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Intraoral Cameras. A zip utility on your system already, download pkunzip.exe. Quality management Quality management For Sirona, as the dental. Sidexis 4 users can also use this tool if they download it from the dealer area and follow the steps for updating as described here. If necessary, the program can be uninstalled afterwards. The user will be guided through the following 3 steps in order to update the firmware of an attached camera device with a provided firmware file.

FREE Schick CDR Dicom, FREE Imaging software
  1. Each design can be used for a wide variety of intra-oral cameras, as seen below: 9522141 and 9522142 fit the following brands: Sirona Sirocam-3, Gendex C300, Dexis Dexcam 3, XDR Radiology XDR & SUNI, Soredex Digora VIDI, RF America IDS Focus, RF America IDS Dr. Cam, RF America IDS EZ Shot, Acteon SOPRO617, Durr Dental Vistacam iX, Mouthwatch.
  2. The Dentsply Sirona intraoral imaging product portfolio provides unique solutions to fit each and every practice and their individual needs, optimizing workflows and supporting high-quality patient care.

Schick CDR Dicom Imaging software is available for free . Schick CDR Dicom integrate nicely with OD, Super easy to use, it takes few minutes to setup.
Schick Imaging software can work with Schick Sensors, Sirona Xios sensors ( low price), Fona sensors ( low price) ....and works with many USB intraoral cameras sold on Ebay, scanners, some PANO, etc..
Sirona Xios sensors = Schick 33 Sensor
but at a lower price, same hardware and same software, just a different name.
Intended for the international market.
Sensors prices are much lower now when I first wrote this post in 2017.
Some of the very old sensors require a calibration file, but the new sensors don't,
If you buy a used Schick old sensor on Ebay, ask the seller if the sensor came with a calibration file, and if the calibration file is available.
If you buy a new Schick sensor, or Sirona Xios sensors (same as Schick 33) , the calibration file should be included.
The newer Schick sensors calibration file is already installed in the hardware, NO WORRY.
Schick CDR Dicom Imaging software is available for free . Sirona have it here for download ( almost 1 gb) ... 1109693888
Schick Forum Link:
just register and you will be able to ask for support ... icom/?id=0
1- Install CDR Server option on your main OFFICE SERVER
2- Install CDR Client on your workstation
3- Activate the OD bridge for Schick:
Schick CDR Dicom integrate nicely with OD, Super easy to use, it takes few minutes to setup.
Open Dental has a bridge to the Schick Software
Setup/Program Links/Schick from http//wwwschicktechcom
just enable it, and it will integrate with Open Dental nicely
The OD bridge will work with the CDR Dicom software.
The OD bridge will pick the first name, last name and patient ID number
...thats it....
Assuming that your hardware is installed correctly.. you will be taking xrays from inside the CDR Dicom software,
and the xrays will be saved in the schick software and not in Open dental ... OD will just bridge to the schick software.
To convert your Xrays , Just VALIDATE them in CDR Dicom ( use the Validation Wizard) and you are good to go... FREE...
4- BACKUP and RESTORE - Validation Wizard:
Your Xrays are in the C:/Images folder. To backup these xrays, just copy and paste the C:/Images folder.
After you backup your xrays, and now you want to restore them, you can copy and paste all the xrays back to the C:/Images folder,
On your desktop,

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click on the CDR admininistration utility,
click on tools,
and click on VALIDATION WIZARD ,
follow the instructions might take over an hour for the xrays to be validated , if you have a lot of xrays
5- Schick software can work with many USB intraoral cameras sold on Ebay, scanners, etc.... from other companies.
Tried it with an intraoral camera from Ebay and worked. If you have the USB

