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Other software to try includes Driver Magician ($29.95) or Driver Genius 12 ($29.99); both offer driver backup, restoration, updates, and removal of useless or invalid drivers to clean up your. SDR SDR Driver SDR Software SDR Software And instructions RTL SDR DIY KITs Installation Instructions SDR TOUCH APP for Android Leixen Leixen USB Driver Leixen VV-898/898E/898S Programming Software V1.07 Leixen VV-898E User Manual LEIXEN VV-108 Programming Software LEIXEN VV-108 User Manual RST Series Radios RST567 User. As part of the NVIDIA Notebook Driver Program, this is a reference driver that can be installed on supported NVIDIA notebook GPUs.However, please note that your notebook original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provides certified drivers for your specific notebook on their website.

Contrary to what many say, the Palm Desktop will work on the new Windows operating systems, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10, with either the 32 or 64 bit OS. If you have the 32 bit OS then do not install the driver below as it is not necessary. If you have the 64 bit OS you will need the driver below and once it is installed your Palm will hotsync with your computer just as previous systems. To find out if you have the 32 or 64 bit OS please use the link below;

Drivers; Games; Mac. Mobile Phone Tools Others Palm Desktop by ACCESS. Palm Desktop by ACCESS. 15,028 downloads Updated: February 5, 2014. On the other hand, Palm Desktop by ACCESS is. Windows Monitor Drivers. Drivers designed to work with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. See More; LG Mobile Drivers. Need drivers for your cell phone or tablet? See More; LG PC Suite. Move pictures, music, and other files between your phone, tablet, and computer. Learn More; LG BRIDGE. Move pictures, music, and other files between your phone.

We can arrange to dial into your computer and install the required driver remotely, the typical fee for this service is $35 for the first 30 minutes, please see our PalmDr Phone Service for details and available hours.

The ACEECA corporation has developed a 64 bit driver for their handhelds, running the Palm OS, so the instructions refer to an Aceeca device/PDA – just ignore this labeling and know they mean the Palm device. This driver is only necessary for the USB driver, it is not necessary for the BlueTooth(BT), Infra Red(IR), WiFi, or serial.

1) Install the Palm Desktop software from the CD as normal. You must have the Palm Desktop software installed before installing the 64 bit drivers. If you do not have the installation CD you can order one from our website here;
Install CDs

2) Download 64 bit driver instructions from the link below.
Windows 64 Bit Insturctions

3) Download the 64 bit drivers, this is a Zip file so you must extract it to a place you can later find;
Windows 64 Bit Drivers Download

For more information read the following link;

Windows 8 and 10

With Windows 7, 8 and 10 you should be use the 6.2 version of the Palm desktop in most cases. The installation is the same for Windows 7, 8 and 10, if you run into a problem of only seeing the Media in the Palm Desktop then you must be sure to start the Hotsync Manager and Palm Desktop with the “Run as administrator”.

These instructions are a work in progress so an changes/problems will greatly help others with the same problems so please reply with feedback, good or bad.

Thank you,
Chris Short, President
Short Tronics, INC.

Jan 25, 2021

This works on my old palm zire and is not only for win 7 or 8 , works on my win 10 great

Jan 19, 2021

with your perfectly clear instructions and the drivers my 'museum-Z22' can be perfectly backed up again. This is part of not having planned obsolescence. Thank you so much

Sep 21, 2020
it works...

The instructions refer to Win7 only, so there's a bit of 'interpretation' required when installing on Win10. The last two pages contain the critical information.
The new drivers work; that's a plus. The suggested v6.2 desktop is lacking in a few areas such as calendar entry colors and other niceties that exist in v4.1.
Palm T X being used.

Aug 18, 2020
Treo 650

Thank You Very much !!!) You can give me a hope, what good hardcore programmers ALIVE !!!)))) PALM FOREVER!!)))

Jun 17, 2020
Palm Zire 31

Perfect! I had forgotten windows 7 and the palm Zire 31 didn't exactly see eye to eye.
Glad I found this solution! It works flawlessly! I got the palm up and running again specifically because i wanted the computer/handheld interface

Jan 29, 2020
You are the Best!

Like so many others, I love my Palm Pilot and have used one since 1997. With Windows OS constantly updating, I keep worrying that I will eventually have to give it up, but alas, your website helped me continue to use it. I love that I don't have all of my private info and passwords in my phone or in the cloud. This week I loaded windows 10 64 bit and tried to install my palm pilot with no success.
I did all that you said in this post, but then I couldn't get my palm information to show in the Palm Desktop. After some research, I found the link to this website to provide a 'patch' for legacy Palm Pilots (Tungsten C). Then all of the data showed up in my Desktop again. Yay!!!
This is what the website says...
When most of the other Palm OS vendors dropped out of the market, Palm rewrote their PIM applications and came out with a new internal architecture that was not fully compatible with Palm OS applications written for the earlier generation devices. We refer to the older devices as Legacy devices. Here is a list of specific devices which fall into each category:
Legacy Devices: any device running OS4 or earlier, any non-Palm brand handheld (Sony, Garmin, etc.), or Treo-600, Tungsten C/T/T2, Zire-71
Newer Devices: any Treo model except Treo-600, Tungsten T3/T5/Tx/LifeDrive, Zire 72/31

Oct 28, 2019
Palm 64 Bit Drivers

Amazing. Worked like a charm. Thank you for all you do!!

Sep 18, 2019
Worked a treat with my Z22

This procedure has worked perfectly with my Palm Zire 22 which is legacy model from the past. I thought I would never get the data transferred but it has worked perfectly with Windows 10. Thanks so much....

Jan 25, 2019
A loud and clear THANK YOU So Much!

Well...I confess: I am a PALM orphan.
And as technology 'improves' - in all connected and virtual and cloud ways - I still remember my days when I just could 'access' a Contact detail in my PALM handheld without worried 'if' I'll have a wifi OR 3/4/4.5/4+/5G connection (of my 'smartphone').
In very special when I am visiting Industrial customers in the countryside, and also want to use my (old, I know!) IAMBIC solutions.
YEARS has gone and I still keep my 2 PALM Centros, and 1 Zire 71 in a hope that, 'one day', I could sync it with my 64bits computers.
So... I want to really THANK YOU very, very, very much to make it possible!: PALM OS HotSync is up and running on my Desktop Windows 7 64bits.
(I will do the same procedure to my notebooks Windows 10).
My very best regards!
Marcos Luiz S. Filho
(from Brasil)

Jan 17, 2019
Windows 10 & Palm Tungsten E2

Palm Others Driver Download 32-bit

Thanks so much, PalmDr! Saved everything!
Previous Palm desktop on Windows 7 and Hard Drive crashed.
Now wrestling with Windows 10, more ways than this!
Loaded version 6.2, but with W10, unit did not connect to laptop at all, so 1st windows of Aceeca instructions never appeared. Launched Device Mgr, but NO 'Other devices' in list. After many head scratches, I found 'Show Hidden Devices' under VIEW, and there it was. Then 64 bit Drivers then installed easily as per the instructions, and Hot Sync worked perfectly.
Great service!

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Palm Others Driver Download