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This package installs the USB 2.0 PC Camera Driver for Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) and XP on ThinkCentre M70z and M90z systems. The Alaris PK syringe pump user interface has been developed in cooperation with leading European anaesthesiologists. Set up is the same every time and very easy to use. Unnecessary features can be disabled. Only relevant information is shown. All set up parameters are displayed on one screen. EchoMaster PCAM-BS1-N Flexible Housing Self-Adhesive Blind Spot Camera with 80 Degree Viewing Angle. Brand New Driver Left Side Tail Rear Light Lamp Assembly fit.

  1. Pcan Driver For Windows 10
  2. Pcan Driver Raspberry Pi
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A camera minidriver's CamConfigureEx callback function configures the isochronous streaming interface.




Pointer to the camera minidriver's device object created by the USB hub.


Pointer to the camera minidriver's device context.


Pointer to the USBD_INTERFACE_INFORMATION structure initialized with the proper values for a SELECT_INTERFACE URB request. This interface structure corresponds to a single isochronous interface on the device.


Pointer to the USB_CONFIGURATION_DESCRIPTOR for this device.


Specifies the number of elements in the PipeConfig array.



Pointer to a USBCAMD_Pipe_Config_Descriptor array describing the association between pipes and streams.


Pointer to the USB_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR for this device.

Return value

CamConfigureEx returns STATUS_SUCCESS or an appropriate error code.


Camera minidrivers use CamConfigureEx to inform USBCAMD about the relationship between discovered pipes and streams.


USBCAMD calls the CamConfigureEx callback function to configure the isochronous streaming interface. After this function returns, USBCAMD can be notified of which interface and which alternate setting within the USB video streaming interface to use for the idle state.

Pcan Driver For Windows 10

USBCAMD requires that the camera must have a single USB configuration description, and all alternate settings within the USB video streaming interface must have the same number and type of pipes.


The original USBCAMD does not call CamConfigureEx.

This function is required.

Pcan Driver Raspberry Pi


Target PlatformDesktop
Headerusbcamdi.h (include Usbcamdi.h)

Pcam Drivers License

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