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Pinnacle PCTV HD Card (800i)

A hybrid ATSCPCI card from Pinnacle.

Drivers are now included in the mainline kernel

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A hybrid device that supports analog, ATSC (8-VSB) and digital cable (QAM) TV sources. The card also supports analog A/V inputs, and has an IR remote control input.

It appears that it may be also being sold as the Yuan PG583Q. Yuan lists two models (PG583 and PG583Q) -- simply a wild guess, but perhaps the former uses a XC3028 (not QAM capable) and the later XC5000 (QAM capable) ?? The Yuan boards also have a connector of sorts on the back portion of the PCB that is not present on the Pinnacle board.

Components Used

Pinnacle Input Devices driver
800i's components
  • Xceive XC5000 (tuner & analog IF demodulator) [1]
  • Samsung S5H1409 (digital demodulator) [2]
  • Conexant CX23883 (A/V decoder & PCI bridge) [3]
  • Cirrus 5340 CZZ (audio ADC) [4]
  • Atmel ATMLH726 (8-pin eeprom)


PCI subsytem ID is: 11bd:0051

Output of lspci -vvnn:

Making it Work


You MUST have the firmware for the XC5000 tuner installed for the 800i to function properly. Note the firmware directory may differ with some distros; consult your distro's documentation for the appropriate location)

If using Linux kernel 2.6.31 or you are using the latest tree:

If you are using an older kernel than 2.6.31 and not using the latest v4l-dvb code:


Full support for the device is now in the mainline v4l-dvb repo. Both analog and digital TV are supported, and the remote control should also function properly now.


To download the latest v4l-dvb tree, simply select the bz2 or gz link on the top left of the page, then build them via running 'make' followed by 'make install'. More thorough downloading/building instructions can be found here.

Be sure to restart your computer before attempting to use the card.

Sample kernel output



The audio output of the card can be accessed through OSS typically via /dev/dsp1, however that number can of course vary with your system's configuration.


Linux distributions have begun to leave out OSS support in their default kernel. Ubuntu as of 10.10 is an example of this.

The kernel module to enable ALSA support is cx88-alsa.

Once the appropriate module is loaded you should see this output from 'arecord -l' (note this sample is from a system with two identical cards installed):

Note the card names CX8801, and CX8801_1 for the two cards in the example system. Use the following for the ALSA device:

Card 1) ALSA:default:CARD=CX8801Card 2) ALSA:default:CARD=CX8801_1

Remote Control Support

The card uses the CX2388x's standard IR interface, and, it is fully supported now via the linux input layer. You may use LIRC with the input device driver option. See the 'Remote Controllers' article for more details on how to configure LIRC with remote controls that use the linux input layer.

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Pinnacle Input Devices Drivers

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