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Formerly known as Panda Internet Security, Panda Dome Advanced belongs to a security suite meant to tend to all the aspects of your interaction with your Windows computer, both offline and online. One of the most useful tools in this regard is Panda USB Vaccine, a program that doesn't remove the malicious files, but acts to protect the computer and flash memory drives that can be used to. Drivers are little projects that enable programming and equipment to speak with each other. Microsoft incorporates a group of 'regularly utilized' drivers with XP and Vista. They simply lounge around in an envelope not doing anything until the point that you endeavor to utilize something (like a printer) or accomplish something (like remotely.

PandaBased on the inaccurate information provided by moderator Darth PandaSecurity and the wrongful locking of the original topic, I will have to open a new one and set the record straight.
Below is quoted the last reply from the original topic, before it was locked:

Panda Security Drivers

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Darth Panda wrote: ↑Hi lmp,
It was implemented a new version to solve the issue. That version included modifications in the antivirus drivers and in the way they work.
As it turns out, this is inaccurate information.

Panda Internet Security Driver Download

A few hours ago I uninstalled Panda Endpoint Protection from a server where a 'fixed' NNSNAHSL.SYS driver was installed a year ago, just to reboot, reinstall, reboot again, and find out that by default the latest version still leaks memory when using Winpcap to sniff network traffic. So far I haven't bothered to check which version or driver is causing it, I suppose it is still NNSNAHSL.SYS, and apparently no one at Panda gives a crap about this, so there's that. At the moment I'm reapplying the year old 'fix' just to get by, hoping to stay 'safe'.