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Take advantage of read and write access without having to reform your external drives, both on Windows and macOS. View Support Information Download for Windows DOWNLOAD FOR BIG SUR OR LATER DOWNLOAD FOR MAC 10.10 - 10.15 Download for Mac (10.6-10.9). This package provides AMD Radeon HD 8490,HD 8570,HD 7470,HD 7570 Graphics Driver and is supported on OptiPlex 3010/3020/9020/XE2 and Vostro 3800/3900/3900G/3902 running the following Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Installing your Brother printer driver and keeping it updated is refreshingly simple. Most of the time, print drivers install automatically with your device. If there are any updates or new features or bug fixes available, you can download them easily from the Brother website. Just follow the simple instructions and you’ll be all set. However, although BarTender will work with any properly written Windows driver, using Drivers by Seagull and BarTender together offers a variety of special performance advantages. Download Version: 2020.4. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Downloading the latest Driver releases helps resolve driver conflicts and improve your computer’s stability and performance.Updates are recommended for all Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 users.

The Windows Hardware Compatibility Program (for Windows 10) and the Windows Hardware Certification Program (for Windows 8/8.1 and older operating systems) enable you to design, create, and test your hardware and drivers before you submit the final version through the Partner Center. For more information, see the Windows hardware certification page. By certifying your hardware device, system, and drivers for Windows, you gain the support of Microsoft marketing resources in the form of compatibility and reliability listings, logo artwork, and promotional partnerships.

To develop your device, download the Windows Driver Kit (WDK).

To test your device, download the Windows Hardware Lab Kit (Windows HLK) for Windows 10.

After you develop and test your product, you can submit the results with a hardware submission.


We strongly encourage you to include public driver symbols as part your HLK package. See Public Symbols and Private Symbols to learn how to create public symbols. See Step 8: Create a submission package to learn how to include symbols with your package. Note that any .pdb files in your submission will be removed before being published.

  • To submit an HLK or HCK package, see Create a new hardware submission.

  • To submit a WLK package, see Create a new WLK device certification submission for more information.

Drivers summary page

The Drivers summary page contains a list of all hardware certification submissions that you have created or are shared with you. You can create a new hardware submission by selecting the Create new driver button.

The hardware certification submission list displays the following information about each submission:



The ID of the driver.


The name specified in Driver name during the submission creation process.


The current state of the submission. Possible values are:

  • Package acceptance: Your submission package has passed initial screening for proper formatting and contents.
  • Preparation: We’re preparing your package for further review and signing.
  • Validation: We’re validating your package for policy compliance and technical correctness.
  • Manual review: We weren’t able to automatically validate the contents of your package, so someone at Microsoft is taking a closer look.
  • Catalog creation: We’re creating the security catalog for your driver.
  • Sign: We’re applying Microsoft’s signature to your security catalog and binaries.
  • Finalize: We’re finishing up and your driver will be ready soon.
  • Completed: Your submission is complete.

Certification type

The certification type for your submission. This can be either HLK or HCK.

Created date

The date the driver was added to your account, either by you or by someone sharing the driver with you.


Your permission for the submission. Possible values are:

  • Author: Author of the driver. You can complete all tasks and share the driver with partners.
  • Publisher: The driver is shared with you. You can download the driver, create Windows Update shipping labels, and create DUA packages. You can't share the driver with additional companies.
  • Read-only: The driver was submitted to Windows Update on your behalf. You can see the driver details, download the driver, and view the shipping label that was submitted on your behalf. You can't create shipping labels or create DUA packages.


The author (shown as the organization name) of the submission.

The search box allows you to search for a specific submission or set of submissions. You can search for exact or partial matches for the values in the ID, Name, State, and Certification type columns.

Hardware submission page

A hardware submission page contains information about a specific hardware submission, including status, packages, certification info, and shipping labels. For information about how to create a hardware submission, see Create a new hardware submission.

The left side of the page contains a list of the 10 most recently viewed submissions.

You can monitor the progress of your submission with the progress tracker at the top of the page. Once all steps show a green check, the submission is complete and your company will receive a notification.

Partner Driver Download For Windows

Packages and signing properties

This section shows you how to manage your packages.

Select Upload new to upload a new package.

Select Download DUA shell to download the DUA shell package. For information about how to update a submission using DUA, see Manage hardware submissions.

The uploaded package list displays your uploaded packages for this submission. Select the caret to expand a package. This shows you the submission ID and allows you to select Download package to download the package.

Additional certifications displays any chosen additional certifications.


Partner Driver Download For Windows Xp

This section displays certification information. Select See more info to expand this section. You can review the certification information you provided, which includes the following:


Retpoline Compiled

Indicates whether or not your driver was compiled with the Retpoline flag. A Check mark = True and an X = False. For more information about this change see our blog post.

Is this a Universal Windows driver?

Indicates whether or not your driver meets the Universal Windows Platform requirements. For more information, see Getting Started with Universal Windows drivers.

What type of device?

Indicates that your device is:

  • An internal component, if your device is part of a system and connects inside the PC.

  • An external component, if your device is an external device (peripheral) that connects to a PC.

  • Both, if your device can be connected internally (inside a PC) and externally (peripheral).

