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DriverReach is the Driver Recruiting and Compliance Management System that helps recruiters convert leads, hire faster, build relationships, and be more productive. Storage solutions from Buffalo, QNAP Systems, Rausch Netzwerktechnik, StorONE and Mellanox Technologies, and Toshiba Electronics Europe CAREER NEWS Big Data specialists in high demand. HP Photosmart 440 Drivers Installer. Rausch Netzwerktechnik Q9550-3 Lenovo ThinkCentre M55p (8811DNU) Lenovo ThinkPad T430 (2349H62) Fujitsu FMVLX55YD. Drivers free download - CopyTrans Drivers Installer, Adaptec ASPI Drivers, My Drivers, and many more programs.

Key take-outs
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here
  • Smart storage is redefining what's possible
  • Vital mindset change towards storage now needed
  • 3 great profit opportunities
  • Why SkyHawk AI is your secret weapon

Right now, we're on the cusp of entering a period of extreme innovation that's been dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Why? Because data today is being used in ways that fundamentally transform how we all live, work and relate to one another. Smart Cities are leading that charge.

Say Smart City and what do you imagine? From automated traffic networks to predictive policing and intelligent lighting systems to real-time surveillance, the concept of a Smart City evolves by the day. Cities around the world are increasingly looking to connected devices and smart sensors to capture vast quantities of data and generate real-time insights that can help them run more seamlessly, cost-efficiently and safely.

One big change over the last few years is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now being built into video and other city management systems, enabling them to process, analyse and recognize patterns within vast data streams on site, in an instant, instead of sensor information being sent off to a cloud data centre for analysis.

Storage sits at the beating heart of it all

Of course, where there's exponential data growth, there's a storage need and smart storage has a critical role to play in turning any Smart City vision into a living, breathing, affordable reality. In this new era, opportunities will be won by system builders that can build stand out new solutions their competitors can't, by thinking about storage in new ways:

  • Intelligent. Storage can now power precision-engineered new solutions which are able to simultaneously manage complex AI work streams and link into video analytics tools and platforms, feeding back massive data loads in real time
  • Think big to win big
    Experts estimate that the market for safe city solutions alone is expected to exceed $20 billion by 2021.
  • Mission-critical Storage is not just one more component of an IoT or surveillance system, but at the core of that solution, fundamentally defining what's possible in terms of functionality.
  • Value generating. Storage is no longer a cost of doing business but able to drive exciting new operational efficiencies that will pay back fast in terms of saved financial resources, saved lives, and so much more

Three exciting new profit opportunities

How could you open up opportunities and drive new pipeline?


1: Safer cities
A multi-million-dollar video analytics solution powered by rule-based algorithms and machine learning has already successfully been rolled out in Singapore as part of a wider safe cities initiative. It's able to detect and alert when abnormal scenarios emerge, from unsightly rubbish build-ups to potentially dangerous abandoned vehicles or packages, improving citizen safety and welfare and protecting the valuable tourist trade. Opportunities lie in architecting similar AI-powered solutions for other mass transit spaces such as shopping centres, airports and subway stations, helping to recognize citizens in danger, pre-empt emergencies and rapidly get help to the right places. Can you also deliver value-added services like real-time retail footfall analysis to help customers optimise operations in the moment?

2: Intelligent traffic management
One of the key challenges future cities face is moving people and goods around efficiently. Surveillance system builders today are designing new applications that combine Graphics and Computer Processing Units (GPUs with CPUs) to accelerate deep learning and analytics. By integrating this with a range of data feeds from intelligent traffic cameras around vehicle type, speed and direction of travel, alongside accident information and data collected from driver's smartphones in real-time via apps like Waze, they are delivering real-time traffic analysis. How could you get in on the action and also help city planners to optimise traffic flows, lower congestion rates, reduce accidents, speed emergency response times and lower pollution levels?

3: Better city maintenance and design processes
AI-empowered surveillance systems can keep road and rail networks safer, cost-efficiently and proactively spotting wear and tear and identifying issues before they become problems in a way human inspections can't. There's also a big opportunity in helping transport planners to review and analyse commuter trends, black-spots and incident data to design better networks for the future. What progressive new systems could your teams design?

SkyHawk AI is your secret weapon

Seagate is focused on creating fast, high capacity hard drives specifically built for always-on AI and surveillance environments, able to cost-efficiently capture, store, secure and analyse data and turning it into actionable intelligence. Take new SkyHawk AI: the world's first hard drive purpose-built for AI-enabled surveillance, optimised for machine-learning and deep-learning applications and delivering reliable storage, high-resolution video and advanced analytics streaming.

