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General :: How To Unbrick MT6577

Apr 11, 2013

how do I unbrick my MK6577 (Noir A-8) I tried to use SPTool to install CWM but now luck need ROM files to flash it through SPTools.

General :: How To Unbrick WM8850

Sep 27, 2012

i'm trying to root my (chinese) tablet (like title). i've used page_id=12[/url] WM8850 RootBurner v1.1.0.
So i put files into sd and reboot tablet. After the text 'root complete' i removed sdcard and my tablet opened. I knew immediately that I could not access the to settings cause the icon was passing and text becomed when i try to open it, an error message. So i try another time to root device but it won't open itself.. i turn on it and remain on loading gif..

General :: How To Unbrick Alcatel OT-906

May 24, 2012

I have an Alcatel OT-906 but I bricked it.
I need to rescue it but I don't find any ROM to this phone or some way to repair it.
Is totally bricked

General :: How To Unbrick Padfone 2

Feb 19, 2013

The terminal was mistakenly brick while I introduced changes to the file build.prop. Now the only way to turn on, is flashing the firmware again (putting the original file from fastboot does't work). I wanted to know how to transfer the firmware zip file to internal memory because the device is not recognized as FTP.

General :: How To Unbrick Prada 3

Mar 12, 2013

my prada 3 is brick

General :: Unbrick Micromax A90s

Jan 23, 2013

Actually I am in a deep trouble, I bought Micromax a90s a month ago , It is really a very good phone. I rooted it and was very happy but 1 day ago I was trying to add new fonts to it & It got bricked I don't have any backup.I have no sources to send it to service centre. how can I repair it myself, Unbrick ?

General :: How To Unbrick Galaxy Y S5360

Sep 20, 2012

i was using repencis rom and i tried to flash jelly blast but something went wrong and i bricked my phone i am not able to access my recovery and when i try to flash stock rom via odin it fails i used different firmware packages but i did not succeed now i can only access download mode.

General :: Unbrick Via ADB - Recovery Fails

Jan 8, 2013

I believe I have bricked an Alcatel 990 after flashing '' via CWM.
Here are reasons why I believe it's bricked good and proper ;-P
1/ device boot loops when charging only via usb connection to PC
- 1.1 - device shows android logo - then 'Alcatel One Touch Cyanogenmod 7' text/logo
- 1.2 - this loops continuous and never fully boots - output of adb logcat below
2/ when power-up off charge, only 'menu', 'search' and 'back' soft keys illuminate - the screen+backlight stay completely off
- 2.1 - this remains constant until battery pull
- 2.2 - recovery mode via key combos do not work. Period. (no user error - assured!)
3/ when connected via usb during point 2 - there is not feedback from adb logcat - dead as a doorknob
- 3.1 - when boot looping (1.1 above) I get ~2seconds of adb connectivity then device reboots.
- 3.2 - fastboot <options> <commands> does nothing - device stays as 'waiting forr device' this is contstant
- 3.3 - adb has better luck - I can invoke adb logcat and this captures log info as below
- 3.4 - adb recovery options fail and device reboots and hangs as on point 2 above
- 3.5 - adb shell shows rooted prompt for 2 seconds when <up/previous command+enter> very quickly repeated keyboard bashing style
- 3.6 - I have invoked 'adb shell rm -r /cache/*' and 'adb shell recovery --wipe_data - all to no avail in context of unbricking device
[email protected]:~/Downloads/src/adt-bundle-linux-x86/sdk/platform-tools$ adb logcat
- waiting for device -
--------- beginning of /dev/log/main
I/cm ( 105): Welcome to Android 2.3.7 / CyanogenMod-7-20121221-UNOFFICIAL-brandy
I/cm ( 106): _
[Code] .....
This is replicated on command and is constant. Replicated under slackware/linux and under win7-32bit-ultimate.
Recovery fails to boot so I need some sort of usb 'bridge' to interrupt the boot loop and invoke recovery - or flashall back onto device - but fastboot fails to identify the device/connectivity.

General :: How To Unbrick Samsung GT-i5500

Apr 7, 2012

I have recently bricked my samsung i5500 by flashing it with wrong software(that's what I think anyway). Phone is not responding at all. The screen is black at all times. I've tried volume down + ok + call end with no effect also UnBrickableMod didn't work. Is there any way to get it to work again?

General :: How To Unbrick Asus Memopad HD7

Aug 25, 2013

how to Unbrick the Asus Memopad HD7 ? Or custom recovery or where i can download the Stock Rom ?

General :: How To Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE

May 15, 2012

I update ICS to my samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE failed maybe cause I'm using an i9100 ICS rom.
when i restart the phone, it goes into an phone icon connected to a PC icon with an exclamation mark icon inbetween.
or I can't turn it into recovery mode by pressing Volume Down + Home + Power (or any other key combos) .
I can't find the device by adb via pc, and kies connect the phone also failed.
I think the phone is bricked when I can't get into download mode.
even if i use a usb plugin, it goes to 'Factory mode' with 'phone ! PC' icon,but not down load mode.
how can I recove my phone?

