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The Asus Mini VC66 is the upgrade to the VC65. It’s a slightly larger than its predecessor, and the average NUC-type PC, but virtually every component within it has been upgraded. The result? – A powerful media box that can’t be beaten.

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The size may be small (just 177mm x 153mm x 74mm,) but it certainly doesn’t compromise on power. Inside the compact chassis is a standard Mini-STX motherboard, which is based on the Intel H170 chipset. The compact size allows it to fit on the back of the majority of displays using the VESA mounting kit, which it comes with.

Asus is marketing the VC66 as a 4K playback media device, and it does, indeed, do just that. When we tested it out, we found that it effortlessly played back 4K video files. That said, our review model had an Intel 7th Gen Cor i7-7700, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD inside that boasts great playback capabilities.

Asus Mini PC VC66 Design and Build

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The Mini VC66 has a modern design, and because it is so small, it really is minimalist and won’t take up a ton of space. On the case, there’s a slight dimple-like effect, as well as an attractive square pattern. We think that this helps to the case a clean, fresh look.

Though the VC66 may be compact, it offers everything you could ever want. On the front, there are two USB 2.0 ports, as well as a USB 3.0 and a USB 3.1 port (type-C.) There’s also a headphone jack.

Front ports on the ASUS VivoMini VC66

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On the back, there are two more USB 3.0 ports, an SDXC card reader, and a Gigabit Ethernet. Though the front would probably be a better location for the card reader, as it would make it easier to reach, the device is so compact and lightweight that it can be easily turned around to access. On the back, you’ll also find the power input, which is provided by external power brick. Arguably, an internal power supply would make things neater, but in order to do that, a larger case would be necessary. The HDMI, DVI graphics output and the DisplayPort are all also located on the back of the device. Lastly, a serial COM port is situated on the back.

On the bottom, there are four rubber feet that raise the device up. The top of the case comes off, revealing two 2.5 inch drive bays that are mounted onto a metal plate. If you remove one tiny screw, you can access the main components of the PC, which will allow you to reach the two RAM slots, as well as the M.2 slot. This offers you the ability to upgrade the PC, which is really nice, considering how small it is.

Asus Mini VC66 Performance

From a performance standpoint, you will definitely be impressed with the VC66. In many smaller computers, you’ll find lower processors, which allows for better cooling; that’s not the case with the VC66. It has a full desktop-sized Intel processor inside, which is really quite impressive. That, combined with a total of 8GB of RAM, and the compact VC66 offers some incredible power.

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There isn’t any room for a graphics card, so the device is powered by an integrated Intel HD graphics chip in the processor. This will work fine for everyday use on Windows, but it doesn’t bode well for anything else that’s more demanding, such as gaming. On the interior of the case, you’ll find that there are dual 2.5 inch hard disks, as well as an M.2 slot, which allows for faster storage.

A lot of compact computers are noisy, as they have fans that are constantly running to prevent overheating. This isn’t so with the VC66. In fact, it is no louder than a mere hum; however, when conducting tasks that require more processor power, the fan speeds up, which does make it a bit louder.

Should You Buy It?

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Yes! But, do beware that the price tag is pretty high. However, the high price is worth the power and performance that the compact Asus Mini VC66 delivers. If you’re looking for a small computer that you can put through a workout, you won’t be disappointed with the VC66.