Sharpen your view of SkyHawk

Explore the unrivalled featuresKey take-outs
  • GDPR comes into force this May
  • Encryption is a vital protection tool
  • Why Self-encrypting Drives work
  • How to make data unreadable
  • Download your insight-packed Tech Paper

Your customers are likely to be seriously impacted when the tough new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) comes into effect this May. How businesses of all sizes manage compliance and cyber security is set to change forever, and any company that holds information on EU citizens or anyone who lives in the EU needs to act now to protect themselves, even if that company is not based in the EU itself.

The critical word going forward is accountability: companies need to take ownership of data protection issues and act in responsible ways, fit for the new data era.

Seagate keeps you ahead of the encryption curve

Encryption is actively encouraged throughout the text of the new GDPR legislation. It is a powerful tool that organizations can use to reduce compliance risk, combat critical issues such as breach notification and meet individuals' rights.

Seagate partners like you have long enjoyed superlative drive-level encryption with our Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs).

They're the easy way to lock down sensitive data and quickly prove compliance to regulators. By showing that data is locked down and unreadable in case of a breach, your customers can avoid the reputational damage and stiff penalties they may otherwise incur.

How do Seagate SEDs protect your customers?

  • Encrypt data at rest by default: They encrypt data as it enters the drive using an encryption key stored securely on the drive itself
  • Make instantly erasing data simple: To retire or repurpose the drive, the drive owner simply sends a command to the SED to perform an Instant Secure Erase (ISE)
  • Renders drive data unreadable: An ISE uses the SED's cryptographic erase capability to change the encryption key so data becomes unreadable and unrecoverable

The final countdown has begun

Tough penalties are coming, with fines for a GDPR breach set at up to €20 million or 4% of worldwide turnover, whichever is higher. That makes knowing how to stay on the right side of this new legislation a real priority.

Help customers get protected, not penalised

Read our Technology PaperKey take-outs
  • Pilot HAMR units now shipping: get onboard
  • Proven: simple to operate and integrate
  • Real volume coming in 2019
  • Help customers navigate the new datasphere
  • Interested? Read the full blog

Big news on bigger capacities: Seagate is way ahead of schedule for the release of the first hard drives using Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording, or HAMR!

According to Dr. Mark Re, Seagate Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Seagate is way ahead of schedule for the release of the first hard drives using Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording, or HAMR, which were originally slated to ship to key customers by the end of 2018.

In his recent blog post 'HAMR: The Next Leap Forward is Now,' Dr. Re happily announces, 'In fact, Seagate is already shipping HAMR units for customer integration tests - and the results are as we expected. The HAMR drives are as simple to integrate and operate similarly to any traditional drive. They've passed qualification tests with the predictability we've engineered into the drives.'

Seagate's successful HAMR tests confirm the products are plug-and-play, reliable, and ready to ship in pilot volume next year:

  • Manufacturability: Built over 40,000 HAMR drives; pilot volume in 2018, volume shipments of 20TB+ drives in 2019; drives are built on the same automated assembly line as current products.
  • Capacity: Achieved 2 Tbpsi areal density; 30% annual density growth on HAMR over past nine years.
  • Reliability: Tests proved single-head data transfers of over 2PB, exceeds real-world specifications.
  • Simplicity: HAMR is transparent to host; passed customer testing using standard code.
  • Cost: Supply chain fully established and ready to launch; projected cost-per-TB path beats legacy PMR technology.

Drivers Rausch Netzwerktechnik Ed

Why Seagate is Pushing to Deliver Ever-Higher Data Density?

Drivers Rausch Netzwerktechnik

Explaining the importance of achieving significantly higher data density, Dr. Re cites IDC's recent report, Data Age 2025, which predicts worldwide data creation will grow to an enormous 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025. 'That's ten times the amount of data being produced in 2017,' notes Dr. Re.

He elaborates, 'And IDC continues to reiterate that hard drives will be central in managing 70 percent of the datasphere. In other words, the future is very bright for hard drives, assuming the technology continues to offer massive capacity. HAMR is the next technology to increase data density on the roadmap that's been defined by the major storage technology providers, as part of the Advanced Storage Technology Consortium (ASTC), representing the industry consensus.'

