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Submicronic contaminants in compressed air systems plug orifices of sensitive pneumatic instrumentation, wear out seals, erode system components, reduce the absorptive capacity of desiccant air/gas dehydrators, foul heat transfer surfaces, reduce air tool efficiency, and damage finished products. The results include product rejects, lost production time and increased maintenance expense. For example, trace amounts of submicronic oil can cause serious fish eye blemishing in automotive finishing operations. Water left in air lines can freeze during exposure to cold temperatures, blocking flow or rupturing pipes. Compressor lubricant not captured in a coalescing filter will eventually collect in pneumatic components, causing premature component failure, requiring repair or replacement. Environmental concerns will be raised if oily, compressed air is continually discharge into the atmosphere through a pneumatic muffler.

Expansion IO: Parker I/O: FAQ: Controller Cables & Drawings: FAQ: VM25 Breakout: Contact Us: [email protected]: [email protected]: TEL: (707) 584 7558 or (800) 358 9070: FAX: (707) 584-3793: IPS Structural Aluminum TEL: (330) 335 6740 (800) 333 4932 FAX: (330) 334 2350. Are subject to change by Parker Hannifin Corporation and its subsidiaries at any time without notice. Wiring diagram Installation USB-DLA USB-DLA laptop PC HY33-5010-IS/US Ed. 05/2017 For further information see: HY33-5010-IB/US User Guide USB-DLA 60 80 100 125 20 0-20-40-40 - +85°C 40 WARNING IS-USBDLA-201705-03 CAUTION. Do this every time the device appears on a new USB port (e.g., if you attach the USB DLA to a new hub, Windows will want to install the driver for each port on the hub). The USB drivers are loaded like any other USB device. Select Install the software automatically (Recommended) and click Next. Windows loads the drivers for the USB DLA,.

Finite’s HX-Series Offers...

  • Coalescing, bulk liquid removal, particulate and absorption filter elements

  • Optional differential pressure gauge, an auto-drain, or manual drain

  • Temperature to 212 degree F

  • Pressurers to 290 PSIG

  • Connection sizes from 1/4” to 3” NPT

  • Flows from 15 to 1300 SCFM

Why Use Finite Filters…

Numerous Element Types: special UNI-CAST formed elements and our deep bed pleated elements provide lower pressure drop and less frequent changeouts, saving you time and money.

HX Meets Your Needs: The HX-Series offers 630 different filter/element variations to meet your application requirement.

OEM Capabilities: When you need a special filter for a unique application, Finite filter experts are ready to work with you. We can tailor a configuration to meet your special need from the wide variety of filter media available. In addition, with LEAN manufacturing, we can produce specials in reasonable quantities, in a reasonable amount of time, at a reasonable price. Not only will this enhance the performance of your product, but it will benefit you with aftermarket sales of replacement elements.

HX-Series by the numbers...

  • 18 filter housing sizes

  • 90 filter element types and sizes

  • 10 connection sizes

  • 9 filtration media choices: From bulk water separators to 99.995% efficient coalescers

  • 2 unique nanofiber coalescing media technologies available, our time-tested UNI-CAST formulation as well as a deep bed pleated nanofiber choice

  • 1,000,000’s of borosilicate glass nanofibers utilized in each coalescing element made

Parker announces the updates made to their IPX/IPC 10” and 17” PowerStations. Beginning on July 26, 2013, they will be shipping the 10” and 17” PowerStations with LED backlights. The resolution for the 10” and 17” PowerStations will remain the same. Users will notice the following product enhancements: a brighter screen, lower power consumption resulting in a more energy efficient PowerStation, and longer backlight life. The chart below shows the list of PowerStations that contain LED backlights as a standard:

Display Size/PowerStation:

  • 8” XPR2/XPC2
  • EPX2
  • PA2
  • 10” XPR2/XPC2
  • EPX2
  • PA2
  • 17” IPX/IPC

Take Full Advantage of the Web for HMI Design, Publishing, Runtime and Support.

This new, affordable Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solution fully leverages the wide availability of web browsing software to enable distributed HMI software, remote support and application sharing on the Internet and IP Networks Interact Xpress HMI applications are developed, edited, published and run in an HMI that is a Web Server, allowing users and OEMs to easily publish upgrades and applications to any global location with an Internet connection and a web browser. Interact Xpress combines a rich, graphical runtime interface with HMI development tools that can be accessed from either the HMI panel or any PC running Internet Explorer®.