General :: How To Unbrick Galaxy S Duos

Apr 20, 2014

how to unbrick galaxy s duos ?how to unbrick

General :: How To Unbrick HTC Sensation XL With Ubuntu

Aug 30, 2013

Since yesterday I have a big problem. Yesterday I think I deleted my Sensation XL, because now it's dead. The bootloader and the Charge-LED dont work anymore. No sign of life... Now I saw the tutorial how to unbrick a HTC. I downloaded Ubuntu, but if I use the brickdetect of the Sensation it just says: 'Device can't be detected'. Now my questions: Where can I get the Unbrick-package for the Sensation XL? Can I unbrick my Sensation XL with Ubuntu?

General :: How To Unbrick Prestigio PMP7100D3G Tablet

Apr 7, 2013

All information I found (perhaps I lookup with wrong keywords) is about unbricking the phone or other manufacturers tablets but once someone rooted the device and installed a modified rom but then playing with fastboot or some download managers, etc.
1. I wanted to revert back to 4.1 JB soft for my tablet as I found the most recent update messing up with 3G connectivity despite the fact the manufacturer prepared the update to improve 3G... anyway
2. I run the RKBatchTool 1.5 the device was connected properly as I did before when upgrading from ICS to 4.1 JB.
3. Unfortunately, just before the end of downgrading something went wrong (please see the below log) and now booting up the device fails. At first it displayed some linux script about trying to recover, then prestigio screen appeared just to show in a second a dead android robot with an exclamation mark.
14:57:28 504Rockchip Batch Tool v1.5.3.0 start run
15:02:16 091Rockchip Batch Tool v1.5.3.0 start run
15:05:33 769Rockchip Batch Tool v1.5.3.0 start run
15:58:23 292**********Upgrade Start Total<1>**********
15:58:23 307<Layer 5-3> Test Device Start
4. I tried a combination of volume up and power button but still no luck.
How can I bring the live back to the device that was not rooted. I have an external SD card. I loaded an original image from prestigio but I guess I need something else done so it actually boots from the SD and recovers the ROM to the internal memory.

General :: How To Repair / Unbrick Android Tablet

May 19, 2014

I experimented a bit with the settings and I adapted the tablet one file in ROM (Data / system / etc) vold.fstab.
Unfortunately tablet not working, only show android logo and then nothing. In recovery I got it, wipe data / factory reset and wipe cache partition but without result, that result is the same.
Is there any way to copy original file or modify the edited file in ROM?
I suppose some way by cable and ADB.
Firmware unfortunately I do not and I did not find him anywhere.
It is a tablet with Rockchip RK3188 -> 3Q RC1025F

General :: Unbrick Hard Bricked Device

Mar 8, 2014

I hard bricked my GT-S7562 s duos and need a way to unbrick it.I was trying to port CM11 on my device while it happened.No problem if the way you know works for my device or not. I will try anything .

General :: How To Unbrick Motorola Atrix 4G Running 2.3.5

Jan 25, 2012

I bricked my motorola atrix 4g when i boot it boots into AP fastboot flash mode flash failure and if i power up and hold down both volume keys it says boot mode selection available boot modes normal powerup recovery ap fastboot bp tools normail power up gives me invalid CG OTV invalid CG version and invalid CG OTV recovery does not work flashboot does and bp tools does nothing i just got this phone for my birthday!

General :: How To Unbrick Phones Bricked Due To Chainfire 3D

Feb 2, 2014

How to Uninstall Chainfire 3D on bricked Devices ...
1. Connect USB cable and then restart your phone.Get your phone in Recovery Mode....
2. Check whether your device has been detected in the PC - Device Manager - Android ADB Interface.
2. Run 'adb devices' - to make sure the phone drivers are ok (should output a long hex string and 'device'). If Device Isn't Detected You need to install Adb Drivers... Download From:
3. Run 'adb shell' from command prompt. If $ came then Type SU. so it will automatically change to #. ( Means your phone rooted and you gain root permission to delete the Bloody CF3D driver from your phone.
*Tip*If You Get An Error Type '# mount -o rw,remount /system' - Press Enter.
4. Still in shell? Type 'sh /'
if sh / doesnt work , try 'sh /system/lib/' instead.
Phone will automatically reboot and will be ready.

General :: How To Unbrick Haipai I9389 (MTK6589)

Sep 1, 2013

I have bricked my phone, and it now can't turn on..
I have a backup of the software(My friend gived me it), but when i put it in SP Flash Tool, i see only the red bar, then the program don't flash anything..
My computer see the phone as 'MTK USB Port (COM6)'.. Is this the problem maybe?

