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Download ocean2000, a LabVIEW USB Plug and Play (project-style) instrument driver for a USB Spectrometer,Fiber Optic Spectrometer,A/D Converter from oceanOptics. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, use the INF file with vista in the file name (eg.Ocean Optics USB4000vista.inf). For XP, use the other INF file. To install, right click and select Install. Go to the your windows device manager right-click on the Ocean optics driver and select Update Driver software. Development Drivers Software Drivers For complete programmatic control, Ocean Insight offers device drivers providing direct control of every spectrometer function.

Drivers Ocean Optics

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You migth have a problem if you were already using older ocean optics spectrometers (USB2000, or 2000+ as I did) with an older driver version (before REV 1.4, ) and than update to the actual driver version REV 1.4.1, because the measured spectra won´t match. Spectrometer Operating Software. Installation Installation and Operation Manual. Document Number 000-20000-300-02- 201205. Offices: Ocean Optics, Inc. World Headquarters.

FTG Software supports Ocean Optics spectrometers through 32-bit OmniDriver. OceanView is not required. The FilmStar (Scantraq) setup file installs Ocean2.exe for OmniDriver 2.56 (32-bit, 29 May 2018). When running the OmniDriver setup, select Redistributable version and default WinUSB drivers.
If you do not wish to update Ocean1.exe, select Complete FilmStar installation instead of Update current FilmStar programs and DO NOT CHECK Ocean Optics Server. If Ocean2.exe is currently working, it is not necessary to update OmniDriver. Please contact us with any questions.

The FTG Ocean Optics Server (FTGOOS) is an ActiveX EXE which provides an interface to OmniDriver. Theadvantage of this approach is that the server can be run standalone fortesting and then run invisibly from FilmStar. Since the FTG OOSprocesses data (converts to %R or %T) it can be used in DESIGN aswell as MEASURE. An FTG HASP enabled for MEASURE or Scantraq isrequired.

When installing FilmStar (Setup32.exe),select PE Lambda 2-950 (Mpe983.exe) and Ocean Optics Server in theSelect Components dialog. Other versions of MEASURE (Scantraq) do notsupport ActiveX servers.

Ocean Optics Spectrometer Support from Instrument Control ...

This installs Ocean2.exe as wellas corresponding FilmStar BASIC macros. It also installs Scan Method OOI2Trns.scw which references the BASIC macros.

Testing OOI Server in standalone mode

By 'process data' we meanthat the server manipulates Dark, Reference and Sample scans. AStandard File provides means to include known reflectance valuescorresponding to the Reference scan. The Standard is what theReference is known to be.

This is different from a'raw data' server where the processing takes place in the hostapplication. BASIC macros for processed data are simpler. As shownbelow, the FTG OOS includes a Scan Method dialog, but in actualoperation, settings are specified in FilmStar BASIC code.

To help determine values for anFTG OOI Scan Method, run SpectraSuite to quickly determine IntegrationTime and other factors.

etup parameters in FTG OceanOptics Server. Most
important is setting Integration Time below saturation level.

In DESIGN the Macro Commands dialogassigns scan functions to macro buttons:

Assigning scans to macro buttons 1-4 in DESIGN

Old Ocean Optics Devices On New Windows Versions – Flanaras ...

You could use the same MacroCommands in MEASURE, but it is better to assign macros in the ScanMethod 1B dialog shown below. Dark and Reference scans are triggered bySetup menu commands, while the Sample scan is assigned to the Scanbutton. The Scan Method stores the required macros.

Ocean Optics Spectrometer Support From Instrument Control ...

Assigning scans to Setup Menu (Dark, Reference)
and Scan button (Sample) in MEASURE

Ultimately, Ocean Opticsscanning appears seamlessly built into DESIGN or MEASURE:

Hesa-Glas 5063L (light red appearance)

If Ocean2.exe standalone mode works but MEASURE does not, it is probable that ActiveX references have been changed or lost. In that case merely re-establish the reference in each BASIC program listed in the Scan Method 1B dialog, i.e. BASIC programs assigned to menu commands.

Ocean optics flame driverOptics

OOI2 Sample.bas reference to ActiveX server Ocean2.exe