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  • OmniVision and Nextchip announced during CES a joint solution that is pre-tuned to provide high quality images for rearview cameras (RVCs), surround-view systems (SVS), and e-mirrors in low-end and midrange vehicles.
  • OmniVision's core strengths are its proprietary image sensing, state-of-the-art CMOS processing, and packaging technologies. Through superior pixel design, semiconductor manufacturing processes and package development, OmniVision sensors enable customers to capture images at higher resolutions, lower light levels, with better image quality, and in less space than ever before.
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January 18, 2021



OmniVision and Nextchip announced during CES a joint solution that is pre-tuned to provide high quality images for rearview cameras (RVCs), surround-view systems (SVS), and e-mirrors in low-end and midrange vehicles.

OmniVision and Nextchip announced during CES a joint solution that is pre-tuned to provide high quality images for rearview cameras (RVCs), surround-view systems (SVS), and e-mirrors in low-end and midrange vehicles.

Per the company, this solution includes OmniVision’s OX03C10, which is the only automotive image sensor to combine a large 3.0 micron pixel, high dynamic range (HDR) of up to 140dB for minimized motion artifacts, and LED flicker mitigation (LFM) performance. Nextchip’s NVP2650D image signal processor (ISP), which integrates two NVP2650 ISP cores in a single package, can simultaneously process the captures from two OX03C10 sensors, providing dual and full LFM image outputs at 60 frames per second (fps) using a single ISP. Additionally, the NVP2650D provides a combined 10/12-bit compressed RAW output and 24-bit uncompressed HDR output designed to further enhance the image quality for scenes with contrasting light and dark areas.

This sensor’s integration of OmniVision’s HALE (HDR and LFM engine) combination algorithm provides ideal HDR and LFM performance simultaneously, while its Deep Well dual conversion gain technology is designed to reduce motion artifacts. Additionally, OmniVision’s split-pixel LFM technology with four captures provides suitable performance over the automotive temperature range.

According to the company, the OX03C10 is also the first viewing image sensor with HDR and LFM that can deliver 1920x1280p resolution at 60 fps, enabling ideal design flexibility and camera-view switching for drivers. Also, according to the company, the solution features the lowest power consumption of any 2.5MP LFM image sensor, 25% lower than the nearest competitor, along with the industry’s smallest package size, enabling the placement of cameras that continuously run at 60 fps in even tight spaces.

OmniVision’s PureCel Plus-S stacked architecture enables pixel performance advantages in the OX03C10 over non-stacked technology, in addition to a smaller die and lower power consumption. For example, 3D stacking allowed OmniVision to boost pixel and dark current performance, resulting in a 20% improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio over the prior generation of its 2.5MP automotive viewing sensors.

Per the company, this joint solution provides the automotive industry’s lowest power consumption for automotive viewing cameras with 120db HDR and full 2.5MP resolution at 60 fps. By owning the ISP core, Nextchip can deliver the right image quality to each customer based on its knowledge and experience in image processing. Additionally, the NVP2650D ISP offers 4-lane, 2-channel MIPI output, at 1 Gbps for each lane, along with support for a virtual channel.

OmniVision’s OX03C10 image sensor is available for sampling, and Nextchip’s NVP2650D ISP is in mass production. Both companies’ devices provide advanced ASIL functional safety and AEC-Q100 Grade 2 certification for automotive applications

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The super cam fits in drastic range of cracks than normal cam devices. It was unprecedented asymmetrical design which has different sized cam lobes. Smaller lobes rotate far much faster than the large lobes allowing a full 270 degree rotation. The super cam uses the untouched back side for a drastic increased range of use. The trigger is made of easily replaceable Kevlar cord instead of wire. this makes every individual cam lobe free floating so they conform perfectly. The rage and performance has been reinvented and improved. The innovative design extends every usable range while smaller cam angles improve the holding power. Asymmetrical design allows the smaller cam lobes that pass within the larger cam's arc to use what was a previously unused portion of each cam. The u shaped flexible frame work has greater durability and unparalleled control during retraction and placement. The range markings eliminate guess work for amateurs.

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With all the improvements that have been made over the last 30 years, the super cam has maintained, it still maintains the increased holding power and safety that can only be achieved by the smaller cam angles of 13.25 degrees. The outward force is increased by the small cam by a critical 10 percent. The tooth pattern helps to set the super cam during the initial load of a fall. The super cam is a perfect example of reliability, safety, simplicity and long term performance. The new design increases stability in the notoriously large size. All this is held in the light weight and flexible u shaped framework. The cam has great holding power, optimized cam angle, unparallel control, color coded sewn slings and tubing. CNC machined for much greater precision. It is highly recommended and the installation is user friendly. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for Windows and OmniVision SuperCAM errors before installing any driver updates.