General :: Unbrick Mtk6589 Star X920?

Sep 22, 2013

I flashed a wrong ROM, because flash didn't work, I used a Star S5 one instead of a X920Butterfly one. So I tried this guide http:[url]..... but my PC do not recognises phone, I Have Upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 8 so I don't now how I can re-install drivers.

General :: MT6577 - How To Unbrick Cherry Mobile Titan

Dec 24, 2013

My mt6577 cherry mobile titan is brick.. how to unbrick my cherry mobile titan.. my phone is not off and cant turn on.. and it is has been format thru sp flashing tool.. my problem is i have no firmware.nfo and the scatter-loading file of my cherry mobile titan..

General :: Unbrick HTC One S - Flashing Boot Images Failed

Nov 27, 2013

How to unbrick my one s. I can get into recovery but i cant do anything else. I have tried flashing multiple boot images from the bootloader but i get the same failed message every time i try to flash a rom. I dont have s off but i am rooted and supercid.

General :: How To Unbrick Old Cliq By Flashing Original Firmware

Sep 3, 2012

i was trying to unbrick my old cliq by flashing the original firmware and it failed idk why and it wont dectect it any more and the phone has a black screen and only the keys light up any way to save my old cliq??


General :: Unbrick Android TV Smart Player (no Hidden Button)

Jan 6, 2014

I could not find an answer to unbrick my android smart tv player. The player does not boot I believe since ther is no picture on the screen and it does not show any reaction on inputs from the remote (usually the LED on the front blinks at input). Only the power button on the remote works and turns the device on and off. Thats it
I found several solution to unbrick Android Players which have a hidden button behind the AV jack, but those are different models that have different ports. I also tried holding down Vol- Home and Power on the remote to get into recovery, but it doesn't work. I attached pictures of my device.
Is there a way to boot into recovery using USB or SD Card. The dievice has 2 USBs and a SD Card slot. Or any other way to unbrick or factory reset it.

General :: Unbrick NEO N003 MTK6589T - SP Flash Error 4032?

Nextway Driver Ed

Jan 27, 2014

NEO N003 1/4g T13
I have flashed to newest Stock room from the website neo then i try magerto room he was fine as the beginning then after 2 days he start freezing and sometimes working then the camera is no longer working i tell my self its just poor room
i decide to use the stock room but after i flashed work normal for 10 minute then freeze the screen turn black utile you remove the battery and put back in 2 minutes after many times trying to flash it by sp flash tool i hit format imei is gone and no signal on the sim card ( thats not a big problem)but the phone still freezing and restarting screen ......after that the phone not able to turn on even the logo just black you can see he is trying turn on but no logo no nothing
in the device manager detect MediaTek Usb port before was detect preloader MediaTek somthing ......
look at the picture and the sp tool not working MediaTek Usb port and i got this error
this Morning accidentally i put the phone into Preloader Mode and make normal flash and my phone is a live a was very Happy i went to write the imei must root the phone...i have install root programe name is geno (he is work fine on lenovo P780) but in neo N003 he just freeze and tun off and no longer can trun it on again just black screen.
Now when i plug the phone via usb port windows detect it MediaTek USB Port how i can put it again in Mediatek Preloader VCOM ???Always get error 4032 on sp flash tool (format , upgrade, download) all he same error

Nextway Driver Updater

General :: How To Unbrick Cherry Mobile OMEGA ICON / Micromax A121 Elanza 2

Jun 13, 2014

My phone won't boot up it's just vibrating after the boot animation logo with black screen but I can access the stock recovery and have charging battery sign so I think it's soft brick.
What seems the cause of brick:
I accidentally bricked my phone using root cleaner app and full cleaning option.
I tried factory resetting in stock recovery but It's not working.
Additional Information:
Our local phone doesn't have CWM and Custom/Stock Rom yet but it's rooted. CM Omega Icon has same spec with Micromax A121 Canvas Elanza 2 you could say that's the OEM of our phone. But unfortunately they do not have CWM and Custom/Stock Rom also.

General :: How To Unbrick Hard Bricked Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite (GTS 5302)

Nov 19, 2013

Recently, I got my samsung galaxy y duos lite gts 5302 hard bricked after installing a custom rom. I want to know to unbrick it, where i cn get the suitable tools, like stock rom and odin.
Is there any video on it???

Samsung Moment : Can I Unbrick Phone Logo.png Change?

Nextway Driver Licence

Sep 22, 2010

Is there a way to fix a Samsung Moment that has been bricked due to an incorrect logo.png change?

General :: Unable To Get Ringtones On S4?

Jan 18, 2014

Nextway Driver Test

why I can't get my ringtones on my S4? maybe it is the file? it is a m4.r file and in my itunes�I can click and drag other files to my android but not these.

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