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By Rob O’Brien

The Attorney-General has launched a new emergency alert system in Victoria capable of sending 300 text messages a second and 1,000 voice messages a minute.

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Attorney-General, Robert McClelland and the Victorian Police and Emergency Services Minister, Bob Cameron launched the national telephone-based emergency warning system, ‘Emergency Alert’ at the Victorian State Control Centre.

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The system will help warn the public in the event of a major emergency, and will add to a range of measures including television and radio alerts, public address systems, doorknocking, sirens, signage and the internet.

However, technological gaps currently limit the system to sending alerts to mobile phones based on the billing address, rather than where the handset is at the time of the emergency.

The Commonwealth has provided $1.35 million to conduct research to determine how warnings can instead be delivered to mobile phones based on their physical location.

Under the emergency alert system, warning alerts will be sent by recorded voice and text to landline and mobile phones based on an owner’s billing address.
Mr McClelland said that the Australian Government has contributed $26 million to the development of a new national warning system, including $15.65 million to the development of ‘Emergency Alert’.
“The Australian Government welcomes the commitment of the states and territories to the ongoing operation of the system,” he said.
“This new system has been developed through national collaboration and provides for consistency and interoperability across our borders.”

Mr Cameron said that Emergency Alert went live on Tuesday night and can deliver up to 1,000 voice messages a minute to landlines and 300 text messages a second to mobiles.

“This is an additional warning mechanism available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the case of an emergency. It can swiftly reach a large number of people in a targeted manner,” Mr Cameron said.

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Both Mr McClelland and Mr Cameron warned that it was common sense to not rely solely on receiving a warning and highlighted the need for everyone in the community to take action to prepare for and respond to emergency situations.
Victoria released a Request for Information seeking market advice on the feasibility of providing emergency warnings to mobile handsets based on location in August.
The feedback from this process will inform a report to the Council of Australian Governments in the first quarter of 2010.

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We’ve been slowly working our way through Creatives products, primarily focusing on PC items but also dipping into their mobile and console compatible items too. Given there has been so much we felt it worthwhile bringing it all into one place for you to see. Welcome to our Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up.

If you want more info on each product then you can click the links through to the full reviews…but before we begin it’s also worth noting that we offer a great set of custom drivers for Creative sound cards. Designed by Robert McClelland to offer a great alternate experience to the stock Creative drivers they also contain tweaks which optimise for maximum performance and can also resolve bugs found in other versions. You can find download links over here, or chat to Rob about them on our Forum.

Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up – The E5

Let’s start this round-up with the item which was without doubt our favourite audio product of 2015 so far, the Sound Blaster E5. A high quality amp, it can even charge your phone! Review Link.

“So what about the listening experience? Overall, hugely impressive. If you have a high end sound card in your PC, the E5 will compete fairly well however it really comes into its own for those on standard audio, and those who use their systems on the move. Whether that be laptop or smartphone. Laptop users get what is essentially a high end audio experience in a device which is barely bigger than a phone and only takes up a single USB port (dual headphone outputs is a real bonus for those who want to share audio while travelling). Smartphone users will find themselves in a different audio world using the E5 and any sort of half decent headphones. The E5 pumps out a nice neutral, warm sound which leans a little towards the bass end of the spectrum when we use it without any of the enhanced audio features. With the Sound Blaster Tech enabled, even at a basic level Bass becomes more prominent but not to the detriment of the mids and highs. There is a lot of detail present in our audio, regardless of the profile and we noted no significant distortion or electrical noise, regardless of the in-ears or headphones used.”

Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up – The ZxR

Now something a little more normal… well we say normal but really the ZxR takes your standard PC sound card and as well as offering excellent audio quality, they throw in so many extra features it ends up being far from the norm. Take that pod above, that allows you to power two sets of headphones from the card at the same time! Review Link.

“the ZxR oozes quality. In music playback the sound is spectacular, regardless of the audio genre. Wide, detailed soundscape. Loads of bass, no distortion of note and great separation across the range. It really is one of those cards which allows you to hear your music in a new, more detailed way when compared to the vast majority of PC audio solutions. In gaming and movies the sound was immersive, very realistic and with plenty of power when required. Scout mode also works well, allowing us to pick out sounds such as enemy movement more easily than normal.”

And don’t forget, you can get PAX Drivers for this card.

Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up – Tactic3D Rage Wireless V2

Got a PC/Mac and a PS4? Then the not particularly snappily named Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage Wireless V2 could be the item for you. Review Link.

Robert Mcclelland Lexington Ky

“Setup of the headset is fairly easy. The two components are paired at the factory so we plug in and thats pretty much it. They can be manually re-paired by holding down the button on the dongle and the mute button on the headset. For PS4 owners thats about it, we have virtual surround and wireless communication. The headset can be charged while in use and lasts around 15 hours… for the PC/Mac users the option is available to download the control panel (and any firmware updates). The control panel will be familiar to anyone who has used a recent Creative product and is intuitive to use while also providing us plenty of control.

Pax by robert mcclelland mobile phones for cash

As far as performance goes, for the target audience of gamers, there is a lot to like about the Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage Wireless V2… even if the name is a bit crazy… it offers loads of bass for explosions while detail is there in the more discrete sounds. Scout mode has its uses and the virtual surround works well…”

Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up – X7

Like the idea of the ZxR but don’t want to open your PC to install it? Or fancy the cool bluetooth/NFC functions of the E5 but really wouldn’t carry it around with you. Then the X7 gives you the best of both products in one cool package. Review Link.

“On the performance front the X7 excels. The choice of components used by Creative is excellent with the pre-installed Op-Amps providing a clean, warm sound with exceptional detail. These can of course be easily swapped out by accessing the panel on the base and the experience tweaked for your needs. Outwith that the sound quality will be determined by the users audio devices. Be safe in the knowledge though that, especially in the gaming peripheral arena, the X7 will ensure that your audio experience is class leading. It is also worth noting nice little options like being able to game and then quickly tap the control panel on a tablet or phone to tweak settings without needing to exit what we are playing.”

Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up – Roar 2

A common aspect of recent Creative products has been their wide range of functions and the ROAR 2 continues that. Yes it is a bluetooth speaker but its so much more too… including a voice recorder and portable battery. Review Link.

“From a purely geeky point of view one of the highlights of the product appearance is the side panels as watching them vibrate with the bass is cool. The Roar 2 is much more than just some fun, retro styling though and on the connectivity front it offers a lot. We’ve got PC, Mac, smartphone/mobile device, aux and PS4 connectivity… playback from SD card, voice recording, call functionality all built in and then even quirky little extras like bedtime mode which will gradually reduce audio levels and turn off after up to 30mins. Or the ability to charge our phone/tablet from the device if needed. “

Creative Sound Blaster Round-Up – Draco HS880 and Jam

Our final items for this roundup fall into two categories… the first is the Draco HS880 which is a fairly standard but good quality headset. Plug it in and go. Ideal for a gamer who doesn’t need any fancy features. You can read about it here.

And finally, its the Creative Sound Blaster Jam. We’ve not actually reviewed this but have been playing about with it over the last while. What is it? It’s a lightweight on ear wireless headset for PC/Mac and Smartphone (Android/iOS). It uses bluetooth and NFC with a talk/play time of 12 hours and has buttons built in for answering calls or controlling playback. To us, it solves a great problem…kids. We’ve lost count of how many headsets our children have gone through, mainly because of the wire/connector being broken rather than the headset itself. Connect this up to their tablet/PC and you should be good to go for significantly longer… just remember to have them charge it every so often!

Just one more thing…

If you want to win a Sound Blaster Roar 2, check out our competition over here.