Ethernet Switch Enterprise Network Switches and find everything you'll need to improve your home office setup at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Quanta Technology Limited of 2nd Floor, Wellington House, Market Street, Douglas, IM1 2PQ, Isle of Man. The laws applicable to the services offered on this site may vary from country to country. It remains your responsibility to ensure that it is legal to access and use the services on this site in the country from which you are located.

Save Up To 80%

Leveraging your cloud providers’ excess capacity costs up to 80% less than on-demand instances.

Usage-Based Pricing

No license required. Charges are based on cloud usage.

Utilize Your RI's

Finds all unutilized Reserve Instances (RI’s) and prioritizes reservation usages prior to launching Spot Instances

Easy to Start

You will be running in less than 10 minutes. No changes are needed to your existing architecture.

Auto Scaling

Automatically increase or decrease instances in your cluster to meet your application demand based on your business rules and metrics.

Always On

In the event where EC2 Spot Instances aren’t available, fall back to On-Demand Instances and will opportunistically revert back to Spot Instances when possible.

Prediction & SLA

Predictive algorithms to identify and drain Spot Instances that are about to be“interrupted” by the cloud provider. Prior to termination, automatically and transparently transitions applications to the least expensive available Spot market or On-Demand instance with absolutely no downtime.


Quanta Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download 64-bit

The Quanta Mission

Quanta is disruptive telecom technology. By comparison, Uber is a transportation company that does not own its own vehicles. Their business model is based on enabling and utilizing surplus or unused resources. Quanta creates network connections where there is available bandwidth by optimizing portions of network traffic, redirected in the interest of improved speed and connectivity, enabling devices to form a communication network by themselves using their own available bandwidth.

Quanta is creating a better network without purchasing any bandwidth.


Quanta Network & Wireless Cards Driver Downloads

Quanta manages network paths both dynamically and asymmetrically. By simultaneously controlling inbound and outbound routes, it creates cloaked layers of communications within the network. This makes functional transitory data (i.e. DNS requests, financial transactions, personal node data) resistant to packet sniffers, rendering critical assets and data invisible, impossible to locate.


The Quanta Network possesses virtually unlimited address space, capable of meeting future requirements for IoT, Mobile and Quantum Computing. Quanta technology agnostic, with the ability to utilize IR, UHF, Bluetooth, WI-FI, Ethernet, 3G/4G/5G cellular, satellite, including any other current or future communications standard.

Quanta network & wireless cards driver download 64-bit

Quanta Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download Windows 10


Quants dynamic route selection is determined by latency. Communications are always routed through the fastest secure path across the network. Quantas ground-breaking model improves the flow of network traffic as it allows data to travel using the fastest available path.

Quanta Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download Windows 7


Quanta Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download

Quanta Network is fully compatible and interoperable with legacy communications technologies (IPv4/IPv6) and is fully programmable, capable of seamlessly integrating with specialized networking applications as well as future networking technologies.