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Alstom Metropolis TS set
An Alstom Metropolis No. 0402 at Chatswood Station
In service2019 - present
AssemblySri City
Family nameMetropolis
Constructed2016 - present
Number under construction23 sets
Number in service22 sets
Fleet numbersTS-01 - TS-22
Operator(s)Metro Trains Sydney
Maximum speed120 km/h (75 mph)
Traction systemIGBT-VVVF
(Alstom Electrical Equipment OPTONIX)
Electric system(s)1,500 VDCoverhead line
Current collection methodPantograph
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 812 in) standard gauge

The Sydney Metro Alstom Metropolis TS sets[citation needed] are a class of Alstom Metropoliselectric multiple units that operate on the Sydney Metro network. It is the first fully automated passenger train stock in Australia as well as the first single-deck set to operate in Sydney since the withdrawal of single deck trains on the suburban rail network in the 1990s. A total of 176 carriages, making up 22 6-car sets, entered service in 2019 with the opening of the Metro North West Line. 23 more sets will be rolled out for the City & Southwest extension, commencing service in 2024. This will expand the Metropolis fleet to 45 sets.

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Each single-deck train features two dedicated areas for prams, luggage and bicycles. There are three doorways per side per carriage and no internal gangway doors between the carriages.[1] In a 6-car configuration the trains have a seating capacity of 378 people, with a total capacity of 1,100.[2] The trains utilise Alstom's trademark Urbalis 400 Grade-of-Automation signalling system that ensures trains are capable of driving and operating automatically at all times without onboard staff, including door closing, obstacle detection and dealing with emergency situations.

Borza D55 Developer Community Network & Wireless Cards Driver Download


The trains feature longitudinal 'bench-style' seating per carriage (similar to most metro rapid-transit/subway trains), with distinctly coloured seats for priority and disabled passengers.[3] Seats in wheelchair spaces can fold up in order to fit prams and wheelchairs. Above the doorways, a light flashes green if the doors are open, and red if the doors are closed.

Features of the Metropolis sets include CCTV cameras, internal passenger information display (PID) screens and digital voice announcements. The PID screens display the name of the next station, along with icons for available transport mode interchanges. The sets are also fitted with air conditioning and emergency help points. There are also USB charging ports inside the carriages.[4][5]

The Metropolis sets are operated via a control centre based at Rouse Hill. In the event the system is otherwise unable to operate the train, an engineer can manually take over the train's functions.


Prior to the introduction of services, a full-scale model of the new train was built for use on public display, including at the annual Sydney Royal Easter Show.[6][7] It consisted of the front carriage, including its distinctive nose. It was approximately 75% of the length of the final design for the new carriages, having two doors instead of three.[8]

The sets were manufactured at Alstom's rolling stock facility in India, [9][10] with the first train arriving on 26 September 2017.[11]

In February 2018, dynamic testing on the first of the trainsets began.[12] Testing was done on brakes, passenger information displays, lighting and door operation.[13]

In November 2019, MTS was awarded a 10-year contract to operate the rolling stock on the metro network. To commemorate the new contract, 23 additional Metropolis sets were ordered, bringing the total fleet to 45 sets (with extensions to 8 cars likely to happen if sufficient demand warrants it) by the time the City & Southwest extension is scheduled to open in 2024.[14]

The rolling stock officially entered service on 26 May 2019 on the Metro North West Line.

Borza D55 Developer Community Network & Wireless Cards Drivers


  • Digital displays

  • Front end of the train, as viewed from the interior

  • Longitudinal seating

  • Wheelchair accessibility

  • Priority seating (in blue)


Borza D55 Developer Community Network & Wireless Cards Driver Windows 10

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