Multi Actuator Technology now unveiled
Just as HAMR transforms storage capacity, Seagate’s new Multi Actuator technology is set to revolutionise hard drive IOPs and double performance. We’ll be exploring that in the next issue of Insider Insight, so be sure to check in!

Give your Thecus NAS customers the benefits of IHM: Seagate and Thecus have now teamed up to bring IronWolf Health Management to select Thecus NAS!

Building upon our successful partnership with other NAS vendors, Seagate proudly announces the availability of Seagate IronWolf Health Management—a key differentiator in the NAS segment—with Thecus network attached storage devices. Now you can give your Thecus NAS customers even greater value and peace of mind thanks to this new alliance.

IronWolf Health Management (IHM) is able to actively protect select Thecus NAS by continually inspecting the health of Thecus NAS drives throughout their useful life. IHM boosts system reliability by providing three distinct capabilities to Thecus NAS: prevention, intervention and recovery.

IHM Helps Keep Your Customers’ Data in Good Shape

Monitoring key parameters and intercepting, containing and rapidly resolving issues, IronWolf Health Management’s comprehensive embedded analysis and recovery software provides intelligent analysis of drive health that goes beyond traditional diagnostic tools. What’s more, IHM even provides convenient access to Seagate’s in-house data recovery services!

Key IronWolf Health Management Benefits

  • More effective prevention that boosts performance and longevity by suggesting optimal workloads and environment tweaks
  • Faster intervention by monitoring hundreds of parameters of the drive
  • Easier access to Seagate Rescue recovery services; because IHM is native and built into Thecus NAS, your customers can make use of Rescue immediately

Put Tough, Ready, and Scalable into Thecus NAS

There’s more to the IronWolf story than IHM—IronWolf™ and IronWolf Pro are designed for everything NAS. That means your customers will get tough, ready, and scalable 24×7 performance that leverages Rotational Vibration (RV) sensors to handle multi-bay environments. With AgileArray™ technology, these drives deliver the best NAS experience possible, focusing on superior reliability, outstanding RAID performance and efficient power management.

Key take-outs
  • Why reducing the grey market matters
  • How to ensure valid warranties and support
  • It’s easy to click and check drive validity
  • The dangers of the grey market
  • Stay vigilant and don’t get caught out

Drivers Rausch Netzwerktechnik Model

Regional Warranties are in place as part of our on-going commitment to reducing grey market activity - only by establishing properly managed and audited distribution channels can we be sure we continue to deliver the support you want.

What you need to do

The Regional Warranty policy is designed to prevent the movement of drives between regions, as well as to ensure that the products you purchase are exactly what you think they are.

Only by purchasing Seagate products through our Authorised Channel can you be sure you’ll continue to maximise the value of your Seagate partnership:

  • Valid Warranties.
  • Access to Programs and Promotions, including SPPRewardsPLUS, our exclusive rewards program.
  • Marketing Training and Support.
  • After-Sales Support etc.

With the Warranty Checker capable of tracking products back to their original region, we strongly recommend you use the Where to Buy feature within the Insider Portal to check the Authorised Distributors and Authorised Resellers in your region before making a purchase.

The dangers of the grey market

The grey market in HDD is a real issue in EMEA, accounting for a significant percentage of the overall market. The flow of drives through un-authorised and un-regulated distributors results in a range of problems:

  • Can lead to reduced investment in marketing and customer support.
  • Disadvantages the vast majority of partners who are committed to providing quality service and support.
  • Invalidates warranties and support channels.
  • Products can be dishonestly advertised, wrongly promoted or mislabeled.

In summary

We are only able to offer full support and warranties on those products that have been purchased:

Drivers Rausch Netzwerktechnik Reviews

  • In your region (eg. EMEA, AsiaPac etc) – this is still catching many partners out, so please do follow the link to find your local distributors.
  • Through an Authorised Seagate Distributor.

It is crucial that you check your local distributors BEFORE you purchase any Seagate product

  • Visit
  • Select your country from the drop down list.
  • Be confident you’re getting all the support you need!

See your local authorized distributors

Where to buy

Check my warranty

Check now

Speed is critical when you need a replacement hard drive. So, to get your new drive up and running fast, Seagate is now piloting a brilliant new Advanced Replacement Program in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

Fast. Flexible. Free

Simply call the appropriate toll-free hotline number below to put in an Advanced Drive Replacement request. All you need is a valid credit card to secure your order. Provided that the right drive is available, your replacement product will be authorised and shipped out within two business days of the point of request, helping you keep downtime to a minimum.

