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Driving is a skill that can and should be continually improved. AAA’s Roadwise Driver™ is a course that can be taken online or in a classroom to help senior drivers keep driving knowledge fresh and get the most out of your vehicle, while reducing risk to you, your passengers and others on the road. The course covers topics like:

Senior Drivers in New York In addition to being a convenience and an enjoyable activity for many people, driving is also a symbol of one’s independence. As we age, there are numerous factors that can affect our driving skills, and hinder our ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Drivers who’s age is greater then the state cutoff will usually have to renew their DMV license in person. The license of older drivers will also be valid for a shorter period of time compared to newer drivers. Some states will allow you to renew online or via email if some you have a valid reason for not being able to make it in person. The Mississippi Department of Public Safety wants older drivers to maintain their driving independence as long as they continue to drive safely and confidently. License Renewal For Senior Drivers Mississippi drivers who are 71 years of age or older at the time their current driver license expires are generally required to renew their license in.

  • Extending Your Safe Driving Career
  • Distractions, Drowsiness, Aggressive Driving & Road Rage
  • Managing Visibility, Time & Space
  • Alcohol & Medications
  • Comfort & Safety Tips

Although contains many driving tips, taking a comprehensive driving improvement course will ensure that you have the most up-to-date driving techniques and understand the latest vehicle technologies.

Drivers Seniority

As you age, it is important for senior drivers to know and understand how to adjust for slower reflexes, weaker vision and other changes. Some of the benefits related to taking AAA’s Roadwise Driver™ improvement course are:

  • Potential discount on insurance premiums.
  • Getting up to speed on the latest in vehicle technology, such as adaptive cruise control and lane-departure warning systems. Learn the proper use of these and other safety systems available in vehicles today.

As a group, senior drivers are at a higher risk of having a serious collision per mile driven than any other age group except for those under age 25. Drivers in their late 70s have about the same number of injury-involved crashes per mile driven as drivers in their early 20s. And driver’s age 85 and older are injured or killed in crashes at a higher rate than any other age group. This is due primarily to increased fragility that comes with age. Older senior drivers are generally less able to withstand the forces of a crash, so they are more likely to become injured, compared with younger, stronger and fitter individuals. Older adults also don’t typically recover from injuries as quickly as they once did.

AAA is the leader in driver safety. In fact, AAA invented driver training in 1935.

  • AAA’s driver improvement courses are packed with up-to-date safe driving techniques and can help sharpen your skills.
  • AAA’s driver improvement courses may be offered through the classroom, online or both. Courses are not available in all areas. Contact your local AAA club for more information.
  • In many states, AAA driver improvement courses enable you to get a discount on insurance premiums.

Take an Online Defensive Driving Course

Interactive and informative AAA online driver improvement courses can be taken from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.


Take a Local Defensive Driving Course

Classroom driver improvement courses are taught by AAA-certified instructors in a group setting – and offer you hands-on experiences in real world situations.


Senior Driver Car Insurance Discounts

One of the benefits of getting older is that you begin qualifying for senior discounts. Car insurance companies are no different from any other company that offers a financial break to customers who've reached a certain age (generally 50 years old). However, you might not realize that you may be able to tap into several other car insurance discounts as a “mature driver.'

Available Discounts for Senior Drivers

Many car insurance companies offer more than the typical senior discount. Depending on the car insurance company you choose, you could save money with one or more of the following programs:

Mature Driver Discount

This is your general senior discount; you'll typically be offered a certain percentage off your premium for reaching a specific age (set by your car insurance company).

Low-Mileage Discount

If you drive under a certain number of miles, you may be able to save money on car insurance rates. When you retire and stop driving to and from work, you might find you easily qualify for this discount.

Mature Driver Training Course Discount

Many companies offer reduced rates to senior drivers who take defensive driving courses tailored to senior drivers. Speak with your insurance provider to see which courses they recommend, or check our Defensive Driving section.

Retired Military Member Discount

In order to show their gratitude to military service members, many car insurance companies lower the premium for those who have retired from service.


Senior Organization Membership Discounts

Belonging to specific organizations can earn customers of all ages discounts on their car insurance; senior organizations may be included in this list. For example, you may save money by being a member of AARP.

Finding Senior Driver Discounts

It's important to speak with your car insurance agent to determine which discounts are available.

When you're shopping around and comparing car insurance rates and discounts, always remember to ask about savings for which you might qualify. Your insurance agent might not mention them unless you ask, which could leave you paying more than you need to.

If the insurance company doesn't offer car insurance discounts, you might wish to look around and compare rates and discounts from other insurance providers.

Other Ways to Keep Your Rates Down

While seniors can tap into multiple car insurance discounts to lower their rates, it's also true that as a driver continues to age, his insurance premium may increase due to statistics on lowered reflexes, diminished eyesight, etc.

Aside from discounts, there are other ways you can reduce your car insurance premium.

Reassess Your Current Coverage

If you have a very broad insurance policy that includes several optional coverages like collision and comprehensive, you may want to reduce your coverage.

Senior drivers

Many insurance companies advise that drivers whose vehicles are worth 10 times the amount paid for collision and comprehensive coverage, it may not be worth the cost to keep those coverages.

Raise Your Deductible

If your rates are continuing to rise as you get older, you might want to consider raising your deductible. If you're driving fewer miles, your likelihood of an accident goes down.

While you'll end up paying a higher dollar amount in the event of a claim, you may save a lot of money in the long run if you have no or very few accidents.

Change the Primary Driver

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You may be able to save money by switching the primary driver on your policy to a younger driver. Many seniors often choose to switch the primary driver to one of their children.

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This is a great idea if you are no longer driving as much as you used to, or your child is doing a major share of the driving.

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