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Windows device driver information for Speed Wheel Force Feedback (USB)

A Speed Wheel is a type of game controller which plugs into the Universal Serial Bus interface port of the host machine to allow the computer user to use it in a gaming environment. These types of game controllers function almost in the same manner that mouse pointing devices, keyboards, or any other human interface device would in any computer system. This means that the Speed Wheel Force Feedback (USB) provides the computer user with a way of interacting with his gaming environment and manipulating certain elements within that environment. Gaming controllers much like any type of input device can be configured by the computer user with the installation of the appropriate device driver. The device driver provides the user interface that will allow the computer user to dictate the properties of the supported hardware and affect its operation at runtime. The control panel can be invoked either from the operating system or within the gaming environment of the supported software application.

Category: Printer
Manufacturer: Canon Inc.
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 14.8 MB
Operating System: Windows 2003, Windows NT, Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: / 01/29/2009

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Ositech Driver

Windows device driver information for Canon iR5070-iR6570-S1 PCL5e


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The device driver for the Canon iR5070-iR6570-S1 PCL5e is used to implement the 5e version of the Printer Command Language. This translates to the implementation of bi-directional communication features in the printer hardware. Unlike traditional printing processes which normally involved the requesting software application to send instructions to the device without any feedback, this technology allows the printing hardware to talk back to the host operating system. By installing the appropriate hardware driver it is possible for the implementation of various tools and utilities which are designed to alert the computer user on the status not only of the printing job but also of the hardware itself. The device driver sends the computer user notification messages when the printing job begins and ends as well as when the hardware is low in ink or paper. This technology also provides for a better troubleshooting mechanism for optimal printer hardware operation.

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Traditionally device drivers for printers were meant to make the hardware operational rather than functional due to the limited feature sets of the hardware. Older printing devices were manufactured solely to deliver printing solutions unlike newer hardware components which are multifunctional. Couple this fact with the advancements in technology, the printer driver for the Canon iR5070-iR6570-S1 PCL5e is designed by its manufacturer to make the hardware both operational and functional. It is still used to provide the host operating system with the necessary information on the make, model, and manufacturer of the device including the current version of the device driver that will be installed. All these data will be processed by the host machine and stored in the registry database to be available to all software applications. The device driver is likewise used to keep track of the file components that are being extracted into the computer system which are related to the operation of the printer hardware. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for Windows and Canon iR5070-iR6570-S1 PCL5e errors before installing any driver updates.