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4883. Wilma B NDE 2/11/2021. Secondhand NDE 9141. My mother died and left her body during or shortly after WWII, which was before I was born. On passing into the next heaven, she was met by two angels. They told her it was not her time and she was being sent back. Her purpose was to have three more children
Son shares his mother's NDE from the 1940’s due to suicide attempt.
4882. Anna P Possible NDE 2/7/2021. Possible NDE 9127. From the Ukraine. Original in Russian, translated to English by Jim. Then I felt weightless and was floating upward. I watched as I gently began to exit from my body. My Spirit looked like dense fog. I felt and knew that I was coming out of my body because my heart was not beating and my body was not breathing. At first, I wasn't afraid. I was just experiencing leaving my body. But then I understood that if I left my body completely and entirely severed the connection to it, then I would not be able to return to it.
Possible NDE or could be an OBE dream.
4881. Star E NDE 2/7/2021. NDE 9139. Caution: Graphic violence. A pure, brilliant light engulfed me and I no longer had a physical body. But, I still existed? I had no eyes to see but I looked at everything around me. I was in the center of a vast nothingness, but the nothingness was not empty. It was completely filled with the presence of the living God. There are no words in the English language to describe where I was. I was in the middle of the Glory. Then the Lord wrapped me in His Love and held me to His breast. I was filled to every fiber of my being with His peace that passes all understanding. I felt the love He had for me.
NDE due to criminal attack.
4880. Makaila M NDE 2/6/2021. NDE 9137. I was in a pure black room that had invisible walls that revealed stars. The room was cold and dark, but it felt so nice. I felt a presence behind me. I felt the presence was too comforting, as if something was wrong. I was in my childhood body. But, I was pure white. The crease of ceilings connecting to the walls and the floor were like a shiny, overlapping, silver string . Due to the presence of the figure, I wanted to leave.
NDE due to auto accident. Shared about 1 ½ weeks after experience.
4879. Michelle L NDE 2/6/2021. NDE 9131. From Canada. Original in Chinese, translated to English by Jenny. I saw a sheet of white, bright light appearing before me. I felt safe and all the pressure was gone. I had no need to deal with tough problems, and no longer worried about my children. I felt calm and happy. I said to myself, 'It is so nice here that I want to stay.' Unfortunately, after a while, there was a voice telling me, 'Go back, you still have a lot to do, and you need to go to work.'
NDE due to faint with loss of consciousness.
4878. Ramona M FDE 2/5/2021. FDE 9135. From Canada Yet, before I could act, I heard a powerful voice and felt like I didn't have a choice in what to do. At the same time, I also had a most peaceful sense of surrender come over me. The voice told me, 'Take your hands off the wheel.' Time slowed down as the back end of the car came around. It felt like I was up above and watching the car. In slow motion, the back end of the car came around and shot across the road. The back end crashed into a hydro-pole.
Fear-death experience immediately prior to car crash with information that may have saved her life.
4877. I JH NDE 2/3/2021. NDE 9134. Non-Western NDE from Korea. Original in Korean, translated to English by Teresa. Although short, I watched something like a movie of all the experiences I had gone through in my life. I saw the people and faces of people I knew. I happily watched the moving images while receiving an indescribable feeling of warmth and love. For 30 to 40 minutes I looked back in my life.
NDE at age 9 due to accidental hit to head.
4876. Janine S NDE 1/31/2021. NDE 9132. I realized there was someone beside me. This figure was much taller than me and taller than the average person. The figure felt older and more intelligent than me. I never turned to look at the figure. This figure felt like a guide more than like a family member. It was like we both belonged where we were and we both felt the same way about my family. I felt like I was a higher intelligence who knew more than a 3 year old would know. I felt like this was the real me and I was where I really came from.
NDE due to drowning at age 3. Shared 51 years later.
4875. Kristin K NDE 1/30/2021. NDE 9130. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. From above, I looked down and saw my body lying in bed. I did not feel afraid; it felt so normal and easy. I felt like I was held, safe, and loved.Then everything around me became very luminously bright and a warm light pervaded everything. I saw a brightly shining circle whose edges dissolved into soft, yellowish-red colors. In my head I heard a voice. It told me that I could decide if I wanted to stay forever up here in the light or if I wanted to go back to my body.
NDE at age 14 from pneumonia.
4874. Dean C FDE 1/26/2021. FDE 9128. From the United Kingdom. Simultaneously, in super-fast motion, events from my life flashed before my eyes. After the incident, I was fully aware of what had happened. I felt a combination of calm, relief, and curiosity.
