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Wheelchair loading system for unloading and loading into the car trunk.

The wheelchair lift LADEBOY is a daily help for wheelchair drivers with the possibility of walking a few steps or passenger with a disability and accompanying persons who need to load the wheelchair into the car. Foldable wheelchairs with or without an electrical motor like e-fix and e-motion can be loaded in with ease.

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Cars with ‘high’ trunks like VAN or MINIVAN the wheelchair can be loaded upright in the car by using the wheelchair lift LADEBOY type S.

Advantage: You get 4-5 seats and more space in the trunk.

Jan 31, 2019 Pat DeCola looks at what the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season has in store for Roush Fenway Racing's drivers. The installation of J2534 pass-through device and drivers before installing RDT software is recommended; The following devices have been tested with RDT. Ford VCM-II (requires IDS license) Movimento Puma 2; Dashbridge CX; Dearborn Group DPA5; other J2534 compatible devices should work, but you will need to contact vendor for support. If you find that the new drivers perform worse than the prior, Windows has driver rollback feature that will restore the older driver (since WinXP). If using systems other than Windows, ensure either: A) it has a driver rollback feature or; B) that you have copies of your original driver that you can use to reinstall.!!!WARNING!!!

With a rigid or unfolded wheelchair but large interior height of the car, the wheelchair can also be loaded in unfolded in the car with the LADEBOY. This type of installation therefore is possible in VAN – or Minivan – vehicles. For this purpose the wheelchair lift is equipped with a special bracket.

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