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Predictive maintenance is essential to maintaining the value and the long-term, reliable function of expensive machinery and systems. This can be easier said than done. Systems, equipment, and machinery in industry and mobile hydraulics often have complex designs due to increasing requirements, and error analysis can quickly become extremely costly and time-consuming. Parker SensoControl has the solution to these issues, with its broad range of sensors, measurement connections, and different measurement devices.


Have to cancel this driver installation and Windows™ may ignore the device the next time it is plugged in. The software installation is done in three parts: 1. Install the USB-DLA drivers on your PC. Plug in the DLA and let the PC recognize the device and load the USB drivers. Install the applications. Installing the USB drivers. Parker Hannifin Corp. SSD Drives Division 9225 Forsyth Park Dr. Charlotte, NC 28273. Phone: (704)588-3246 Click here for SSD Drives contact information. Parker SSD Drives offers a wide variety of communications protocols and standards across multiple product lines.


Despite the hard work equipment can do, the inner electronics and components can be rendered useless by pressure spikes, flow surges, and temperature changes. Such things can go unnoticed by operators who monitor their equipment and systems with conventional mechanical measuring devices. Being able to effectively monitor equipment systems and diagnose issues before they become problems can help alleviate costly downtime and prevent damage to expensive equipment. The SensoControl products give end users an edge in downtime prevention with a full complement of condition monitoring and diagnostic equipment that is ideal for individual components or entire systems.

  • Are subject to change by Parker Hannifin Corporation and its subsidiaries at any time without notice. Wiring diagram Installation USB-DLA USB-DLA laptop PC HY33-5010-IS/US Ed. 05/2017 For further information see: HY33-5010-IB/US User Guide USB-DLA 60 80 100 125 20 0-20-40-40 - +85°C 40 WARNING IS-USBDLA-201705-03 CAUTION.
  • The CT-USB-CABLE allows you to plug a USB cable into your computer to be able to communicate with the Unidrive M family and the Unidrive SP and Commander SK. Has a USB to RS485 adapter built into the cable for easy communication with the Nidec Control Techniques product line.

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Effectively monitor equipment systems

The new Parker Service Master CONNECT fulfills the demand for faster, simpler, and more precise diagnostics. Quickly and easily recording measurement data, the Parker Service Master CONNECT is a diagnostic device used to measure pressure, temperature, flow rate, speed, and frequency that differs from other measurement devices in many ways. At first glance, its compact design and 7” anti-glare display make it very similar to a tablet. Its lighting and high resolution allow users to read measurement data without errors, even in dark working environments. At a weight of less than 2 kg, it is also easy to handle.

Rugged design: The measurement device is equipped with a rugged, oil-resistant, cover, and designed in accordance with protection code IP65. This means the CONNECT is securely protected against impacts, moisture, and dirt, making it a great choice for measurement tasks in rough conditions, such as those involved in mobile hydraulics.

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Reliable operation: Added tactile keys ensure the measurement device is easy to operate, even under difficult conditions such as vibrations and shocks. The 3 mm thick touch screen can even be operated while wearing gloves and responds quickly and reliably to finger movements. Icons on the control panel are clearly designed to guide users intuitively through different functions.

What makes the device useful?

What kind of technology does The Parker Service Master CONNECT offer under its rugged shell? What makes this device such a useful tool for users?

Customer-specific equipment solutions: The Parker SensoControl integrates individually exchangeable measurement modules, allowing the device to be used in almost any testing situation and offering the user outstanding flexibility. The “CONNECT” also has variable measurement inputs, broadening the “playing field” for many different tests: Parker analog and CAN sensors with automatic sensor detection, analog sensors, SAEJ-1939, CANopen, frequency, and digital inputs and outputs.

Multiple data recording methods: Data from up to 100 different channels is recorded automatically, collected in a large, internal measurement value memory, and can then be analyzed immediately on a PC using SensoWin analytic software. Multiple data recording methods can be used, from the start/stop, data logger with circular buffer, point measurement via trigger and trigger logic, to fast measurement. USB interfaces allow the device to be connected to other components, such as bulk storage.

Unique ways to present recorded measurement data: Users can display either numerically or using bar graphs, indicators, or curves. If necessary, screenshots can be made and processed at the touch of a button. Another benefit of the “CONNECT” is its intuitive user interface, which can be expanded with customer-specific tools via software applications.

Remote monitoring and operation: Supported by a LAN, WLAN, or USB interface. Firmware can be easily updated via USB. The new CONNECT measurement device is multifunctional and can process not only measurement data, but also templates and media data such as instructions, service schedules, etc.

Flexible and versatile: The Parker Service Master CONNECT has exchangeable input modules. In addition to a CAN module with two separate CAN Bus networks, the CONNECT also offers 2 analog input modules (with and without galvanic isolation) to connect Parker sensors with sensor detection, as well as the option of connecting external sensors – including with high-speed functions.

Parker Hannifin Usb Devices Drivers


The concept of The Parker Service Master CONNECT makes it more like a PC than a measurement device. It can be used to store not only measured data, but also project templates, images, maintenance plans, and schematic diagrams. Missing data can be stored on the CONNECT from the company network. This saves service technicians time and improves communication between colleagues since all key machinery data is stored on the CONNECT.

Parker Hannifin USB Devices Driver

For more information, visit our Service Master CONNECT promosite and wach the video, or contact us.

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This article was contributed by Georg Kälble, manager marketing service, Parker Hannifin Corporation's High-Pressure Connectors Europe.

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