Fear death experience from near accident while riding bicycle.
4873. Dr. Sahar S NDE 1/20/2021. NDE 9126. Non-Western NDE From Iran. I turned my face and thought, 'Wow, they have changed the decorations.' I didn't understand how I could have missed this beautiful garden in background as I looked through a big glass window . The ground was covered with green grass. But the color of green is hard to explain because I had never seen it before. I couldn't see the sun, but it was a beautiful day over there. Far away, there were green trees that were not like the garden. Rather it was more like a magic jungle. I felt so good and wanted to go there.
NDE due to complication of spinal anesthesia for delivery.
4872. Joon O NDE 1/20/2021. NDE 9124. From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Gerardo. All of a sudden somebody yelled, “I watched over him all the time! I just don’t know how this accident could have happened! It’s the truth, sir! I watched over him!” From the somewhat hoarse voice, I realized that it was the voice of my guardian angel. That’s just what I figured. He was behind the wall with someone who might have been his boss. “Maybe he’s an archangel,” I thought to myself.
NDE due to car accident. In hospital sister saved him from being taken to the morgue.
4871. Rachael C NDE 1/18/2021. NDE 9125. Within seconds, my life flashed before my eyes. I did not like what I saw. In a flash, I was soaring above the great Smoky Mountain National Park. In another flash, I found myself in the middle of a warm, golden field. I heard murmurs and voices. I felt so warm and so loved. The only thing that existed in the world was love. We were all connected into it one giant energy ball of pure love-source. The Beings, who were with me, told me that it was not my time and I’d have to go back.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during medical procedure.
4870. Dave M NDE 1/14/2021. NDE 9123. It felt like I was peeled out of my body. What seemed like a couple seconds more, I woke up. But I wasn't where I thought I had fallen. I was in some other realm. At first, I didn't know I had died because I was totally conscious. I was in total awe and amazement at my surroundings. I was surrounded by a green mist. There was a low level of light coming from one side. It seemed to be coming from behind the mist, like I was in some sort of void.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.
4869. Rhonda E Possible NDE 1/14/2021. Possible NDE 9122. When it got closer, it was a tunnel. The walls were spinning and the inside looked like a colorful tornado with a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I stepped inside the tunnel and looked up. I was looking at the colors, when I started hearing people whispering.
Possible NDE due to alcohol poisoning.
4868. Viki NDE 1/12/2021. NDE 9121. From Canada There was a very bright light above me. It felt like I was looking at the star, but from a distance of only a few feet. The light gave off bright purple and white colored rays colored. It was pleasant there. I saw and felt my body just stripped off my shoulders, like a sleeve or a soft shell removed from my body that folded and fell down on the floor. I'm not sure if I saw anything Beings.
NDE due to episode of unconsciousness after getting up from meditating on the floor. Shared less than two weeks after experience occurred.
4867. Tina T Possible NDE 1/12/2021. Possible NDE 9120. Instantly, I was in a soul realm like a tunnel or stream. It was a dark green color, but I could feel I was headed to light. It was absolute bliss; all of the pain was gone and I was in this all-encompassing orgasmic state. I knew where I was going because I had been there before during a meditation experience a few years back. I could feel a gentle energy taking me upward to the afterlife. I was enjoying my journey there and excited to be going. I knew about my life and everything I was leaving, but it didn't seem important because I was ready for what was next.
Possible NDE due to blood loss associated with miscarriage.
4866. Anne W NDE 1/12/2021. NDE 9119. Exceptional Experience. I was the UNIVERSE in expression, and the Universe was within me, I was shown this, I KNEW this intimately. I was shown through energy that I was ONE with ALL THAT IS, ALL THAT EVER WAS and ALL THAT WILL EVER BE. ALL THAT EXISTED was within me. I was shown this and experienced this within every fiber of my Being. EVERYTHING WAS CONNECTED. I WAS EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE; omnipresent, omniscense! I KNEW in this place of ONENESS that I was connected to everyone and everything. There absolutely was no seperation.
Exceptional NDE during unconsciousness at time of an apparent heart attack. Remarkable spiritual wisdom from person who is currently homeless.
4865. Laura Z Probable NDE 1/9/2021. Probable NDE 9118. From the Netherlands During the first surgery, I had an out of body experience. I recall floating above an empty operating room and thinking that this place was way too cold and lifeless for people to heal properly. I didn't have a body and thus no weight, but I was experiencing floating. I spent most of my time there in rest and peace as I was held in a bright light. I felt loved, intensely comfortable, and warm. It felt as if the healing on soul-level was available there.
