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The Microsoft scanner and camera wizard is a handy feature included with the Microsoft Windows Operating System. However sometimes when you plug your digital camera into your computer via USB, it will make the usual noise, saying its connected, but nothing happens. Oh no.. What do you do now? When you connect a plug and play digital camera into your computer to transfer photo’s it is usually set to automatically start the Microsoft scanner and camera wizard to extract the pictures. However sometimes people have installed other software that may have altered the auto play settings.

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How do I know that my digital camera has connected to my computer?

Of course for the automatic scanner and camera wizard to work unless you have a camera connected to your computer. You will usually here a sound when the device is plugged into the USB port on your computer. You will also have to turn the power button on for the camera. A computer cannot recognize it unless the power is on the camera.

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Another way to tell if you have connected the camera to the computer is to go to my computer and verify that there is a camera icon there. This applies to both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

  1. Go to My Computer which is either an icon on your desktop or in the start menu in the bottom left corner. You can also access your camera from the control panel.
  2. Here you will see your camera appear. (see below)
  3. If the digital camera icon is there then your camera is connected properly.

The Microsoft scanner and camera wizard is not opening automatically?

If the Scanner and Camera wizard does not open when you plug your camera into your computer you can still see the camera in my computer.

Then you can start the Microsoft scanner and camera wizard yourself.

  1. Go to My Computer which is either an icon on your desktop or in the start menu in the bottom left corner. You can also access your camera from the control panel.
  2. Here you will see your camera appear. (see below)
  3. Double click on the digital camera icon.
  4. A box will appear showing what pictures are on your camera.

How to make the Microsoft Scanner and camera wizard start automatically?

  1. Follow steps one to four from above.
  2. Under the heading Camera Tasks, choose to Show camera properties. (you can also choose to Get Pictures from Camera to start the Wizard manually)

Choose the Events Tab from the top of the dialog box. See screen shot below.

  1. Here you can select an event. I chose that when the camera is connected it will automatically start Windows XP’s inbuilt scanner and camera wizard.
  2. There is also other software to choose from if you have more than one compatible photo transfer program installed on your computer

After you have completed these tasks you can test your changes by turning your camera on again. Then see what it does…The automatic scanner and camera wizard should appear.

How to make the Scanner and Camera Wizard automatically start in Windows Vista?

In Windows Vista you can also set the options to import pictures using Windows to do this automatically when you plug in your camera. unfortunately, there is no scan and camera wizard like there was in Windows XP, included in Windows Vista or Windows 7. Of course Windows will still extract your photos but it is missing some important options that this scanner and camera wizard previously had in Windows XP. If this annoys you like it does millions of other people,you can download Windows live photo Gallery, which is free from Microsoft and is pretty good. It is meant to do everything that the scan and camera wizard did and more.

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How to choose which program to automatically download your pictures in Windows Vista?


1. Go to the start menu and choose Control Panel.

2. Click on classic view to see all the icons. In Windows 7 there is a little drop-down box. You do not want to see the categories you want to see the icons.

3. Double-click on the autoplay icon.

4. This is where you can change the settings for your Microsoft scanner and camera wizard to open automatically when you plug in your computer.

You might also prefer to use and other program that you have installed on your computer. This is your chance to choose that program instead of the automatic scan and camera wizard.

See this article: Choose a program to start. It will show you how to choose a program to auto play when you plug your camera into your computer.

How to transfer photo’s from your digital camera to your computer.
Watch this video below:
More Digital Camera Tips

How to fix the Microsoft scanner and camera wizard in Windows XP?

Scanner Driver Hp

Drivers Scanner Cameras

You have the Microsoft scan at and camera wizard installed on your computer, but it is not working, you can go to the Microsoft download Center and get a tool to fix it. It is a free download and it will check to see if all your auto play settings are working. When you have downloaded this tool, plug-in your camera and this process will be checked to see if there is a problem.

Drivers Scanner Cameras Driver

I am presuming that this fix is just for a Windows XP computer.

Notes about the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard:

  • If there are no pictures it will say this and you will not have the option to go on. The automatic scanner and camera Wizard will only work if you have pictures on your digital camera.
  • You also need to have a camera plugged in to see the Microsoft scanner and camera wizard appear.
  • You do not always have to use the automatic scan and camera wizard as most digital cameras come with their own software. This is often better to use as it would have an editing program with it. For example if you have a Kodak camera it usually comes with the Kodak EasyShare software which is not only equal to the automatic scan and camera wizard, but is also a great editing program. I personally have a Fuji camera and it came with some software that I prefer to use instead of the automatic scanner and camera wizard.

Now I would like to tell you about a new technology that can help you transfer your photos to your computer. It is a Eye-fi SD card that can be inserted into your camera, if your digital camera takes ST cards. Then when you want to transfer your photos, if you have a wireless connection available, you do not need any cords to move the photos from the camera to the computer. you might have a laptop with a wireless connection, or you might have wireless in your house. This simple Eye-Fi card will go into most digital cameras. If you have problems connecting your camera to computers all a problem using the Microsoft scanner and camera wizard, then I suggest you check out this post, Eye-Fi Pro X2 review.

What are the scanning speeds
Scanning an A4 page

Drivers Scanner Cameras Wireless

Just scanningScanning + Export to PDF imageScanning + Export to indexed PDF
Black and white2.60 sec3.02 sec6 sec
Grey scale2.70 sec2.62 sec6 sec
Colour3.20 sec3.20 sec12 sec

Scanning a double page of a pocket-sized paperback book
Just scanningExport to PDF imageScanning + Export to PDF image
Black and white5.10 sec0.70 sec5.80 sec
Grey scale4.40 sec0.70 sec5.10 sec
Colour4.40 sec1.00 sec5.40 sec

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What are the limitations and best practices
  • Please always use the black mat supplied with the device.
  • The best OCR results are obtained from a matte document; a shiny surface may produce results of lower quality.
  • The best results are obtained in standard work environment lighting conditions; too much brightness can affect the quality of the result (direct sunlight, for example, does not suit the scanner).
  • The available book export formats are as follows: PDF image, indexed PDF image & text, JPEG, and ePub. Audio formats (MP3 and WAV) are available as an option with Readiris Corporate.
  • This scanner is not optimised for photo scanning.
  • A “passport holder” (available as an option for ease of use and optimised results) helps with passport scanning.
  • IRISPowerscan™ (optional) must be installed if you wish to extract meta data from official documents (passports, ID cards, health cards, etc.).