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Pepperl fuchs driver download free

Pepperl+Fuchs announced that Viator® HART modems have been fully integrated into its HART Interface Solutions product line. The move is part of Pepperl+Fuchs' strategy to increase its offering of integrated solutions and strengthen its position in the WirelessHART market.


//. Neither the name of Pepperl+Fuchs nor the names of its // contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from // this software without specific prior written permission. Pepperl+Fuchs offers a collection of device and communication DTMs for the parameterization of devices for interface technology, level measurement, corrosion monitoring, remote I/O systems, fieldbus technology, advanced diagnostics and HART multiplexers. Estimated Lead Time: 1 - 2 weeks. Manufacturer: Pepperl+Fuchs. Product No.: KFD2-SCD2-Ex1-LK. Product type: SMART Current Driver. Signal type: Analog output. Pepperl+Fuchs Group Germany: +49 621 776 2222 5 Refer to 'General Notes Relating to Pepperl+Fuchs Product Information'. USA: +1 330 486 0002 Singapore: +65 6779 9091 [email protected] [email protected] SMART Current Driver Lead monitoring, input characteristics.

Pepperl fuchs driver download free

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Viator HART modems, previously marketed under Pepperl+Fuchs MACTek Inc, is now a Pepperl+Fuchs branded product. The official integration of the Viator portfolio means that it now has the power of Pepperl+Fuchs' distribution network, making Viator modems globally available and supported.

Bluetooth, RS-232, USB, and USB with PowerXpress™ Viator models are available, including a Bluetooth model that is designed for use in hazardous locations.


'We are so pleased to officially add Viator HART modems to our existing WirelessHART portfolio,' said Jim Bolin, Pepperl+Fuchs' executive vice president of the Americas. 'This integration complements our current product line and allows us to provide an even greater breadth of services to our customers, in the United States and globally.'

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WirelessHART networks bridge the long distances between the plant and the field, offering cost-effective solutions for data acquisition. Measured values are available on a regular basis, leading to increased quality and more economical operation of process plants.