Download Sirona Cameras App

driver and windows can find it, Schick CDR Dicom software most of the times will find it,
USBCam4 Drivers and Documents
download the cam4 driver:
this package has the necessary video modules to run the cam2 and any USB camera , even those on Ebay
If windows can find the USB camera, Schick CDR Dicom will find it. ... tware.html
Have all software closed, and have camera disconnected until all the drivers have been installed.
Eagle Soft Software (ES)
We have been using Schick 33 sensors and CDR Dicom with OD bridge for over 10 years now.
It takes less than 10 minutes to enable the bridge in OD.
The Schick Bridge will look in OD for the PATIENT first name, last name, and account number and try to match them in the Images folder in Schick /ES.
You can keep what you have and you dont need to buy anything.
When you will do the conversion from ES, you want to be sure that the PATIENT first name, last name, and account number are being imported correctly from ES into OD.
Start by testing it on your home computer first, your back up.
1- On your server:
You will need to install the free Schick CDR Dicom software on your server, this will create a folder C: Images
2- In Eagle Soft, C: EagleSoftData Images or C:PattersonImagingDataImage
In Patterson Imaging your Xrays are in the Image folder. We need to rename this folder from Image to Images
Do not rename the original folder, make a copy, and rename the copy from Image to Images
Copy the Images folder of your Xrays from Eaglesoft or Patterson Imaging and paste it on the C: drive , of your server
Windows will tell you that there is already a folder called Images, just override it
3- perform the validation now
On your desktop,
click on the CDR admininistration utility,
click on tools,
and click on VALIDATION WIZARD ,
follow the instructions might take over an hour for the xrays to be validated , if you have a lot of xrays
Please please back up your files first, and try it on your home computer first.....
I have been using the Schick CDR software SINCE 2004 and Love it. At that time I had the regular Schick sensor
Schick software - CDR Dicom- integrate VERY WELL with Open Dental, it is already preset in Open Dental, it has its own bridge. A couple of clicks and you are ready to go.
1- FONA sensors, are the international versions of the old SCHICK SENSORS
2- Sirona Xios XG Select Sensor = Same As SCHICK ELITE
3- Sirona XIOS XG Supreme Sensor = Same as Schick 33
Available on Ebay today, from a USA seller for $4500 : ... SwuhhXWCmI
Schick 33 is a much better sensor than the Schick CDR Elite
4- you will need also a SCHICK hub for about $1200 to $1500 (be careful, you do not want to buy the

Download Sirona Cameras Software

HS white blue hub, will not work with Schick 33)
Schick Elite or Schick 33 Remote USB HUB : ... Sw-0xYiQfH
this hub work with the ELITE sensors and SCHICK 33 sensor, they use the same hub.
5- Sirona also offer the wireless option for the XIOS XG Supreme / schick 33. ( $3800 - $4000)
a- you can transform it into the WIRED and original format, by buying a cable that cost about $300 to $400
Schick CDR 33 or Elite Spare Cable Kit : ... Sw9GhYkk-G
b- and you still need the hub about $1200 to $1500
The advantage of the new Schick sensors is you can replace the cable by yourself by just unscrewing two screws from the sensor, and screwing back the new cable
Some cable for the Schick Elite are different than the schick 33, and the new ones have an adapter that fits both. be carful when you buy the cable ... Sw9GhYkk-G
Almost 3 years ago, I bought the XIOS XG SUPREME ( same as Schick 33) from an international seller for around $6000
Downloaded the software from Schick website and I have no problem for the last 3 years.
I did all the installations. Not very hard. ALL instructions for Schick 33 are the same as Sirona Xios XG Supreme, instructions available on SCHICK/Sirona website
It is exactly the same sensor, same hardware, same drivers, etc.... just have a different name, but at a much lower price
The warranty apply only in the country where you bought the sensor from. the warranty will not cover it internationally, or here in the USA
If you have a problem, you have to mail it to that country. I gambled and won. Lucky me, I have no problem for 3 years. VERY GOOD PRODUCT BY SIRONA
SCHICK 33 sensor, and CDR Dicom Software offer a very good quality Xray - one of the best
Tried the software with an intraoral camera from Ebay and the intraoral camera worked too
***set it as default or disable any internal camera if you are using a laptop
or unplug any other external camera if you use a Skype camera
Anyone who is interested and want to try it and if you are a dentist in the USA or Canada
1- Get the software for FREE
2- Buy an intraoral camera from EBAY and test the functionality of the software and how it easily integrate with OPEN DENTAL
3- And then buy one of the above 3 types of sensors
Sirona XIOS XG Supreme Sensor = Same as Schick 33
I think it is the same hardware, just different packaging. I have been using it for almost 3 years now. For the installation I downloaded everything from the schick website. I did not use what came with the sensor. I had no problem. Easy installation
Before I purchased the items, I contacted Sirona, emailed them in Europe, they were more helpful in Europe .
I asked them few questions about the wireless option, and they confirmed to me that I can ad the cable to the wireless sensor and it will become the WIRED OPTION, they told me that it was the same sensor head . I think more technical questions could be directed to Sirona/Schick directly .
The quality that the schick 33 /Sirona Xios Supreme sensors and the SCHICK CDR Dicom software provide is amazing. I can not roll back.
When you buy the wireless sensor, you get everything that you need to take digital xrays,
The advantage is, you can move it easily from one operatory to another, you do not need to buy multiple hubs, so it's cost is the best for multiple operatories.($4000 - $4500)
you just take the sensor from one operatory to another, very efficient and easy to use.
It connects through your wireless network. So if you have good WIFI coverage, you will connect easily, but there may be a slight delay in processing the xray when an Xray is taken.
My assistant did not like this delay when she was taking a full mouth X-ray, she said: ' it takes for ever' , for her it was eternity although it was few extra seconds per xray taken, and if your assistant is not happy, you are in big trouble. If you are taking few xrays, you will be OK, this will be a good option for multiple operatories.
YES it was slower. That is the reason why we changed it to the WIRED option.

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