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ShopBot Control Software - Version Update Notes

Like all ShopBot tools the Desktop DT2418 uses drivers to control the motors that move the tool along each axis. A driver is an electronic device that regulates the current used to power another device, in this case the linear movement motors. This is the software that runs ShopBot CNC Tools. With the ShopBot Control Software, you can enter individual commands to move the tool or run a ShopBot Part File, a cutting file created in a CAD/CAM program such as the ShopBot Design Software Suite, to cut out a part. Your ShopBot is moved and controlled by a personal computer (running Windows XP or Vista) that you provide. In the ShopBot Control software, signals are streamed from the PC's USB port through a USB cable to the ShopBot Control Box. The Control Box is placed near the tool and provides the driving power to the motors. Some devices will only connect to your computer using a port called 'RS232 Serial Port'. This port was used on old computers before 2003. RS232 was the universal/popular port back in the old days just like USB is today.

Version 3.8.x *MAJOR UPDATE*

3.8.50 -- Maintenance update; (FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED, included; install with [UI]) 6/15/18

-Enhanced PWM Laser Control (for Version 204 and later Control Cards) and fixed gaps
-Added 5-axis tool features including use of standard calls to CustomCut files
-Fixed missing Z prox and metric features in ShopBot Setup routine

3.8.48 -- Maintenance update 4/15/18
-Improve dialogue for ATC Zeroing

Version 3.8.46 -- Maintenance update 2/15/18
-Fixed metric operation in Desktop and DesktopMAX First Setup and Squaring files

Version 3.8.44 -- Maintenance update 11/15/17
- New ATC settings for PRS4 version of ATC
- New Settings Folder for PRS Tools with Z-Axis proximity switches; adjusts [VN] settings for Input 5
- Updated Setting for 5-Axis Tools; prox switch settings and rotary motor unit values
- Fixed Limit over-ride crash continuation attempt
- Fine tuning of Stop Pull-Up/Resume Issue w/PRSalpha tools (But, if problem persists for you; disable Resolution-Shifting in [VU] and limit Jog speeds to 14ips. This should resolve)
- An alternate implementation of this version of software that uses slowed USB speeds for computers that are experiencing USB communications issues; called 3.8.44_slowedUSB (may limit maximum circle and keypad speeds)

Version 3.8.2 -- Intial Release ofMAJOR UPDATE (view enhancements above)

Version 3.8.4 -- MaintenanceUpdate 3/24/13
- Two primary issues addressed in this release:
= A 'slow down' in motion that happens whenrunning a file, once started it continues (tends to occur with
slower processors)
= A period of 'erratic motion' that isfollowed by communications disruptions and continuation problems
(also primarilywith slower processors)
**Both problems found their way into the initial release versionbut did not show up in final screening; now repaired
- All control cards should now support a hot swap; retainedlocation when controller USB plugged into another
computer (assuming not turned off)
- Fixed bug that can occur when an axis is swapped within a file
- Added additional diagonistic LED signal on Control Card; willcycle on and off @~8seconds when not
connected to PC but functioning normally
- [VD,0] and [VD,1] can now be used at start of a file to forcefile to run in INCHES or MM. Also works for
G20 and G21 (the G-code verison)

Version 3.8.6 -- MaintenanceUpdate 4/23/13
- Fixed issues with spindle/router switching ON when call followsand initial move (e.g. surfacing routine)
- Fixed problem with initial display when loading older PRTsettings file
- Hitting ENTER as a STOP now works in Keypad moves (Goto Move orMemory Move)
- Changed functionality so that Control Box firmware can be updatedfrom EASY Mode, click '?'(Help)
- Fixed EASY Dot display when switching to EASY from Preview Mode
- Updates to Docs re: G20 and G21 g-codes for swapping axes (seeabove)

Version 3.8.8 -- MaintenanceUpdate (FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED; included) 8/28/13
- Now allowing Input from #2 and #4 as responses to Spindle On ?question for Handibots (requires appropriate
serial number)
- #4 Input response for Standards and and Desktops also fixed
- Modified arrow keys for Handibot tablet Z (PGUP/PGDN viaAlt-ArrowUP/DN)
- Improved error correction in probing
- Fixed problem with Stopping at speeds of .4ips and below
- Synced file line display of code in Console screen
- Z pull-up error in multiple toolpath files fixed
- Fixed problem with Preview Display of multiple toolpath fileswhere post inserted duplicate definitions
- Fixed problem with spindle turning off when commands enteredmanually from keyboard
- Fixed protection on ShopBot Setup to allow it to function withouta special Admin start; also fixed shift to metric
in Setup routine
- Fixed problem in some situation with Z-Zero not returning tocorrect location at end of routine