Select metadata category

The device metadata category you selected.

If needed, you can generate a Sysdev reference ID that allows you to link up Dev Center hardware submissions with Sysdev Device Metadata submissions.

Announcement date

The date when you want your product included on the Windows Server Catalog, the Windows Certified Product List, and the Universal Driver List. The default setting is Today.

Marketing names

Your marketing name(s). Marketing names allow you to provide aliases for your product. You can provide as many names as you want.

Submissions are automatically assigned Declarative and Universal attributes based off the entire submission contents. If you want a submission to be marked as Declarative=True and/or Universal=True, all files and INFs within the submission must be compliant with the appropriate attribute(s). For example, a merged HLK package can contain two driver sets for different OS certifiations. If one set is Declarative and another set is not, the entire submission would be marked as Declarative=False. INF only packages will have Universal greyed out as there are no binaries to validate. Each set should be separated into two submissions to ensure they are marked appropriately.

If you want to add or update your announcement date, use the Announcement date (UTC) field and select Submit.

You can also add or remove marketing names. To add a name, enter it in the Marketing name text box and select Add. To remove a name, select the red X button next to the marketing name you want to remove. You can also add multiple names at once by selecting Add multiple names. When you are finished, select Submit.

Partner driver download for windows 8.1


This section displays shipping label information for this submission. For information about how to use shipping labels, see the Manage driver distribution with shipping labels section.

Select New shipping label to create a new shipping label.

Select Publish all pending to publish all shipping labels that are not yet published.

The shipping label list displays the shipping labels for this submission. This list includes shipping labels you created, and partner shipping labels for your shared driver. Select the shipping label name to see details for that shipping label. The shipping label list displays the following information about each label:



The shipping label name. Select this name to see details for the shipping label.


The Publisher display name of the shipping label creator. This allows you to easily keep track of which business partners sent you drivers.


For a Windows Update shipping label, the destination is 'Windows Update'.

For a shared driver, the destination is the Publisher display name of the company you selected for Who is publishing? when you created the shipping label. This allows you to easily see all companies that you have shared your driver with.

Created date

The creation date of the shipping label.

Release date

The release date of the shipping label.

User created

If the shipping label was created by your company, you will see the details of the user who created the shipping label. This allows you to follow up if you have any questions about the creation. This field is not applicable if another company created the label.

User changed

If the shipping label was created by your company, you will see the details of the user who last modified the shipping label. This allows you to follow up if you have any questions about the changes. This field is not applicable if another company created the label.

The status graphic displays the publish status for each shipping label. A green check means the label has been published. A yellow circle means the label is not published yet.

In this section

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In the event the driver is obsolete, you need to upgrade it. It’s not unusual to see young motorists underestimating the exact actual dangers on the street. Most of the time, the incorrect driver will not operate in any way. Huawei e303 drivers for windows 10 is a significant part to get a fantastic many android devices which enables you to easily connect any android device or tablet during your computer or laptop.

There are two kinds of Huawei P10 USB walkers out there for download. If you would like to use mobile broadband a lot, a greater limitation is critical. In order to obtain online on internet you are in need of a modem. Try to get the web to ascertain if your modem was discovered. Check to find out whether the modem is detected. Unlocked and unbranded modems might also be found from independent suppliers. At the exact same moment, many portable modems are quite simple to connect one to the area of Internet.

Only the normal USB dongle is readily available for prepaid connections. A Flash Drive is a little electronic device which is capable of holding mass quantities of information. To stop future issues, Huawei e303 drivers Restore backs up your current drivers and configurations to make a restore point in order that in the event that you come across a similar issue later on, you get a simple solution ready. Or you can ask for a driver and we’ll locate it for you. Without the right drivers that the hardware or software program can’t operate correctly. Permit the mobile phone and battery dry in a location where the device will not become moist. Normally each device has to have a driver written for the particular variant of this operating system you’re using. Before you commence rooting your apparatus, you need to do a few preparations to guarantee that the higher success rate of rooting.

Partner Driver Download For Windows 10

Opt for the one which is working for you in addition to your device. For Mac, it’s quite simple to join your own Android apparatus and begin transferring content readily to it. Presently, there are a whole lot of special platforms where blockchain-based architectures for distribution chains have started to come to life. Restart your computer and you’ll become aware of your Apparatus listing under Android Phone. To acquire the most recent Huawei driver, including Windows 10 drivers, you can select from a list of the vast majority of favorite Huawei e303 drivers updates. If you’re in search of a remedy to restore lost files on Huawei P10, you’re in the most acceptable location. Click the file types you wish to recuperate and click Next. Just pay a visit to the makers website and check beneath the support department to find out whether there are newer driver files out there. So, it’s always far better to keep up a copy of latest Huawei Hilink modem dongle. Don’t be concerned if it throws errors.

Partner Driver Download For Windows 8.1

Consequently, if you get any errors while installing, then get in contact with their support team. Several things may lead to driver troubles. If not then you must clear each of the dependencies issue or another matter. There is an assortment of issues why your computer isn’t detecting the modem. In the event you have some question about using our product, please do not be afraid to speak to us. So usually the best way to take care of hardware difficulties and install Huawei drivers is by way of the Device Manager.