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  1. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. This repository contains support files to use NOVUS DigiRail NXprog devices such as NXprog RAMIX 2EA / 2SA / 4ED / 3SD ETH and NXprog RAMIX 2EA / 2SA / 4ED / 2RL ETH with the Arduino IDE. DigiRail NXprog is an Arduino-compatible device that.
  2. ADAS is an Advanced Driver Assistance System that gathers information from the surrounding area to better inform the driver. To ensure that NOVUS Glass meets the needs of the market, we are proud to introduce our unique ADAS Windscreen Repair Resin.
  3. The USB-i485 module is a cost-effective way to convert RS485 or RS422 industrial buses to a USB interface. When connected to a PC USB port the USB-i485 module is automatically detected and is installed as a native COM port which is compatible with any existing serial communication application.Muliple modules can be installed when using USB hubs thus allowing a hassle-free configuration of a.

A hybrid instrument that delivers the true grand piano experience. Combining Kawai’s finest Millennium III Hybrid grand piano keyboard action and real damper mechanism, with the latest SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine and premium amplification technologies powered by audio specialists Onkyo, the Novus NV10 delivers the most realistic grand piano playing experience ever.

Novus fieldlogger driver


Cranex Novus Driver

Get Connected with Your Software

SOREDEX TWAIN is a simple-to-use bridge between SOREDEX imaging systems and third-party imaging software. SOREDEX TWAIN allows you to acquire images from SOREDEX imaging systems into third-party imaging software that supports the TWAIN standard.

Hold on to Your Favorite Software

You don’t have to give up your favorite third-party imaging software when buying a SOREDEX imaging system. Connect a new SOREDEX imaging system to your existing imaging software supporting TWAIN and acquire high quality images with confidence.

If you are interested, contact us to advise you on the next steps towards purchasing SOREDEX products.

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Supported Imaging Systems:

  • DIGORA™ Optime
  • CRANEX™ 3D (panoramic and cephalometric images only)
  • CRANEX™ Novus e

Tekscan Novus Drivers


  • Connect a SOREDEX imaging system to third-party imaging software
  • Supports single or multiple image capture modes
  • Adjust image brightness, contrast and gamma before returning images to the host application
  • Automatic mode returns the image to the host application without additional user interaction
  • Supports returning 8-bit or 16-bit grayscale images to the host application


Novus Pc Lan Driver

The Novus NV5 is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. A stunning
hybrid instrument that combines a full acoustic piano keyboard action and damper
mechanism, with the latest digital sound and amplification technologies.

Designed for and tested by professional pianists, the NV5 provides the
unmistakable feeling of playing a premium quality acoustic instrument,
with all the practicality and convenience of a modern digital.

Introducing the Novus NV5 – a hybrid instrument that delivers the true acoustic piano experience.

A quest for perfection

Koichi Kawai designed and built the first complete acoustic piano action in Japan in the early 1900s. In the decades that have followed, Kawai engineers continue to pursue the company founder’s quest for perfection, pioneering the use of state-of-the-art materials and designs that advance the piano art form.

The Millennium III upright piano action found in today’s Kawai ‘K’ series instruments exemplifies Koichi’s philosophy.

This highly-coveted action incorporates components produced using ABS Carbon, an extremely sturdy and rigid composite material that allows these action parts to be stronger, lighter, and faster than their conventional wooden counterparts.

Kawai ‘K’ series upright pianos also utilise extended length key sticks, providing greater control and a more even response from the front to the back of the playing surface.