There’s absolutely nothing to pay. Your credit card will only be charged the list price for the replacement product if the malfunctioning drive is not returned to us and received by Seagate within 25 days of your replacement drive reaching you.

If we have them and you need them, we’ll ship them

While this new program is especially focused on mission-critical EXOS Enterprise Drives, IronWolf NAS, SkyHawk surveillance and Desktop Pro products, other drives can also be requested: just ask. It’s one more way that Seagate is focussed on helping you deliver extraordinary system performance and happy customers, every time.

Your Toll-free Hotline Numbers — Advanced Replacement Program

General contactIronWolf 24x7 support/English only
Austria0800 0703160800 070317
Germany0800 72419220800 7241923
Switzerland0800 2002230800 200224
United Kingdom0800 02326970800 0232259
Key take-outs
  • Drives are more vulnerable than they look
  • Your role is critical to protecting them
  • 10 tips for safe drive handling
  • Need more detail? Watch the tutorial

Hard disk drives may look tough, but in fact they are extraordinary instruments of delicate precision engineering. Read/write heads fly at extreme speeds just one millionth of an inch above the spinning disk. Imagine a jumbo jet skimming at speed 2 feet above the earth trying to identify individual blades of grass as it flies and you’ll have an idea of just how powerful — and vulnerable — the average hard disk drive is. Infinitesimally small tolerances need to be maintained between the drive head and disk at all times. No exceptions.

Don’t drop, knock or stack them

Whether you’re involved in shipping or installing hard disk drives, your role in drive health is absolutely critical. Even a small impact can cause huge damage to the drive head or disk surface. Knock them, stack them, or drop them and drive performance could be permanently compromised.

Seagate is committed to helping you handle drives with care: avoiding expensive damage, protecting your reputation and delivering customer solutions that work every bit as brilliantly as they should, every time. That’s why we have created a number of simple rules for the proper handling of hard disk drives.

10 tips for great drive handling:

  1. Remember that drives are always vulnerable, even when not powered up. Yes, they’re more exposed while in operation but you need to be cautious about not knocking or dropping drives at all times, even when they are at rest and in their protective packaging.
  2. Inspect every delivery for damage during shipment. Crumpled boxes and bashed packaging are signs that drives haven’t been carefully handled. Alert your supplier if you spot any shipment damage and please be careful when forklifting palettes of drives around your place of work.
  3. Static electricity is your enemy.

    Did you know that simply bubble-wrapping a hard drive can generate as much as 18,000 volts of static electricity and walking across a carpet can generate 35,000 volts! The ESD (Electronic Static Discharge) generated by your body can damage the complex electronics within a drive circuit board alongside other components. Damage can even be hidden at testing and only become apparent at a later date, leading to product failure and unhappy customers. Be careful not to discharge it by taking the right precautions: See Tip 7 and watch the tutorial for full details.

  4. Avoid rapid temperature changes. When moving drives from storage to staging zones, temperatures can change dramatically and cause condensation damage. Let drives sit for as long as possible after they have been moved between temperature zones before being powered up.
  5. Handle one at the time. Handle boxes and drives one at a time when moving to staging points and work areas.
  6. Keep drives in their protective packaging for as long as possible. Don’t store them in unapproved drive staging containers or stack them on the work surface and when you do remove packaging, hold them gently by their sides.
  7. Maintain an organised and clean work space. Keep the tools you need within easy reach and use the appropriate tools carefully during installation to avoid damaging slips.
  8. Stay grounded to avoid ESD (Electronic Static Discharge). Make sure that everyone who deals with HDDs is correctly trained and that all the relevant precautions are taken.
  9. Properly align connectors: never rock them. When installing a drive, this will keep pins and housing safe. You should also never start up drives when they’re under powered.
  10. Don’t place stickers over the drive’s breather port. This can lead to overheating while the drives are in operation.
  11. Give drives 10 seconds to power down before moving them. If you’re disconnecting or moving a drive from another component, this will ensure that the drive heads are safely parked.

Lastly, Seagate drives are built for extreme reliability, if you do need to ship one back to us, please continue to protect it by only using approved Seagate packaging.

Oops, I did it again

If you regularly handle hard drives, why not watch this brief Seagate Drive Handling and Care Tutorial to avoid common problems and enjoy some expanded tips and advice?

Cloud Fest (with Rausch Netzwerktechnik)

A place where like-minded thinkers and visionaries meet to take the cloud industry forward.