Probable NDE at age 2 during surgery and remarkably NDE-like drug experience (hallucinogenic mushrooms)
4864. Lee S NDE 1/9/2021. NDE 9117. I am floating really high above the most amazing forest I had ever seen. It went on for miles. Off in the distance, was a beautiful lake that was calm with no waves. I felt no pain. I was moving, but at a very slow pace. I felt like I wanted to be in this place. I had no worries.
NDE due to respiratory failure from COVID-19.
4863. Ernest H NDE 1/7/2021. NDE 9116. I watched them work on me from afar. The next thing I remember is watching the firefighters who were standing over me as they loaded me into an ambulance. No helicopters or planes could land in the foggy weather. I heard the EMT say, 'He'll never make it. He has no blood left.'
NDE due to severe cut to arm and blood loss.
4862. Annalise E NDE 1/7/2021. NDE 9115. From the United Kingdom. I did not exist as a body, but was energy. I was an energy that was joined to all other energies; those that had been before and those that will be after. I became aware that we are all just energy and we are all intrinsically linked.
NDE at age 16 due to cardiac arrest during surgery.
4861. Angela BP Possible NDE 1/5/2021. Possible NDE 9114. I remember seeing a vast amount of grass; high-grain straws in a huge meadow. I was happy beyond words and dancing in the meadow. The sun was extremely bright, warm and safe. The color of the sun was so vivid. Yellow light spread across my face as I danced and swayed. I don't remember hearing music. I do remember feeling extremely loved. I felt pure joy that radiated through my skin.
Surgery with general anesthesia.
4860. John W NDE 12/31/2020. NDE 9111. I felt that I was outdoors in sunlight but it was not hot. I was so comfortable and would have been more than willing to have remained right there. My body may have been unconscious but my mind was very much sensing this new and wonderful environment.
NDE due to sudden episode of unconsciousness followed by 40 foot fall.
4859. Roman K Possible NDE 12/30/2020. Possible NDE 9109. I always answered the same way, 'Yes, I'm ready. I'm on board.' As we walked side-by-side toward a bright light at the end of the hallway, there were many people walking the other way. None of these people made eye contact or spoke, but they seemed to be walking in a very determined manner away from the light.
Possible NDE during hospitalization.
4858. Anelia G NDE 12/27/2020. NDE 9108. Exceptional Experience. I saw my life on earth as a split second and a tiny fraction of what I was supposed to live. I thought to myself, the equivalent of ' was that it? No, this cannot be it.' At that moment, I had a clear understanding of who I was on a fundamental level. I am not talking about earthly attributes like gender, race or ethnicity. I am talking about the spirit me, for lack of a better term. I wasn’t a human form nor did I have an age. I just was. For the sake of explaining this experience, I am writing everything in linear order, however all of this happened simultaneously. It is hard to explain.
Exceptional NDE when she was just over one year old due to head injury. This NDE is among the best documented and detailed ever reported that occurred so early in life.
4857. Luis FB Possible NDE 12/25/2020. Possible NDE 9107. From Brazil. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Gerardo. When I arrived at the vegetable garden, some people came over to speak with me. The first one I spoke with was my grandfather. Then, I spoke with my father-in-law. My grandma spoke of events and things that had happened to me when I was a child. I saw my cousin, Luis, who had drowned. Then I spoke with Marcos from church, who had been buried to death when he was 7 years old. I spoke with my sister’s mother-in-law. I also spoke with a person I knew who had passed away last month. Then I met Eliane’s great-grandmother.
Possible NDE in recovery room after rotator cuff surgery.
4855. Elizabeth A Probable NDE 12/23/2020. Probable NDE 9106. I went up a white tunnel and saw my Godfather who sent me back. He said, 'It is not your time yet.' Then, I was floating above the hospital room. I saw my mom and her best friend, who had come to offer support. They were both very upset.
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt with medication overdose.
4854. Chris C NDE 12/20/2020. NDE 9105. From Scotland. I suddenly found myself in a different realm. It was formless, light, and colorful. I didn't see anyone. It was like a soft, light-bath. I was fully surrounded in and a part of this light. I felt at one with the light and at peace. I was definitely ‘me,’ but I didn't’ have a body. In this place, my old life didn’t exist. I had no thought of the life on earth. I was just there, and 'there' was perfect.
NDE at age 9 due to childhood ‘game’ of inducing unconsciousness. Exceptional discussion of aspects of his NDE.