Version 3.8.10 -- MaintenanceUpdate 11/6/13
- Install includes a Settings file for the new Handibot Tools
- Install includes BZero.sbp; MTC adds B axis tool change andfixes Change_A [VI] command
- When using Keypad, 'Fixed Distance' moves will now updatelocation display in Keypad readout
- Fixed location updating so that when a 'Limit Switch' is hit inKeypad mode the location is correctly reported
- Vachole.sbp subroutine Part File added to 120 and 144 sizeVacuum Table folders (it had been missing)
- Probe-2-Surface returned as a virtual tool; note that dependingon file type, some editing of the first few moves may
be required
- Command Reference updated for MS vs VS 'stack' features and forCP motion (not Jog)

Version 3.8.12 -- MaintenanceUpdate (FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED; included) 1/24/14
- [UR] (Reset Settings) no longer showing option to deleteSbSys.Log in ; makes it more permanent; delete
from C:ProgramDataShopBotShopBot 3
- [UR] fixed problem with running from mm for some settings files;now stays in mm if called from mm
- Updated math precision to prevent rounding error causing shift toslow speed in some long files
- In Keypad, Fixed Distance Moves now supported for Rotary (deg)Axes. NOTE! to avoid needing to input a
separate distance for just for the rotary axis: if you are ininches, rotation will be X10 the inch
distance in degrees; if you are in mm, rotation will be X0.10 mmdistance in degrees
- In Keypad, Memorized location move pull-up warning improved incomparing current Z/A location
- In Keypad, (a new) Memorized locations will be converted tocurrent units before the move if units do not
match the recorded value. E.g. a location recorded as 2,1 in inches,will send tool to 50.8, 25.4 if
the software is in mm mode. (You need to re-input older locationsfor this fuctionality to take effect.)
- Fixed inconsistencies in (rarely-used) positive plunge system; weonly recommend positive plunge for special
- Improved spindle shut-down if communications lost
- In C2 (Z-zero) routine; there is no longer an automatic pull upto Safe-Z height before touching off on the
plate. The assumption being that you could not run the routine ifyou weren't above the plate. (The pull-up
still occurs after each touch-off on the plate. Use [VC] to reducethe Safe-A pull-up if you do not want to
pull up as high. The default value is 1.0inches/25.4mm for mosttools, .5in/12.7mm for Desktops and
Version 3.8.14 -- MaintenanceUpdate 3/19/14
- Fixed some issues with conversion between metric and incheswhen using ShopBot Setup under [T]ools
- Fixed highlight line location in small file display; e.g.showed up in spindle warm-up routine
- Updated Handibot Settings file to create -.05 offsets fromprox switches
- Barcode scanner added as option in 'Button' system; seec:Program FoldersShopBotVirtualToolsButtons
- Fixed problem with FG that prevent a restart on a linebefore a J3
- Improved the handling of variables in the 'SHELL'Programming Instruction and with Virtual Tool starts.
See examples in ProgrammingHandbook.
- Added functionality for using a Z-axis Proximity Switch with C2and C3. If you have a tool with a Z-prox
use Setup under Tools toconfigure it to be able to re-position the cutter that was lastZ-Zeroed.

