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Identify the serial number of your camera and click on the corresponding range to download the latest version of drivers and software to be always updated! Serial Number Identification The serial number is printed on a silver label on the camera, as shown in the picture above. Get drivers and downloads for your Dell Dell External USB Slim DVD +/- RW Optical Drive DW316. Download and install the latest drivers, firmware and software. OPTIKA PROView is a professional image analysis software. The user who needs to acquire an image or video and to perform a series of processings or measurements, can easily achieve incredible results thanks to this software. PROView incorporates all the functions of the LITEView package, but in addition allows: » White Balance and Black Balance. Via Rigla, 30 24010 - Ponteranica (BG) - Italy. Assistance & Support Support & Driver Download. Sitemap Products About us News Download.

Business Process Automation meets Augmented Intelligence

  • Digital Transformation not delivering?

    84% of Digital Transformation Projects under-deliver or fail completely.
    Even the smallest concept, requires a significant investment in a data architecture.
    Akumen lets you immediately focus on the outcome, not the technology. See more.

  • Data Lake Ready. Now What?

    A Data Lake is just one piece of the puzzle.
    Your technology stack needs to be capable of creating insight not just SQL.
    Akumen creates apps for day-to-day decision making in your business. See more.

  • Struggling to deliver solutions?

    Most organisations are doing digital transformation.
    Few know how to generate value to the business.
    Akumen helps analysts prioritize and streamline solution delivery across the organisation. See more.

Focus On Change.
Not Technology.

Drivers optimize
Akumen is a turnkey platform to rapidly deploy automation and augmented intelligence across the business.
Drivers optimizer
  • Generate value from Day 0 by leveraging proven applications.
  • Extend a digital blueprint across whole-of-business.
  • Prove instantly and scale responsively.
  • Minimize technical risk and total cost of ownership.

Responsive Mining Supply Chain

Mine To Market

Explore Scenarios

Respond to supply chain disruptions.

Dynamic Energy Distribution

Energy Management

Scalable Market Analysis

Global Observation

Reliably Forecast

Respond faster than commodity price changes.

Integrated Smart Cities


Connect Everything

Single Truth

Drivers Optika

Manage multi-source data in a single source of truth.

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Draw Value From Your Data Lake

Akumen is a single unifying platform for generating advantage from your existing tools, systems and data.

  • Plug and play with existing systems.
  • Pipeline to automate ETL work to orchestrate immense datasets.
  • Identify predictors and codify expert knowledge.
  • Build and host prescriptive tools that generate insight.
  • Utilize intelligent applications to augment decision making.
  • Apply insights to generate advantage autonomously.

A Unified Approach.

There’s more to our transformation technology than meets the eye.
  • “Akumen should be THE technology on-top of every Data Lake out there.”

    Expert Advisory, Oil and Gas
    Amazon Web Services
  • “Akumen allows us to manage our product lines for consistency whilst understanding the impact on cost and pricing.”

    Steve Meerwald, Director
    Taurindi Beef
  • “When I’m considering patient care, for that individual that’s right there in front of me, I want to take all the knowledge across the world, all the technology and deliver it to that patient. Akumen makes that possible.”

    Dr. Fiona Wood, Director Burns Unit
    Fiona Stanley Hospital

Enable Specialists To Deliver

Achieve more output from the analysts you have.
Enable data science to thrive without software engineering.
  • Users deliver enterprise grade outcomes.
  • Eliminate costly time consuming software development.
  • Prevent Key Person Risk and IP theft.
  • Experts and AI work in unison to identify superior solutions.

Rapidly Deliver Outcomes.

Drivers Optimize

Enable your team to identify and deliver real value at speed.
  • Map value drivers and understand priority areas.
  • Assess the origins of every decision or outcome, right back to its roots.
  • Ensure ease of use for developers and end-users.
  • Adapt and extend the “mashable” architecture.

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National Winner: Innovation Of The Year and Big Data Innovation Of The YearAustralian Information Industry Awards

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Finalist in the 28th Annual WAITTA INCITE AwardsThe WAITTA INCITE Awards