Interact Xpress Features

  • Sophisticated graphics look and feel with ease of development
  • Integrated Web Publishing capability for distributed applications
  • No version control issues with Web published development.
  • Applications can be served, created and edited online from any PC with Internet Explorer.
  • Available offline, development software allows work on applications when a live Internet connection is not available.
  • Advanced security for single or multi-user applications
  • Tools for historical alarm data
  • Capacity for complex graphics and animations
  • Standard Ethernet port for both networking and controller communications
  • More than 35 device communication drivers
  • Unlimited tags
  • Color depth to 262,144 colors
  • XPR PowerStation industrially-hardened hardware with steel backshell construction
  • Industry-leading 2-year warranty

Simplify and Cost-Reduce Your Distributed HMI Applications

Interact Xpress™ software is a revolutionary product that takes full advantage of the Internet and the wide availability of web browsers to design, publish, run and support your Human-Machine Interface (HMI) applications without sophisticated Windows-based software and hardware.

  • Optimized runtime client performance using Adobe Flash technology
  • Bundled with the new, CE-based CTC XPR PowerStations
  • Unlimited tags included
  • 35+ device communication drivers included
  • Affordable HMI for multi-site, multi-station and standalone machines, particularly when remote control, monitoring and support are desirable
  • Supervisory stations created by simply publishing the local HMI screens to supervisory software or a simple Web browser
  • Integrated development environment where applications can be designed and edited on the runtime system
  • HMI designer/editor supports multiple runtime versions, easing version control management headaches
  • Easy, object-based screen development using a “Tool Bin” of preconfigured panels tools and “drag and drop” editing
  • Panel Tools include: pushbuttons, numeric entry, selection entry, numeric displays, bar graphs, meters, gauges, sliders, message displays, time/date display and more
  • 3-D, shaded panel tool graphic are available in multiple styles with no additional work.
  • Includes an Integrated Graphics Library
  • Jpeg (.jpg) and Flash (.swf) image support
  • Complex animation capabilities and video support
  • Web link support
  • Preconfigured Alarm tool with automatic collection of Historical Alarm data
  • Integrated Tag Editor with “drag and drop” tools and import/export to Excel and other software packages
  • Development software for offline design/editing supports Windows®2000 and Windows® XP operating systems

Feature-Rich Runtime Operation:

Parker Hannifin USB devices driver
  • Runs on CTC’s new, XPR PowerStations – available with 6”, 8” and 10” touchscreen displays and CompactFlash non-rotating storage media
  • Hardware/software integration optimizes performance, storage and connectivity
  • Rich, graphical runtime interface that is scalable to various screen sizes
  • Runs sophisticated graphics, animations and video to enhance the operator experience
  • Built-in networking, publishing and web browsing from any operator station
  • Advanced security tools support single and multi-user applications, as well as integrated development from operator interface

Advanced Networking and Web Publishing:

Interact Xpress provides industry-leading Web publishing and multiple client support in a very affordable Distributed HMI package . . .

  • Supports local or remote development - no version control issues or online development costs
  • OEMs can easily publish upgrades and applications, using a client/server approach, to any global location with an Internet of IP connection.
  • Publishes station-level runtime screens in supervisory level software via Internet browser tools – with no preset limit on connections!

Ready for Global Remote Support:

By far, the most cost-effective way to support machinery installations or remote stations across geographical distances is via the Internet or other IP connections. Xpress makes it easier than ever to develop, edit, monitor, diagnose, share and control machine applications online, whether working in real time or downloading/uploading files for local installation . . .

  • Remote Maintenance and sharing of applications available over the Web – reduces support costs
  • Local or Remote Monitoring can be accomplished via the same process.
  • Web-enabled architecture eases implementation of remote diagnostics and support on a global scale.

HMI Power and Connectivity In a Durable, Affordable Package

Interact Xpress software is pre-installed and bundled with CTC’s new XPR PowerStation hardware, which is designed to optimize the performance, storage and connectivity features of Xpress HMI. This NEMA4/4X-rated family of CE-based workstations is available with 6”, 8” and 10” TFT touchscreen display models, embedded fanless CPU technology, 256MB DRAM and a full range of standard features such as CompactFlash storage, 2 USB ports, 2 RS-232 and RS-232/422/485 ports and a 100BaseT Ethernet port.
With standard 128 MB CompactFlash storage, XPR models use non-rotating storage media for high system reliability. And like all CTC Powerstations, these units are quality tested to endure more harsh conditions in a day than most operator stations see in a lifetime. That’s why we’re able to offer an industry-leading, 2-year limited warranty with free phonebased technical support for all of our products.

XPR PowerStations offer durability and no moving parts, to complement Xpress software in providing a high-value, Distributed HMI solution.