Experience new and exciting technologies like Seagate’s precision-engineered storage solutions, which enable millions of consumers and enterprises to leverage the limitless potential of their data. With their leading-edge security technology, Seagate’s enterprise storage solutions help organizations to navigate and use the datasphere safely and ensure that their most important asset – their data – is always secure and available.

Visit Seagate and Rausch Netzwerktechnik at Rausch Booth H01. We look forward to welcoming you!

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EAW MX800i in good working condition.
Order now:
The MX800i CCEPTM two channel, four-way electronic crossover is designed for fixed installations and touring sound systems. It is supplied configured for use with specific EAW systems. This ensures optimum system performance under all conditions, without the burden of “setting up.” The unit is compact, robust and very reliable, yet simple to service should the need arise.
Overload Protection — Each frequency band has an indepen­dent true-RMS above threshold infinite compressor to reduce gain momentarily whenever the preset output limit is approached. This limit is normally set to prevent the power amplifiers from clipping, but may also be set lower to protect particularly vulnerable drivers.
Low Frequency Control —The MX800i’s lowest operating output band incorporates a low frequency control circuit that provides stepdown alignment equalization along with high pass filtering to prevent operation below system cutoff. This equalized filter is controlled to provide maximally extended distortion-free low frequency response at all power levels.
Sub–Bass Mode — Front panel switches select “OFF”, “ADJacent” and “DISTant” sub-bass modes. This maintains the correct sound
balance and source localization regardless of whether or not you use subwoofers, and if used, whether the subwoofer systems are mounted adjacent to the main speaker stacks or located remotely. This function is particularly useful when subwoofers are mounted at ground level and the rest of the system is “flown”.
Phase Compensation — At the crossover points of any multi-way system, the sum of the upper and lower output bands should be flat so as not to cause any peaks or dips in the overall system response. However, this state of affairs occurs only when the two signals being summed are in phase with each other.
The amplitude responses of the filter and loudspeaker may each be correct. But when they are combined, phase errors are almost certain to occur so that the overall response is not flat. Many manufacturers use equalization in an attempt to combat this shortcoming but equalization only attempts to hide the problem; it doesn’t cure it. The result might look acceptable on paper, but listening tests confirm that an equalized system does not yield the sound quality required and is not consistent.
The MX800i CCEPTM incorporates phase correction circuitry, tailored to the specific system for which it is configured. This circuit compen­sates for the phase response of the drivers and their relative place­ment in the enclosure to present the listener with accurate, phase coherent sound. Without phase correction, the high frequency drivers in a multi-way system tend to lag behind the low frequency drivers, causing a significant loss of definitibn and intelligibility.
Asymmetrical Filters — The MX800i CCEPTM incorporates independent internal settings for each of the six filters on each channel. Using each filter’s individual settings, we are able to independently adjust both pairs of second order filters used to create the ultimate fourth order slope. This asymmetrical filter design is a key element in the close coupling of the crossover to a particular speaker system to compensate for the acoustical characteristics of individual elements.
Quick Configuration Programming — all closely coupled system-specific functions are located on an internal plug-in PC board for easy re-configuration.’
Improved Output Line Drive Capability — 10 Q. output impedance: no need to adjust output balances.
Meets UL, CSA & European Safety Standards.
Full Transient Protection — for safe, quiet turn-ons and –
Enhanced Subwoofer Operating Modes — allows true three-way operation with or without subwoofers.
Front Panel indicators — each band has LED indicators for signal presence, maximum safe output level and output level
Rugged Mechanical Construction — built in the USA with heavy gauge materials for improved reliability on the road.
€165,00 Ex V.A.T. (MwST) per unit.
Prices are Excluding 21% VAT / MwSt.
Products are located in The Netherlands, customers with a V.A.T. ID number pay 0% V.A.T. / MwSt
Please send us your full address for a shipment quote / price.
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CUE Sale B.V. specialises in selling Used Light, Sound & Video equipment.
Our Office, Showroom & warehouse is based in Eijsden in the south of the Netherlands,
from where we sell to local clients and export to clients located on continents all over the world.
All the equipment listed on our website is checked and available from stock, ready to be used on its next show / production.
and can be shipped from our location within 48 hours after a first quote has been made.
If you have any questions or if your interested in any of our products don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our showroom.
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CUE Sale B.V.
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The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)43 20 43 020
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CUE Sale B.V.
Hugo van Dijk
Zoerbeemden 31
NL NL, 6245LR, Eijsden
Telefon: 0031432043020
E-Mail: [email protected]
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