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This daughterboard has two XLR-5 connectors for DMX in and through. The XLR 5 ports are meant to control the laser as “DMX fixture”. Laser frames can be stored on the SD card and playback can be controlled by DMX. Laser frames can be uploaded by Pangolin’s QuickShow or BEYOND its FB4 Export wizard through an ethernet connection. US Headquarters. Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. 1265 Upsala Road, Suite 1165 Sanford, FL 32771 Office Hours: 10AM to 6PM EST Phone: +1 (407) 299-2088 After Hours Support: +1 (407) 299-2088. 405nm, 200mW, Turn-Key High-Stability Laser Diode Source from Pangolin Scientific // Compare All Laser Source Brands on One Site, Unbiased SELECTION GUIDE on Shop 10,000 + Laser Diodes. Pangolin is the world leader for laser display systems. Creator of Laser Show Designer QuickShow & BEYOND, FB3, and FB4. Start creating incredible laser shows.

GrandMA Definitions

By Jens Poehlker

DMX Fixture definitions provided by Mr. Jens Poehlker from MA Lighting company. These are fixture definitions for LD2000, and for the FB3 with or without QuickShow. Note that these only work with the grandMA2. If there are any changes or update suggestions, please contact Jens directly at


By Mikkojay

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“Use at your own risk” The program is provided free of charge, so if you dont like it I will gladly refund the entire purchase price. You will need the .Net 2 framework installed on your PC, along with a Pangolin LD2000 install. You may replace the sound files found in the .sounds folder, just be sure to maintain the proper (same) naming convention for the sound files.
Mike North aka mikkojay on

iPad to control Pangolin

Drivers pangolin laser others imagesDrivers Pangolin Laser Others

By Daniel Briggs

This Zip file contains a Remote Control Usage Guide and support files, all created by Daniel Briggs. The guide explains two different ways to use an iPad to control LD2000, QuickShow, BEYOND and LivePRO.

CueMania 1.0 for LivePro

By Derek Garbos

Drivers Pangolin Laser Others

This is a workspace somewhat similar to the workspace included with QuickShow 2.0. (I actually based my creation of the new QuickShow workspace on this one). It was designed for the large number of clubs and operators who are using 1 single scanner head. It provides the user with immediate access to hundreds of pre-programmed, fine-tuned atmospheric, graphic, and TTL cues !

LD Autoplay 2000 – Club Version

Drivers Pangolin Laser Others

By Derek Garbos

Auto2000Club is a slightly modified version of Autoplay2000. It was designed for a nightclub or similar environment where we want to limit the operator from projecting laser output into uncontrolled areas. You may also choose to block out the add show/delete show/edit show buttons via the Ldauto2k.ini (found in the windows directory).

QM2000.Net quick finder

By Aljaz Ogrin

This is a small tool that in realtime shows all QM.NET devices connected to the network. Refresh rate is twice per second. It is intended to simplify setting up network on events. It listens for UDP traffic and displays available QM devices.

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This software is not connected to the Pangolin in any way. Pangolin SDK is not used. Software is provided as-is. Free. Support is also limited

Sound Forge to Beyond BeatMarker

By LaserDavid

Laser Technology has developed C++ .NET a application to automatically add markers to Beyond’s timeline, by interacting with Beyond directly. The program reads .sfl format files (Riff format) exported from Sound Forge. This .sfl file contains marker information added to .wav files during Sound forge build and editing. Using the program Edit your wave files in Sound Forge as normal. Once you are happy with your results. Listen to the audio and press the M key to add markers in the desired locations.
That’s it Pangolists the rest is magic. Enjoy David.


PangoBright is a free “screen dimmer” Windows utility for setting the brightness of your main screen as well as external monitors. You can choose which screens will be set to the selected brightness level
PangoBright is small (the EXE is around 100K bytes), and is easy on your processor. It has one job, and one job only: to dim your screen(s).