4853. Grant F NDE 12/18/2020. NDE 9104. Yet, everything was visually frozen in time. All of this was going on as, I was still falling backwards and hadn't yet reached the ground. In fact, as my body felt like it was leveling out, I had the sensation that I began to float. I slowly began hovering upwards, towards the sky. I could see my own body, still frozen in time. I could see all around me and up to the sky as I floated towards the clouds. I felt no fear, just confusion. It was like I didn't know where I was, but I didn't care. I thought that I should care more about what I was experiencing, but nothing felt wrong.
NDE due to broken cervical spine and concussion from football injury at age 17.
4852. Georgie P Probable NDE 12/15/2020. Probable NDE 9103. From the United Kingdom. The next thing I remember was being stood in a forest. It was the middle of the day and it was really sunny. A voice told me to walk into the trees and my soul would leave my body. I hesitated and the voice said, 'You're not ready. You can't come yet.'
Probable NDE due to overdose. Shared a few days after experience occurred.
4851. Lizzette Possible NDE 12/11/2020. Possible NDE 9102. Then I calmly told myself, 'Okay, I'm dying. Nobody knows what's happening and nobody will be coming.' My panic completely vanished and I was thinking calmly as if nothing had happened. I was thinking about plenty of things that happened in my life, in my family. I had the impression of 'making a review' and then I saw the border of the pool. I started to brush against the side of the pool with my hand.
Possible NDE due to near drowning.
4850. Stephanie B Probable NDE 12/10/2020. Probable NDE 9101. I saw glimpses of my life from the very beginning and only visions of everything I had ever done wrong. I kept falling until I found myself in the middle of the city where I was born. It looked like the city had been hit by a bomb and I was the only person there. I had an overwhelming feeling that I was in Hell and I had been shown the reasons why God sent me to Hell while I was falling.
Probable NDE vs Possible drug experience after being given a drug laced with fentanyl (a narcotic). Hellish experience.
4849. Daniel R NDE 12/9/2020. NDE 9100. I saw a tunnel with a white light at the end of it. I headed towards the light. That's when I saw my grandmother. We asked how each other was doing. I told her that I was married with two girls and that I was very happy. I told her that I was sorry for not being there for her last day on this planet. I told her that I miss and love her. She told me that she was looking over me and she was my guardian angel. I told her. 'Thank you.' She said, 'You have to go now.'
NDE due to accidental morphine overdose.
4848. Morgan M Probable NDE 12/8/2020. Probable NDE 9099. My vision was covered in air bubbles that I was releasing, but once I didn't have any air left, all I could see was white. I couldn't feel any part of my body, everything was numb and I focused on the white light, trying to make out any shapes or objects that I saw, but all I could see was white.
Probable NDE due to drowning at age 7.
4847. Tony G ADC 12/4/2020. ADC 23463. Exceptional ADC From Australia. I yelled jokingly to my sister that someone was here. She entered the room and I described what I saw. She stated that it was her husband, wearing what she had buried him in. She brought the clothes especially for his burial. He came toward us and I could hear him clearly. He was not happy about a boyfriend she was seeing, what she was doing on their small farm, and other issues. She answered when I relayed his questions to her. She appeared to know what he was talking about. I had no knowledge of her activities or relationships. This went on for about 10 minutes.
Exceptional ADC involving about 10 minutes of questions and answers with sister’s deceased husband. Verified information he could not have otherwise known about what the deceased was wearing during the ADC.
4846. MVC NDEs 12/2/2020. NDEs 9097. From Belgium. Original with some answers in Dutch and others in English. Translated to English by Garry. With great speed, I was sucked downward into a dark void. The speed slowed and I became aware that this was because I was being resuscitation while going through a great mass of unfortunate, angry and mean souls. They wanted to keep me there. But each time my heart was resuscitated, with a hard shock I was back in my body. If they stopped resuscitation for even a few seconds, I was back in the dark void with the unfortunate souls. I kept thinking, 'Please don't stop resuscitating me.'
NDEs due to two suicide attempts.
4845. Yuan-San NDE 12/2/2020. NDE 16118. From China. Original in Chinese, translated to English by Jenny. As I reflected on this experience, the weirdest moment was when I was unresponsive. I dreamt that I was in a vast emptiness where there were no trees, animals, or even grass. I stood there in confusion. Then I saw two tall people with fuzzy faces and wearing hoodie-robes who appeared before me. They asked me to follow them.
NDE due to episode of unconsciousness.