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Palodex Group Oy designs, manufactures, sells and markets high-quality dentomaxillofacial and ENT imaging equipment and solutions for demanding international customers. We are a part of the global Kavo Kerr Group, belonging to NYSE listed Danaher Corporation The roots of Palodex are firmly in Finland and Finnish imaging knowhow, and our headquarters is located in Tuusula. With an area of 13,000 m2, our modern production plant is the world’s largest unit of excellence specialized in manufacturing of dentomaxillofacial and ENT imaging systems.

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Our brands INSTRUMENTARIUM DENTAL™ and SOREDEX™ are recognized and renowned players in the field since decades. Both of our brands are known for reliable products with latest technology and ease of use, providing excellent diagnostic information and workflow efficiency.

Our turnover totaled EUR 133 million in 2014 and we employ approximately 400 people. Exports account for 99% of our turnover and our sales and service network covers more than 60 countries.

Company profile:

Palodex Group Oy Driver Download Windows 10

Palodex Group is one of the leading manufacturers of dentomaxillofacial and ENT imaging equipment and solutions in the world.

PaloDEx Group is a Finnish company making equipment for dental radiography. Since 2009, the company is owned by the American Danaher Corporation.

The company was started in 1964 as Palomex Oy to manufacture the Orthopantomograph®, a device for making panoramic radiographs invented by Finnish professor Yrjö Paatero. The device made possible to take a panoramic X-ray dental image in a single exposure.[1]

Palomex Oy was acquired by the Finnish optical and medical equipment company Instrumentarium in 1977. Some of the company’s operations formed a new company Soredex Oy, which was merged with the Orion Group in 1981. Palomex was renamed as Instrumentarium Imaging in 1988. In 2001, Instrumentarium acquired Soredex and now possessed two strong brands in dental imaging.[1]

Palodex Group Oy Driver Download 64-bit

GE Healthcare acquired Instrumentarium in 2003. Two years later, GE sold its dental imaging operations which were formed into a separate company, PaloDEx Group Oy. In 2009, the company was acquired by Danaher Corporation.[2] The company’s product families now include Instrumentarium Dental and Soredex.[1]



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Palodex Group Oy Driver Download Windows 7

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