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You can only make as well as you can measure.
Joseph Whitworth, Engineer (19th century)

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With the multifunctional Bode 100 you get an exact picture of your electronic circuits and components in a frequency range from 1 Hz to 50 MHz. Bode 100 is a state of the art Vector Network Analyzer which also works as Frequency Response Analyzer or Gain/Phase Meter and as a powerful Impedance Analyzer.

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With it's high accuracy and great price-performance ratio, the Bode 100 is the best choice for industrial applications as well as research and educational labs.

Product brochure - Bode 100

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Technical data sheet - Bode 100

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Use Bode 100 to measure:

  • Complex gain of active and passive circuits
  • Complex impedance and admittance of active and passive devices
  • Swept S-parameters of electronic circuits and filters
  • Group delay characteristics

Easily analyze:

  • Stability of control circuits such as DC/DC converters in power supplies
  • Parasitics of passive components and circuit boards
  • Power-plane impedance for optimum decoupling
  • Reflection coefficient and return loss of filters, antennas or amplifiers
  • Ultrasonic and piezo electric devices
  • Resonance behavior of high Q-circuits like oscillating crystals
  • Resonance frequency and Q-factor of RFID and NFC tags and antennas
Omicron Driver

Check out the Application Notes for more interesting measurements...

Advantages of Bode 100:

  • VNA & FRA in one device
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive software (Bode Analyzer Suite)
  • Easy data processing and data sharing
  • Highly accurate measurements
  • Calibration & repair service from manufacturer
  • Lightweight and portable hardware design without active cooling (silent lab)
  • Automation Interface (API) for automated measurements
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio

Features of Bode 100:

  • Wide frequency range from 1 Hz to 50 MHz
  • Adjustable output level from -30 dBm to 13 dBm
  • Adjustable shaped level (variable signal level) over frequency
  • Switchable channel input impedance (50 Ω / 1 MΩ)
  • Highly sensitive inputs (superheterodyne receiver with 24 bit ADCs)
  • Narrow-band receivers for highest noise rejection
  • Flexible hardware design offering several measurement modes
  • Fanless and therefore absolutely silent on your bench

The Bode 100 system (OL000100) includes:

  • Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer
  • Bode Analyzer Suite software
  • Printed Quick Start Guide (English)
  • Wide range power supply (with international plug adapters)
  • USB cable
  • 4 x BNC cable 50 Ω (m-m)
  • 1 x BNC T adapter (f-f-f)
  • 1 x BNC straight adapter (f-f)
  • 1 x BNC 50 Ω load (m)
  • 1 x BNC short circuit (m)
  • Test object with quartz filter and IF filter on a PCB

Probes, injection transformers, signal injectors and amplifiers can be found in the accessories section.

Bode Analyzer Suite

The Bode 100 is controlled via the Bode Analyzer Suite software, a powerful GUI for Windows PCs. Find out more or download the latest version from our webpage.


Some measurements have to be repeated over and over again ...

... therefore we added an Automation Interface to the Bode 100 right from the beginning. Today many customers are already using this Application Programming Interface (API) to build automated measurement setups involving the Bode 100. The Bode 100 can be controlled from any COM (OLE controller) compliant programming language such as:

  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • Excel® with VBA
  • C++
  • TCL
  • Python®
  • Delphi®
  • etc...

Find out more about the Bode Automation Interface by having a look at the Automation Interface Reference. The Automation Interface is included in the Bode Analyzer Suite installer. Check out the Bode 100 download area.

In addition there is a LabVIEW® instrument driver available for download from

More information...

J Micron Driver

To find out more, have a look at the Bode Analyzer Suite and check out the Application Notes.

Note! There are many accessories available for the Bode 100. Detailed technical data is available here.

During the year 2020 the Precision Timing product line (OTMC 100 and TICRO 100) moved from OMICRON Lab to

In case you are interested in the OTMC 100, please check out

For more details on the TICRO 100, please visit

IEEE 1588 is the simplest way to synchronize equipment throughout a computer network. On a Local Area Network (LAN) IEEE 1588 achieves clock accuracies in the sub-microsecond range, making it suitable to precisely synchronise measurement and control systems.

Typical application areas of IEEE 1588 are:

Micron 1100 Driver

  • Power systems and power distribution (synchronization of IEDs according IEC 61850)
  • Industrial automation, synchronisation of PLCs
  • Test & measurement as well as data acquisition systems
  • High speed cameras
  • Real time media networks (RAVENNA/AES67)
  • Clock synchronisation for the financial sector (MiFID II / RTS 25)