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Today, we’ll tell you about the methods to resolve one of the most common yet tricky network driver issues, i.e., missing PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller Driver on Windows 10. First of all, let’s understand what it is and why it is tricky.


Just like any other driver, network drivers are also vulnerable to various errors. One of the most tricky network driver error is when the driver for Signal Processing and PCI Data Acquisition gets missing. Windows 10 Device Manager shows it in the other devices category along with a yellow mark. People try to fix this issue by updating the driver and ultimately waste their time.

  1. Igb-x.x.x.tar.gz driver supports all Intel® 82575, 82576, 82580, I350, I210, or I211-based Gigabit Network Adapters/Connections; e1000-x.x.x.tar.gz driver supports all Intel® 8254x-based PCI and PCI-X Gigabit Network Adapters/Connections; See the readme notes for installation instructions, supported hardware, what is new, bug fixes, and known.
  2. Missing PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver, Dell Optiplex 790 Jump to solution Installed new OS and then installed the drivers from driver disk in correct order, however, the PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver is missing and does not appear to be on the driver cd and I have had no luck on the Internet.
  3. The PCI controller driver is also knowns as Chipset drivers which can be easily found on these websites. The challenge is to identify the hardware first. Option 2: Initiate Windows Updates Microsoft has inculcated a built-in tool that helps users to download updates related to Windows tools and features, drivers, security etc.
  4. Pciregisterdriver leaves most of the probing for devices to the PCI layer and supports online insertion/removal of devices thus supporting hot-pluggable PCI, CardBus, and Express-Card in a single driver. Pciregisterdriver call requires passing in a table of function pointers and thus dictates the high level structure of a driver.

You require to update and install the Chipset Driver properly to fix the problem of missing PCI Data Acquisition driver. Incorrect or problematic Chipset drivers are the main reason for this problem. Hence, here we are going to provide you the methods to update Chipset Drivers or to download PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller driver.

Update PCI device driver via Device Manager The yellow exclamation mark next to certain device problem can usually be fixed with an appropriate and matched device driver. 1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.

The Recommended Method to fix Fix “PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller Driver Missing” error

As said above, the “PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller Driver Missing” error is caused mainly by improperly installed and outdated chipset driver. Therefore, we suggest you get Bit Driver Updater to download, install, and update the chipset driver correctly. With this program, you can update the drivers automatically in one click. Moreover, this program also takes your computer’s overall performance to another level by making it a whole lot smooth and fast. Here is the link to get this incredible software.

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Resolve Missing PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller Driver : Fixed

Below are the methods that can help you to resolve the missing PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller Driver on Windows 10.

Manually Update your Chipset Driver

You can update the Chipset Drivers manually by downloading the latest version of them from their manufacturers. For example, let’s talk about Intel as it is one of the leading producers of Chipset Drivers. Here are the steps to download and install the latest Chipset Driver on your Windows PC.

Step1:First of all, you have to visit the official driver software download and support webpage of the manufacturer, i.e., Intel. Visit Here

Step2: Then, look for the chipsets option and click on it..

Step3:After that, you have to choose your operating system and the version of your device.

Step4: Now click on the Chipset driver you want to download.

Step5:Once you have successfully downloaded the Chipset driver, install it. If it doesn’t come with the installer, then use the Windows Device Manager and install the driver manually.

Step6:After installing the Chipset driver, restart the computer to implement the changes.

Pci Driverentry

Update Chipset Driver Using Device Manager

Device Manager is the Windows default utility to manage the different devices, their software, and drivers. You can use it as well to update the Chipset driver and fix the error of missing PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller Driver on Windows 10. Here are the necessary steps.

Step1: Open this default utility of the Windows operating system to manage devices and their drivers. Just search the name Device Manager in the Windows search box and click on the result.

Step2: Then, look for your Chipset Driver. Here we have Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Manager.

Step3:Right-click on the respective driver.

Step4: Select Update Driver.

Step5: Then click on the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option.

Along with the driver manufacturers, you can also get the updated drivers for your PC’s Chipset from your PC manufacturer such as HP, Dell, etc. They provide all the drivers and software for their devices.

The procedure is quite similar as well. You just need to visit the download and support page of your PC manufacturer. Then provide details about the software you want, your device, model, etc. And after that, you’ll get the driver you want.

Some of the PC manufacturers also provide support and assistance tools for software and hardware issues. So, you can also use those tools to resolve the missing PCI Data Acquisition driver issue.

Use Bit Driver Updater to Download and Update PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller Driver

The methods that we have mentioned above may seem quite long, boring, and tough for the people who are not so computer friendly. Hence, we also have a better alternative for you. Instead of following the old-fashioned methods to update and fix the PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing driver error, you can just use Bit Driver Updater.

It is not only recommended to people with less computer knowledge, but experts can also use it to save their time. You do not need to visit Intel’s driver support page to get the PCI Data Acquisition driver. You also do not need to look for the correct Chipset driver in the Device Manager. All you need to do is to download and install the Bit Driver Updater and update your drivers with just a couple of clicks. Not just the PCI Data Acquisition driver error, this driver updater fixes almost every problem related to your Windows PC drivers. Here is the download button to get this useful utility.

You do not even have to perform some extra efforts to install Bit Driver Updater. You can easily install it with the installation wizard. After completing the setup, here are the further steps you need to follow.

Step1: Run the software to update device drivers.

Step2: On the home screen of the application, you have to select ‘Scan’.

Step3: Now just hold on for a few moments.

Step4: Select the PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller and click on the ‘Update Now’ option next to the driver update.

These are the simple steps to update & fix the Signal Processing Controller and PCI Data Acquisition drivers, including several other device drivers.

PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller Driver Missing: Fixed

Pci Driver Update Windows 10

We hope that now you can efficiently resolve the issue of missing PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller Driver on Windows 10. All these methods are quite effective. Use these above-suggested methods to experience the fastest performance of the system. However, if you know some other effective methods to fix these Chipset Driver errors, please share them with us. We’ll be glad to receive your suggestions. Furthermore, subscribe to the Innovana blog, if you find our blogs helpful.