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From stand-by to desktop about 25 seconds. Word 2007 launch about 2:00 minutes. This would be ok if one could suspend at length, but with virtually no battery life, it's not worth it. Get the OQO 02, the newer version resolved all these problems and is worth it. The OQO model 01+, like its predecessor, is a story of compromises. This one is slightly more usable and flexible, admittedly, but the bigger considerations still remain. It’s great that the USB. The OQO isn't much larger than the HTC Advantage Windows Mobile PDA phone, a device that attempts to replace your notebook but doesn't run full Windows. You won't mistake the OQO for a Palm or iPAQ, but it's significantly smaller than the Samsung Q1 Ultra and somewhat smaller than the Sony Vaio UX380N and Fujitsu U810.

Summary: Discontinued, 5″ sliding widescreen/touchscreen, weight: under 1 pound, Transmeta Crusoe CPU

Similar Laptops:
– Replaced by the OQO Model 02
– Similar in size to Sony VAIO UX
– Similar in size to Toshiba Libretto U100 / U105
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Product Name: OQO Model 01 / OQO Model 01+
Official Page: Discontinued
Announced: 2005
Available: 2005
Status: Discontinued, replaced by OQO Model 02
Price: Originally $1899 – Windows XP Home, $1999 Windows XP Pro
Markets: Worldwide

Oqo Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 8.1

– Before being discontinued, in late 2006, the price dropped to $1199 (XP Home) / $1399 (XP Pro)
OQO Model 01 : 256MB Memory, USB 1.1, No Speaker, 20GB Hard Drive
OQO Model 01+ : (September 2005) 512MB Memory, USB 2.0, 1x Speaker, 30GB Hard Drive

– 5″ display, with sliding keyboard
– Docking cable, desktop stand included
– Display is indoor/outdoor readable
– Shock mounted hard drive with drop sensor
– ambient light sensor

Manufacturer’s Description:
The OQO model 01 ultra personal computer (uPC) is a fully-functional Windows XP computer. The OQO has a 1GHz processor, a 20GB hard drive, 256MB of RAM, a color transflective display, and integrated wireless, as well as FireWire and USB ports.

Just 4.9 inches long, 3.4 inches wide, .9 inches thin, and weighing only 14 ounces, the model 01 can fit in a pocket or purse and go with you anywhere. For easy typing and cursor control it has a complete thumb keyboard with TrackStik and mouse buttons as well as digital pen and thumbwheel.

CPU: Transmeta Crusoe 1GHz
Chipset: VIA-based
Front-side Bus:
Memory Capacity: 256MB (Model 01), 512MB (Model 01+)

Display: 5″
Resolution: 800×480
Widescreen: Yes
Touchscreen: Yes (Active Digitizer)
Graphics Chipset: Silicon Motion (SMI) Lynx3DM
Graphics Memory: 8MB
Other: VGA Out

Hard Drive Type: 1.8″ ATA 100 Toshiba MK2004GAL
Hard Drive Capacity: 20GB (Model 01), 30GB (Model 01+)
Optical: External
Other: Shock-mounted hard drive with drop sensor

Wireless: 802.11b
Modem: No – optional USB
Ethernet: 10/100 Adapter included through docking cable
Bluetooth: Bluetooth
Mobile Broadband:

Audio Chipset: ALi Audio Wave
Internal Speakers/Microphone: No internal speaker (Model 01), 1x speaker (Model 01+)
Audio I/O: Line-out, Line-in
USB: 1x USB 1.1 (Model 01), 1x USB 2.0 (Model 01+)
Firewire: 1x IEEE 1394 (unpowered)
PC Card: No
Flash/Memory Card Reader:
Keyboard/Mouse: 85-key, TouchPad, Track Stick
Other: Thumbwheel

Biometric/Fingerprint: No
Trusted Platform Module (TPM): No

Software & Warranty:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home
Other Software:
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty, can upgrade to and 3 year extended express
OQO Model 01 Drivers: OQO.com/Support

Options: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Polymer
Battery Life: 3hrs (standard)

Width: 4.9 inches / 125mm
Depth: 3.4 inches / 88mm
Height: 0.9 inches / 23mm
Weight: 14 ounces / 0.88 pound / 0.4kg (with standard battery)

Oqo Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 10


OQO Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows

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