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PFU Limited was established in 1960, has approximately 4,600 employees globally and in 2013 turned over 126.4 billion Yen (US$1.2 Billion). PFU manufactures interactive kiosks, keyboards, network security hardware, embedded computers and imaging products (document scanners) all under the PFU or Fujitsu brand. Product description Capacitive non-contact method without chattering, ideal for high-speed input, ideal key touch and long life without getting tired even after long-term use 'Type-S' key structure with excellent Bluetooth connection and USB connection (Type-C), key map change function, Speed (high-speed typing) and Silent (quietness).

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fujitsu Company, PFU Systems – a leading technology solutions provider – announced today it will reveal its turn-key kiosk offerings which are designed to immerse customers in an interactive experience, cater to kiosk managers with next-gen tools and respond to changing business requirements. PFU Systems will also exhibit a preview of its solution for Digiboo Inc.’s Movie Download Kiosk. In addition, PFU’s sleek new wall mount model, MEDIASTAFF FX, will be debuted at booth #729 in the Moscone Center, April 27-28, during Customer Engagement Technology World.


On display will be the preview of PFU’s solution created for Digiboo’s forthcoming Movie Download Kiosk which provides the easiest way to rent and purchase the latest digital movies. Through PFU’s custom kiosk solution, customers will be offered more than 1,000 movies for rent or sale, which they can download and then watch on any PC, TV, laptop or netbook, eliminating the need to return a DVD.

Pfu laptops & desktops driver downloads

“We chose PFU Systems as a partner not only in light of its long standing reputation but also because they provide a comprehensive solution that includes custom hardware, advanced kiosk platform software, and remote management systems,” said Richard Cohen, CEO of Digiboo. “PFU Systems met our needs for reliability, technical capabilities and cost effective performance in our new movie download business.”

PFU Systems will also showcase its new hardware, MEDIASTAFF FX, a highly versatile solution with flexible mount options, including wall, desktop or stand-alone. The offering is energy efficient, highly customizable, delivers a large ROI and is among the most reliable in the industry. PFU will also feature new software updates, including an enhanced Remote Management System, now offered as cloud services/SaaS, which reduces time-to-market and kiosk management costs even further. On display will also be the Visitor Management Kiosk designed to integrate with CRM applications on Salesforce platform.

“Our full range of new versatile kiosks and features, including the SaaS option of the Remote Management System, provide greater flexibility to respond to trends and meet the needs for our customers,” said Hiroji Fukui, Director of Marketing and Business Development, PFU Systems. “We continue to innovate, and with PFU’s unique Kiosk integration technologies, the benefits of cloud computing – flexibility, scalability and reliability – are now available for self-service solutions for the first time.”

The Company continues to make strides by providing its proven technologies to a range of industries that need to respond to cost reduction and customer demands for better service. PFU Systems’ technologies are not only helping retailers gain an edge on captivating consumers, they are also helping the health care, higher education, government and hospitality/travel industries to provide better service through advanced self-service options.

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About Digiboo


Based in Santa Monica, California, Digiboo is expanding consumer access to fast, higher quality digital downloading through its digital movie kiosks to be located in airports and other high traffic public spaces. Consumers will be able to purchase or rent more than 1,000 movie titles via download in less than 30 seconds to any USB 3.0 flash drive or other faster generation memory device, for viewing on a variety of devices including PCs, TVs, laptops and netbooks. The Company, founded by MGM Studios home entertainment executives Richard Cohen, Jeff Karbowiak and Blake Thomas, offers consumers new levels of convenience and portability for viewing films, television and other content.

PFU Laptops & Desktops Driver Download

About PFU Systems

PFU Systems Inc. (PFU) is a leading customer centric technology solutions company – empowering its clients to achieve greater success through superior quality hardware, innovative software and reliable customer service. PFU makes the customer its first priority, helping to develop customized solutions based on its superior quality, and reliable embedded systems, kiosk and network security products and services.

PFU, the U.S. operation of PFU Ltd., is headquartered in the Silicon Valley and markets and sells PFU’s products in North America.

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About PFU Limited

PFU Limited, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, is a $1.2 billion global enterprise that designs, develops, manufactures, sells and maintains computer hardware, imaging scanners, peripheral products, enterprise software, systems and network security solutions. Based on its over 50 years of IT experience in Japan and proven, high quality products, PFU Ltd. is recognized as a leading technology company. For more information, visit