Verrsion 3.8.24 -- MaintenanceUpdate 7/18/14
-Provides option to disable electronic gear shifting onPRSalpha tools; this will reduce max jog speed; but prevents
possible gearshift distance error dueto low/slow voltage shift at driver; also allows fasterdigitizing/probing
-Fixes problem of misreading Output Status on some processortypes ('Unexpected Output Fault' error)
-Fixes problem of occasional slowing on some processor types
-Fixes bug with reading and parsing paths and long variablenames
-Work on updated zeroing routines for z prox switches andconsistency over all zeoring file
-Created protection for double hitting of Enter Button inresponse to start dialogues
-Now calling Custom90 at startup so that all potential neededvariables in my_variables.sbc are loaded
-Added SetZprox.sbp/Custom8.sbc to manually set the Z proxheight when not using ZZero plate, such as with
-Changed Emergency-Stop Action on PRSalpha and PRTalpha toolsto an immediated hard stop (no slowed
Version 3.8.26 -- MaintenanceUpdate (FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED, included) 10/11/14
-Fixed occasional erractic behavior after repeated Stops andResumes (and Nudges or Command Insertions)
-Reduced liklihood of Keypad lockup
-Fixed erratic Stop problem that can happen when Stop happensin a short Jog (or in last fraction of a Jog)
-Fixed several inch > mm conversion/reset glitches
-Small Circle Definition (a rarely used parameter, previouslyfound in VU) moved to VR to make it more readily

Version 3.8.30 -- MaintenanceUpdate (FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED, included) 4/27/15
-Fixed Handibot Settings File for initial start-up
-Updated Laser PWM control functions (see VN and VH)
-Added Spindle Speed info (for manual speed adjustment) inSpindle-Start Dialog
-Fixed problem with ATC Calibration locking up
-Updated Help Links and the coloring of several Commands inShopBot Editor, SbEdit.exe

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Version 3.8.32 -- MaintenanceUpdate 5/25/15
-Fixed problem with RESUME after STOP during a JOG (in whichZ is below pull-up height)
-FIxed problem with ramps/speed in first file when softwarehas been started in Preview Mode


Version 3.8.34 -- MaintenanceUpdate 6/18/15
-Fixed memory (out or range) problem with large files havinga single stack and ramps on most moves
-Added blank shopbot.ini file to initial install to helpinsure 'public' file rights (should auto call [UR])
-Added dates to history
-Opened permission on 'C:/ProgramData/ShopBot' to preventproblems saving settings; STILL REQUIRES

Drivers Shopbot Tools Port Devices Gigabit

Version 3.8.36 -- MaintenanceUpdate 7/18/15
-Fixes file-breaking problem that occurs with inline speedchanges [VS] within an SBP or g-code file where
the speeds are very slow (< 1inch/sec or < 25mm/sec); now handled with a stack break that shouldbe

Version 3.8.38 -- MaintenanceUpdate 10/30/15
-Fixes run-time error generated by call to the Spindle SpeedController and not having correct location values
in registry
-Updated 5-Axis Zeroing routines and new default setting filefor recent 5-axis tools
-Fixes an error in MTC management of drills

Version 3.8.40 -- MaintenanceUpdate 12/15/15
-Fixes problem in which a Driver Fault after C3 producesfailure
-Made Driver Fault and E-Stop messages consistent

Version 3.8.42 -- MaintenanceUpdate; FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED, included; use [UI]) 6/27/16
-Updates PRSalpha setting files for 15:1 indexers (oldersettings in subfolder)
-Fixed typo's in Safe Height in MTC file for 4th and 5th axis
-Added metric indexer posts for Vectric products
-Re-organized back-up folder for CAM software postprocessors,included addition specialty posts for rotary-indexers
-Fixed bug in file start-up (a spindle-activation falt orerror) after a preceeding file was discontinued; produced error withSurfacing Tool file
-Fixed ocassional slow-down in large files (failedre-acceleration from ramping)
-Fixed intermittent bad plunge after resume (fault happenedafter stopping in a jog move)

(Note that all Installs of ShopBot Software include a README fileand an Update History file that detail changes in the softwareacross versions and releases.)

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Drivers shopbot tools port devices gigabit

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Ok, it's been 6 years since I've had com port problems.
Now I've been out of business for 2 weeks.
EVERYTHING is grounded just like it has been for 6 years.
Running Buddy on Windows XP...for 6 years...ok, you get the idea.
Now I have the intermittent connection loss problem.
I've tried two other computers, both Windows 10, but they can't find the Buddy. Assuming that's a Windows 10 problem?
Back to the XP machine. Reinstalled control software and drivers. Wiggled everything internally. Blown any dust out. Replaced memory.
I can get anywhere from a full day of cutting to 1 minute before the dreaded yellow screen appears.
Please don't suggest I contact tech help. They gave me the typical set of instructions I've had for 6 years.
Any ideas?