Novatel Wireless Driver


Novatel Wireless free download - Ralink 802.11n Wireless LAN Card, Wireless Key Generator, 802.11g Wireless Lan Driver, and many more programs.

To communicate between an OEM7 receiver and a computer using a USB port, NovAtel USB drivers must be installed on the computer. These USB drivers are available on the NovAtel website at

  • Verizon wireless usb551l driver download - we'll have a review of that one as soon as it comes out. Instruction guide inserting the gnss industry in a few. What finally worked was an admission that the 551 was a major problem for a majority of users, especially macos 10.7 users. Novatel wireless ovation usb551l 4g lte.
  • OEM7: PwrPak7 Firmware: VER 7.08.00 (Latest) (2020-10-20) ZIP: PwrPak7 Firmware: VER 7.07.04 (2019-12-04): ZIP: PwrPak7 Firmware: VER 7.07.03 (2019-10-24): ZIP.


The USB port in the COM PORTS label group can be used for communication between a computer and the PwrPak7.

The USB port labeled TRANSFER can not be used for communication. It is used for data logging and transferring data from the internal memory.

USB Drivers

NovAtel USB drivers for OEM7 receivers are available for Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 10 and Linux.

The NovAtel USB drivers provide three virtual serial ports over a single USB 2.0 connection. The three virtual serial ports are available to existing Windows or Linux applications which use COM ports to communicate (for example, NovAtel Application Suite). The NovAtel USB drivers assign COM port numbers sequentially following any existing ports on the computer. For example, if a computer has COM1 and COM2 ports, the NovAtel USB drivers assign COM3 to USB1, COM4 to USB2 and COM5 to USB3.

USB communications are not suitable for use in vehicles.

A computer has several USB ports. The assignment of COM port numbers is tied to a USB port on the computer. This allows receivers to be switched without Microsoft Windows assigning new COM ports. However, if the receiver is connected to a different physical USB port, Windows detects the receiver's presence and assigns three new COM port numbers.

Novatel Wireless Driver

Download the most recent versions of the NovAtel firmware and receiver software from the Downloads section of

NovAtel Software


NovAtel software applications run on a computer and are used to interact with NovAtel receivers. The following software is available from the NovAtel website:

Novatel wireless drivers
  • NovAtel Application Suite (a GUI interface)

  • Convert (converts receiver data logs into different formats)

  • USB Drivers

Novatel Wireless Drivers

NovAtel software is available in Windows compatible and Unix compatible versions. For information about using NovAtel Application Suite , refer to For information about Convert, refer to the help system available within the application.

NovAtel Firmware

Novatel wireless usb760 driver download

NovAtel firmware runs on NovAtel receivers. It provides the features and functionality available on the receiver.

The firmware download file contains:

Novatel Wireless Usb760 Driver Download

  • Firmware *.shex file

  • WinLoad software utility