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DOCOMO updates software for products after they go on sale to improve functionality and ease of use so you may better use your mobile phone.
Software can be updated easily without visiting a DOCOMO service counter. Just check if your mobile phone software needs updating, then download the latest software (no packet communications charges apply*1) if necessary and overwrite the existing software. (Not available with some models.)

NTT Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver download

The app permissions you to use your smartphone as a 050IP phone. 0033 SAMURAI MOBILE This international plan is based on two different charge rates; 'Simple Calling Rate Based on Minutes' and '24-Hour Flat Rate Regardless of When You Call.' LG Mobile Software Downloads. For devices released after 2015: Click here for LG Bridge download link and instructions. For devices released before 2015: Click here for LG PC Suite download. NTT DoCoMo Card Keitai NTT DoCoMo's Card Keitai is the company's lightest phone ever at only 47 grams, and it features a single 600x480 E Ink display. It's a feature phone (cannot add applications) that supports simple functions. The Card Keitai will ship in Japan by the end of November 2018 for around $280.

  1. Packet communications charges may incur depending on the update method and setting conditions.

Latest Information on Software Updates

The latest information on product updates will be delivered to your PC or mobile phone whenever necessary.

Software Update Information List (in Japanese only)

How to Update Your Product

You can update your product yourself. The product update procedure differs by model so check the instructions specifically for your model. Instructions can also be found in the user's manual for your model.

Notes on Software Updates

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged. Update may not be completed correctly otherwise.
  • Never remove the battery pack while updating software. That may cause the phone to malfunction.
  • You should perform software updates with the handset stationary and in a location with a strong signal (three bars for the antenna icon).
  • The software update can be done while keeping Phonebook entries, camera images, downloaded data, and other data saved on the phone intact. However, please note that in some cases data cannot be protected depending on the condition of your mobile phone (malfunction, damage, and exposure to water).
  • It is recommended that you back up necessary data. (Please note that it may not be possible to back up some data such as downloaded data.)
  • You cannot update the software in the following cases:
    During calls, during communications, when the date and time are not set (except with some handset models), and in certain other cases
  • Other functions cannot be used while software is being updated, although voice calls can be answered while downloading.
  • When the software update fails, the message indicated that rewrite failed appears and no further operations will be possible. In that case, please consult with a DOCOMO repair counter.

After-sales Service for Software


DOCOMO listens to customer feedback to improve the quality of mobile phones. The places mobile phones are used and their uses are becoming diverse with the rapid expansion of functions, and subscribers make inquiries on a variety of topics.

Subscribers provide a variety of input, with comments such as on noise when talking and problems with screen display. In response to that valuable input, DOCOMO promptly investigates whether or not the cause is hardware or software related, and studies ways to improve quality from a variety of aspects. As a result of those efforts, DOCOMO works to make improvements so good-quality products can be shipped from the factory at the earliest opportunity.
DOCOMO provides information on the service for updating software for products with a software update function. That way, you can easily update software without visiting a DOCOMO service counter. Furthermore, updates performed after the provision of an OS version update are for the latest OS version.

Security scan

Some models of DOCOMO mobile phones incorporate a security scan function. This function provides peace of mind in the event of a virus that infects mobile phones.



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NTT Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download


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9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • Communications charges do not apply for calls to numbers starting with 0120.

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