Nvidia Mice & Touchpads Driver

Nvidia Mice & Touchpads Driver
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Nvidia Mice & Touchpads Drivers

Running nvidia-settings without any options launches the GUI, for CLI options see nvidia-settings(1). You can run the CLI/GUI as a non-root user and save the settings to /.nvidia-settings-rc or save it as xorg.conf by using the option Save to X configuration File for a multi-user environment. To load the /.nvidia-settings-rc for the current user. Nvidia's Reflex ecosystem is designed to give gamers the lowest possible input latency. With these mice having certified Reflex compatibility, Nvidia has officially added their seal of approval to these mice, cementing them as great choices for PC gamers that use Nvidia hardware. Use Mouse Toggle On Nvidia Shield / Android TV. You can now use the directional pad to move the virtual cursor around and press the select button to simulate a.

Nvidia Mice & Touchpads DriverDrivers
NVIDIA has published listings of gaming mice compatible with their Reflex latency reduction technology - specifically, mice that are compatible with NVIDIA's Latency Analyzer, which will ensure the best responsiveness from your NVIDIA-equipped PC in gaming scenarios. The mice listing is always pending updates as more and more manufacturers submit their mice for NVIDIA certification, and the list of certified ones is currently bigger than what NVIDIA is sharing in renders.
As per NVIDIA, the listing of currently-supported and certified reflex mice features a total of 11 mice. Acer features three certified mice in the form of the Acer GM310, Predator Cestus 330, and Predator Cestus 350; Alienware's only mice is the AW610M; ASUS ROG counts with the Chakram Core; Corsair's DARK CORE RGB PRO/ RGB PRO SE make the cut; Logitech features the G Pro X Superlight; MSI counts with the GM 41 gaming mouse in the roster; The Razer Death Adder V2 and SteelSeries Rival 3 also make the cut. These are mice that are certified to provide compatibility with NVIDIA's Reflex ecosystem, which takes into account your graphics card, PC monitor and gaming mouse to ensure the lowest latency and fastest system response times for competitive gaming.
Source: NVIDIA

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Oh man the E-sport-gamur latency BS is going full mental now.
Inb4 the usual 'but its really...' nonsense
So now you can have your Nvidia-tested Mouse with your Nvidia-tested Gsync panel for your Nvidia-RTX-ON-supported games, provided you also have DLSS 2.0 Nvidia support because otherwise your Nvidia card probably won't present playable FPS with natural feeling latency or gameplay.
I'll go take my place among the have-nots and just enjoy games, thank you Huang, keep your scalper's gen for yourself.
  • Mouse latency is a critical part of the system latency equation: Mouse Latency + PC Latency + Display Latency = System Latency. The database in this repository contains the set of tested mice that NVIDIA has validated; containing both Reflex Latency Analyzer compatible mice, and popular non-compatible mice.
  • We're benchmarking NVIDIA's Reflex Latency Analyzer, Reflex Low Latency Mode, and 360Hz display with integrated latency tools. NVIDIA claims this will reduce.