Drivers Orban Sound Cards & Media Devices


The ATI HDMI Audio Device Driver is a software complement to your sound card. Look in the sound card documentation for driver descriptions to make sure that your configuration is correct. First, check the status of your sound card, and see how it is configured. Checking sound card status in Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10: 1.

Drivers Orban Sound Cards & Media Devices

Users who have motherboards with onboard audio (often with VIA, Realtek, or C-Mediachipsets) may have issues with their audio or AC'97 errors in Device Manager. Often this is caused because the operating system was reinstalled and the motherboard chipset drivers were not installed. To resolve this issue, review the troubleshooting sections below.

Let Windows re-detect drivers

Drivers Orban Sound Cards & Media Devices 2017

If you have not recently reinstalled Microsoft Windows, your audio drivers are corrupt. Open Device Manager and remove all devices under Sound, video and game controllers and any Other devices. Once removed, reboot the computer and let Microsoft Windows re-detect the audio drivers.

Motherboard chipset drivers

Drivers Orban Sound Cards & Media Devices

Reinstalling the motherboard chipset drivers resolve this issue. If your computer came with a motherboard CD, install the chipset drivers from the CD and the sound drivers if also available.

Drivers orban sound cards & media devices 2017Sound

If you do not have a motherboard CD, obtain the motherboard chipset drivers from the motherboard manufacturer.


If your computer has no disc drive, you'll need to download the drivers from the manufacturers website.

Sound card drivers

If, after installing the motherboard chipset drivers, you continue to have issues, install the sound drivers. We suggest downloading the sound drivers from the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer website.

Drivers Orban Sound Cards & Media Devices Online

For a list of motherboard manufacturers and their drivers, see our motherboard chipset drivers index.

Check the sound card

Additional information

Drivers Orban Sound Cards & Media Devices
  • See our sound card definition for further information and related links.