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Performance Drivers Pty Ltd 1mo Optimising the benefits from the Australian Government Manufacturing industry incentives: Operational diagnostics tool for Industry 4.0 The Australian government is. Driver Recruitment Pty Ltd 1800 DRIVERS Underwood U 2/ 2960 Logan Road, Underwood QLD 4119. Phone: (07) 3723 0999.

Munro Engineers – Post Drivers

Company Profile

An Australian engineering pioneer since the 1800’s, Munro are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a range of fencing machinery including our various post driver machines and our new FenceBOSS and Wire Winder systems.

From manufacturing wool presses, tobacco presses, chaff cutters, bag elevators and shearing hand-pieces throughout most of the twentieth century, to becoming a world leader in the design and manufacture of fencing machines, Munro have set the standard to which others aspire.

Innovation has been a key to the success of Munro. From combining the first digger and driver in the world to the advanced design AutoDriver and digger with patented down-force technology, the perfect component for fencing stockyards and vineyards.

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Safety and fast and efficient service are other key areas on which Munro focus. Customer’s needs are a priority.

Always looking for new opportunities and developments, Munro continues to grow and increase both their domestic and international markets.

Munro Engineers are located in Victoria, Australia.

We're Secure

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LOVE TRANSPORT PTY LTD is committed to the security of our passengers and drivers.
Drivers are required to complete STEPS 1, 2 & 3 to get onboard with LOVE TRANSPORT PTY LTD.

Drivers Pledge Army

Driving for LOVE TRANSPORT gives you 96% of the fare when you keep the acceptance and completion rate between 100-90%. If you drop below 80% LOVE TRANSPORT will take 8% but LOVE TRANSPORT will still give you an opportunity to maintain 96% of the fare if you revert back to auto accept which is the default option when going online.
The acceptance and completion rate resets every calendar month.

Drivers Ptltd

Driver's Pledge

Unlike other ride-sharing companies our drivers are required to maintain certain acceptance and completion rates. This means that our drivers will accept and see through your ride request. Our business is modelled on love so more of your fare is paid to the driver rather than to LOVE TRANSPORT PTY LTD.



- Liam R

'Very professional and reliable service. Thank you for your service to our country!!!!'

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- James Centoro

'Great person and wonderful attitude towards life. Thank you for your service'

  • 14 Sep

- Dihonie

'George 10/10 service recombined for all friends and family'

  • 2 weeks ago
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