Interact Xpress includes nearly 40 bundled communication drivers for major PLC and motion control manufacturers. The following drivers are an integrated part of the Interact Xpress COMM Server. The drivers are provided, at no additional cost, with each development and runtime system. Here are compatible Xpress Drivers.

For more information, click here forCTC Parker's Interact Xpress Platform.

Parker's Xpress PAC system brings additional dimension and flexibility to traditional programmable automation controllers

Parker's new Xpress PAC products include the ACR9600 Xpress family of programmable automation controllers, the Aires EPL Xpress drives and our Interact Xpress HMI. These products work together by sharing critical development environment elements, sharing data between products, and via intelligent re-use of project components.

Parker Hannifin Usb Devices Driver Free

The ACR9600 Xpress family supports an intuitive IEC 61131 development environment, tight integration with our Interact Xpress HMI, and simplified integration and commissioning with our Aries EPL Xpress drive solutions.

Put the unrivaled power of Parker's Xpress PAC system to work for you! Click on the link for more information or pricing on Parker’s new Xpress PAC products.

CTC Parker Hannifin is pleased to announce the formal release and immediate availability of the latest update to our popular PA PowerStation family: The PA2 family.

PA2 Series units have been designed as drop in replacements for the current PA units and have been priced to make conversions easy. The current PA family will be obsoleted and the final PA shipments will occur on or before September 2, 2010.

The PA2 family PowerStations extend beyond the capabilities of the PA family with new improved CPU’s, more memory and TFT displays for all models. We’ve also added a new, no-display unit (the PA200V-133) that will help you in applications where a remote display is desired. Finally, the PA2 family now includes a full VGA 6” class unit, the PA206V-133 --- which offers a TFT display at full VGA resolution, and is the perfect choice for replacing existing PA08 STN applications.

The PA2 family is being released in parallel with the latest version of Interact – version 7.0 and all PA2’s will ship with Interact version 7.0 pre-installed.

***Please note that PA2 PowerStations REQUIRE Interact version 7.0 to operate and an upgrade of existing development systems would be necessary***

For more information, here is the PA2 Brochure. Click on a link for pricing on the CTC Parker PA2 Series or to puchase the PA206V-133 or PA200V-133.

Parker Hannifin is the world’s leading manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems. Today, you experience Parker technologies on virtually everything that moves. The U.S. company was founded in 1918 by Arthur L. Parker and today employs more than 62,000 people in 48 countries. With its expertise in hydraulics, pneumatics, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas handling, climate control, process control, sealing and EMI shielding technologies, Parker offers comprehensive expertise from a single source – and the broadest range of products and systems in the motion and control industry.

Working with Parker implies not only the access to the best products for motion and control applications but also premier customer service which combines global availability with local presence. Based on partnership Parker creates system solutions to increase their customers’ profitability – anywhere and any time. The Sales and Service Centre in Kaarst is the customer’s single point of contact. All activities connected with the supply of components and systems to the point of assembly on site, as well as the maintenance and repair are coordinated by the Sales and Service Centre.

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The global network of Parker distributors and ParkerStores guarantees that maintenance and replacement solutions are at one’s disposal everywhere at short notice. In Germany alone there are more than 90 ParkerStores offering superior support and professional service through fully trained distributors. Further, the mobile emergency hose repair and replacement service HoseDoctor® is on call 24 hours a day and helps to reduce downtime and keep operating costs to a minimum. For major projects, such as road or tunnel construction, the transportable workshop ParkerStore Container provides on site maintenance and product support. Thus, Parker offers their customers optimal profitability in all project phases – from the planning right through to maintenance.

SensoControl® is the brand name for Parker diagnostic products. Proven products such as the “ServiceJunior”, “ServiceJunior wireless”, “Serviceman” and the “ServiceMaster EASY” successfully cover the requirements of the measurement, display and storage market segment. With “The Parker ServiceMaster Plus”, the range of performance has become even more extensive. This high-end instrument which is innovative and unique features is aimed at the future and its available worldwide.


The features of this measuring device are:

Parker Hannifin Usb Devices Drivers

  • Analogue, CAN,LAN and USB interfaces
  • Measured value presentation: numerical, bar graph, pointer and curve graph
  • Measurement and display of more than 50 channels
  • Measurement data are automatically displayed, stored and directly analysed with the proven SensoWin®
  • PC software
  • Extensive choice of trigger methods
  • Remote monitoring via LAN, regardless of location
  • Everything is measured, stored, monitored and analysed – pressure, temperature, flow and rotary speed
  • Up to 4 million measured values per measurement. Total measured value storage for more than 1 billion measured values