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Drivers Ptltd Laptops & Desktops Software

Drivers Ptltd Laptops & desktopsDrivers Ptltd Laptops & desktops

Drivers Ptltd Laptops & Desktops Free

I have two computers and when I tried out the LiveCD, it failed to boot so it appears that I'm out of luck. Although I have never used BSD before, from what I hear, it seems very interesting so I'm going to buy a laptop just to use it. I was planning on buying a laptop in the future anyway so it's not much trouble.
I saw which laptop works and which doesn't work but they seem to be old or it says it's 'partially working' and I can't seem to find a perfect working laptop. Since most of them is old, I can't buy the laptop other than ebay or amazon (no warranty). I want to use both OpenBSD and FreeBSD (amd64) so finding a laptop that works for both of these is a difficult task. From what I read, I heard that thinkpad laptop are one of the best. I read somewhere that many developers of BSD uses thinkpad laptop.
My current budget is $3,500 but if it's cheaper, I have more money to donate to FreeBSD and OpenBSD so that would be great
What I want to know is if there are people out there with fairly new laptop (that I can still buy on the official website) that are working out of the box for both FreeBSD and OpenBSD. I been looking at Lenovo thinkpad with Intel video card but I'm afraid it may not work so I want to make sure I'm buying the right laptop.
Thank you for reading.